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  1. gwalchgwyn

    Origins of Homo sapiens

    I just wanted to make a notation - to address some of the above comments and inevitable future ones - that 'evolution' should be understood as adaptation, whether to physical or social aspects of a being's environment. Evolution does not mean progression in the sense of general improvement.
  2. gwalchgwyn

    Origins of Homo sapiens

  3. As a kid I'd made "tea" - - really hot juice - - from our backyard edulis flavum fruit: wonderful aroma, both in smell and philosophy, the latter being in retrospect similar to esphand...
  4. gwalchgwyn

    Music docos/movies/concerts etc, for altered states?

    Plastikman Ex sequence
  5. gwalchgwyn

    What's the TOP#3 psychedelic films?

    Limitless Starring Bradley Cooper. What happens when you take a pill that allows you to access 100% of your brain's power?
  6. I'm a big fan of the nibble method, though I get that individual dosage is important. It's like surfing maybe - you don't want to get in over your head, but in the right way it can be quite a ride. oh, and healthy too.
  7. we must be on the same wave, as I have germination on this in just the last week. mine responded to warm (not hot) daytime temps, fast-draining soil mix (i just winged it with compost, sand, and some small stones for good measure), a deep terra-cotta pot, and a heavy splosh of rainwater once a week for about a month. cheers
  8. gwalchgwyn

    Smoking the Sacred Sage

    Mostly it is smoked more like an incense. Not inhaled, that is, but allowed to permeate the ambient air. I understand that catnip is similar (to cats) in that it is mostly a scent-sory experience.
  9. gwalchgwyn

    What's the TOP #3 principles you follow in life

    Just one, I think: I'm a monkey. Well, technically, an ape, but I like the word monkey better & besides, that is a primate classification anyway. What I mean by this is that all of the terror and joy of this amazing existence (amazing, bc there is such a thing as existence) is part of the overall pattern. At moments in which one encounters the heavy stuff of existence, like love and death, I come to this comforting pulse, ironically feeling Cosmic, when I am most aware of my animal self! Cosmic Monkey: put me on a vedic tapestry. I'm Sagittarius, though I've always considered that due to my parents fucking on Valentines Day...
  10. gwalchgwyn

    Acorus Americanus / 'calamus, sweet flag'

    hey shonman, not much from my own experience, but thought I'd share this: www.rook.org/earl/bwca/nature/aquatics/acorus.html that has some information & makes the distinction as you did between americanus versus calamus, the former evidently lower in B-Asarone...
  11. gwalchgwyn

    Disturbing films: name some and why you list them

    I did say something like that, didn't I - and not just because the symbolism of disturbia is as real and causal as the disturbia itself, even helping to chant the story that causes the selfsame gruesomeness, but also because it simultaneously recites a story that blinds the mindset of the purp that somehow they are not that wicked gruesome element. In a very serious way, a gruesome movie about say, zombies, informs its audience that there are real demons in their world - - and they look human! So in addition to my habit of looking at primary cultural elements that cause such terrible behavior, I am critical of an intonation that actively exempts its audience from perceiving themselves in that way.
  12. I get the dilemma about where to put creative efforts, but possibly that has to do with an idea that the creative impulse is somehow divorced from or secondary to the somehow grander or more important interests in spirituality and philosophy. Just as I perceive that the creative impulse - and therefore perception, ways of seeing and knowing, voice and social constructs and grammar - are wholly part of a psyche's understanding and defining of the world, I also perceive that what is called spirituality and philosophy are themselves the result of creative effort, and are sometimes even called 'creation' stories. I believe that I've heard your music, mutant, ... and was inspired; that is, in the creative expression I understood a voice, a living spirit, relevant because existent, as real as rain, important in cultural musical motifs, but also subject to the engenuity of creative will. In a way, we are all creating our worldview even as we breath.
  13. gwalchgwyn

    My mother in law pruned my caapi :(

    Horrible! And they think that they are doing good by you. There are some cultures that have a Mother-In-Law-Taboo; sounds like a good idea...
  14. gwalchgwyn

    What chemicals does my body release when I look at Plants that I think look good?

    In some circles I've heard of the activity of gardening as "Nutrition for the Soul" - but with real chemical activity. Every day I love being in my garden; sure there are 'things' to do: I must transplant the Physalis so that it's roots have comfortable room; I must water; I must be aware of the heat of the sun in this upcoming dry spell. But the real joy is the hours of sitting walking appreciation within. When your companion (human or otherwise) looks at you that way, your body releases oxytocin; I have no doubt that we feel similar when our plant companions "look" at us...
  15. gwalchgwyn

    Disturbing films: name some and why you list them

    The Matrix Trilogy is for me high on the list of disturbing films because it fronts a narrative of the humble good (real) humans in their quest to defend themselves from the seemingly inhuman Other. Though it is not at all uncommon nor unnatural in the human psyche to perceive the other unfamiliar culture as wicked, childish and inhuman (most people's word for themselves is "real people" or just "the people") - we ought to be aware enough in our time to comprehend the beautiful variability of human cultures without feeling threatened by our difference. The Matrix, in my opinion expresses this bigotry in its presentation of the Bad Mr. Smith in multitudes (all those Other people with their wicked ways out to get us, etc; similar to the droll zombie fascination of late) - whereas the Good people are depicted as humble humans, a plurality of people from all backgrounds; virile, sweaty (the slo-mo Rave scene is particularly relevant to the humanization of themselves), doing the hard work of coming together to defend themselves against the inhuman droves of the Other, who of course all look the same. White Male = Bad. The colorful humble multitudes = Good. Such flipping of racism suggests that in this narrative one can only be good if she is wearing an identity that is perceived as less than, which then inspires the story of the struggle to overcome. The narrative puts forth an ethic much like the rapist's who requires obedience, peace, love, positivity and humility. So one may turn to graphic depictions of rape, slavery, disenfranchisement, demonizing, mutilation, decapitation, etc, as examples of disturbia, but I opt in my choice for primary cultural premises that form the foundation for such behavior, while simultaneously giving the assurance and identity of fighting the good fight against the evil other.