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    You can hear sarahtonin' if you make it to the end Venerable Sarah Thresher - Healing The Pain Broadcast Live at Women at Wisdom Lectures, San Francisco, CA September 26, 2002 http://www.lamrim.net/archive/misc/mp3/16k...ng_the_Pain.mp3 "The essence of healing is to not allow the wounds of the past to affect the present and the future..."
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    EDIT: ah drama... sorry if this post doesn't make sense anymore, but my sense of consensus reality is back and it was on holidays when i wrote this. Peace
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    Ayahuasca Tours shown on Getaway

    I find this really interesting and overall very positive! The reason i am here today is by seeing Tori Amos talk on the Rosanne Barr show about her Ayahuasca experience on a tape from '96.. I was 17, but led a pretty sheltered existence and never even knew psychedelics existed! The Roseanne show = total revelation!! who woulda thunk it.. All people need is the inspiration and then they go on to do their own research.. The only issue i can see, is this encourages sham shamans taking advantage of the gringos, giving the whole experience a bad name.. but then sham shamans have always been around, a little research and good intuition will steer you clear of those, and mainstream info such as this on Aya has been available for quite some time anyway, and nothing is 'ruined'.. Personally, i don't feel Aya can be perverted.. anyone who has the real deal (especially with the vine) is going to experience deep healing and transformation. It's great to see this info cracking into the larger Australian consciousness.. there's some weird inexplainable connection between Australia and Peru (perhaps because it was once part of the same land mass?) It's like (in the Aya experience and the different plants used in both countries) Peru is the roots and Australia is the top of the tree. 'Aya' - is you want any tips for your Peru trip let me know, there's a lot of interesting stuff going on in June this year if you're going around that time also.
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    Happy Birthday Being

    Thanks, guys! much appreciated Bacchant - those flowers are amazing! thanks
  8. Hey Ronny, that would be great. I've already promised my last spare to someone here -i could burn a copy before i hit the road (..if i had any cdrs) but apoth deserves the whole printed cd for his contribution of the server space for all that time i reckon.. so have forwarded details check your pm muchos gracias!
  9. ummmm yeah i'm into it.. but currently have no home therefor no stable internet connection. hopefully i'll have found somewhere within three weeks, but where i'm looking is mega tricky this time of year.. so maybe if anyone else has some extra time and enthusiasm + a copy of the cd they'd like to upload them?
  10. I can see how this thread is now confusing.. so i've changed the title.. this is from EGA two years ago.. the '05 talks were hosted on apoth's server but has been long gone for some time now apparently.. I think Ronny ran out of the '05 cd's you could buy ages ago - but if you don't mind waiting till after new years i have about three extra cds in storage somewhere i could dig out and send to anyone still interested. PM me if so.. in terms of EGA '06 & '07 talks they were bothed filmed and it's all up to CS to edit etc, so we may be waiting a while yet.
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    jono, thanks for the kind words.. yeah 2007 ... somewhat like a collective sapo trial... ..at the time i thought i was the only one, but have heard too many reports from other people going through it this year to think that way anymore... glad to hear you made it through too.. for sure we'll catch up! send my luv to the rest of the crew 'round there
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    Well i've been out of the loop all things enthno for some time, having had many months of some pretty full on personal issues to deal with, some here are aware of... but in that time i've undergone a major transformation / healing and am feeling pretty awesome! So i'm happy to say i'll be in attendance at this years EGA.. looking forward to catching up with some dear friends and no doubt meeting some new interesting folk! You and the crew have already done an outstanding job putting all this together, Ronny, well done.. just make sure to allocate some chill / fun time for yourself this year!
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    Listen, Little Man

    Moses, or the Core of Creation - Frida Kahlo 1945
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    Listen, Little Man

    Listen, Little Man - Only you yourself can be your liberator! Wilhelm Reich, 1948 Excerpts