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  1. I have the following tip cuttings up for grabs 8 x 40 cm approx. Pach (sourced from PD) $20 each 3 x 30 cm approx. plus 1 x 60 cm pup. Bridges (blue torch sourced from Greensbrough) $20 for tip cuts and $40 for the pup———SOLD 1 x tip cutting and 1 mid cut approx. 40cm Eileen $25 each——-/-SOLD 1 x tip cutting and 1 mid cut of Super Pedro approx. 40 cm $25 each———-SOLD 1 x tip cutting approx. 30 cm of Hulk (scop) $20 ———SOLD 12 x 40 cm of Achuma $15 each 2 x tip approx. 50 cm and 2 x mid cuts approx. 40 cm of Peruvians $30 for the tip cuts and $25 for the mid cuts All cut in the last 2 weeks with nice dry healed cuts and in healthy condition. Cuttings located at Kilmore Victoria. Can help with delivery. PM if interested. Cheers Vulcan
  2. vulcan

    Tricho tip cuttings for sale

    Busy with work. Will contact anyone that has pm”ed me over weekend. Cheers Vulcan
  3. Hi, I have 3 seed grown tricho”s sourced at EGA 2012 from seller who also sells at vic market. They were labeled as bridgesi cross Pacanoi. To me they look like a scop cross Pacanoi. The pics also show the difference between cutting and not cutting a young cactus. If you cut you will have more cactus and similar size plants in around 4 years. I cut a tip off 1 of the 3 to use the base to graft with and planted tip. The 2 uncut plants. I call the taller one EGA2012#2 and the shorter one EGA2012#3 This is the cut plant and I call this one EGA2012#1. If these had bridgesi in them I would expect much bigger spines and darker coloured skin with a blue tinge depending on exact type used.
  4. vulcan

    Peruvians sourced from QLD

    Nice cactus and should take off this year when planted out
  5. A very blue cactus that I like the look of
  6. Here are some pics of what was sold to me as cuzcoensis. Very similar but slightly different spine pattern which could be normal variation within that tribe
  7. vulcan

    Super Pedro sourced from QLD

    With my named clones I have tried to source the same clone from different growers and sometimes states. If they all grow the same you can be much more certain what you have been told you have is what you are growing.
  8. vulcan

    Terscheckii rooted in pot

    Will be planting out this cactus and should get some real size to over the next few years
  9. vulcan

    Peruvians tip cutting

    What a plant. Grows and pups like crazy with big chunky dark green arms and branches but ooo so deadly with its spines
  10. vulcan


    Semi stable as it’s got 2 normal arms growing on the other side. Was going to let them develop a bit more and graft cistate growth on them and create a 3 tier plant that will end up looking pretty good. Cheers Vulcan
  11. Close up of hulk scop tip
  12. PAC cistate that returned to normal growth
  13. 2.1 m hulk scop plant
  14. vulcan

    Next Melbourne meet??

    works for me- see you all there
  15. vulcan

    Next Melbourne meet??

    The only day that is a issue for me is the 15th of this month. Have been asked to attend a cancer charity "show and shine". If there was no other option i could make a donation and still attend the meet but would prefer to attend both if it works out.
  16. vulcan

    Want to buy: Chili seeds

    Have a heap of rocoto red, hells bells, birdseye, and smaller amounts of various types. PM me your addy and will get a selection of them to you. Cheers Vulcan
  17. Hi all, does anyone out there know of where this book can be sourced or know of a copy for sale. Any info would be a great help. Cheers Vulcan
  18. I keep some Malay game and Asil. These birds are great with people but adult males will fight and can seriously hurt or kill each other. Wire fences are no use as they will fight thru the fence and cut their feet on the wire. So a solid fence up to waist height and wire above that is the way to go for most game types. Hens that do not know each other will also fight to set pecking order. Even with all that i still find these birds very enjoyable to own, and preserve some rare genetics at the same time. For normal old egg laying chooks i can recommend light or buff Sussex, Welsummers, Marans(can be costly), Aracauna(lays a blue to blue/green egg), New Hampshire, and Faverolles in the pure breeds. The Marans are prolific layers of large sized very dark brown eggs, but can be a bit flighty. The Aracauna is a very hardy breed with good egg production over a long life span and the blue egg, but are also a bit flighty and will head for trees if left to free range. The Sussex, Welsummer and New Hampshire would be quieter in nature and still with good egg production of brown eggs. The Faverolle would be the most layed back of them all in nature and will give you a good supply of eggs. I would ask you to consider keeping one of the pure breeds which ever one it may be and a rooster if local laws allow and help keep one of our heritage breeds going. Happy to pass on any tips or help i am able to make your chicken venture a happy one. Cheers Vulcan PS the best fox deterrent i have had was a pet fox i had that i found down a mine shaft, half starved and dehydrated at about 6 weeks old. Didn't have the heart to kill him, so i roped my way down and got him out. Took him home and raised him in a secure pen and called him Basil Brush. I could even walk him on a lead but after a while he would get sick of it and bite my boots. He was alright with me but totally unpredictable with anyone else. From the time he matured i never had foxes raid the property until he died 5 years later from snake bite. In my view he earned his dogfood and worm tablets for keeping other foxes away, and a funny little bugger to boot.
  19. vulcan

    Opuntia spp.

    I have been growing o. ficus indica and a couple of recaptured escapees for a few years now. Have been making the fruit into a drink and cooking the pads ( shallow stir fry with onions and garlic and spices to suit your taste and serve as a side dish to other meals or mixed with salads.) This cactus has a number of health benefits and can help with blood sugar balance, stomach general health-fiber, and cholesterol levels. I class it as a high value member of the garden and am happy to net it so birds cannot spread the seeds and have found they are much easier to manage when you are harvesting the fresh younger growth. Any excess pads can be cubed and boiled in water and then added to compost heap and recycle the nutrient content. I have poured the water the pads were boiled in on my pot plants after cooling and adding more water to dilute it a bit and have no issues so far. Cheers Vulcan
  20. One thing that has worked for me is a strong "tea" made from tobacco leaves. Have used dried leaves and fresh(much more tobacco required if fresh), both seem to work but chop it up so you extract max. nicotine with your warm water soak. Stir it up a bit as well, it all helps. KEEP IN MIND WHAT YOU HAVE MADE IS A DEADLY POISON. The nicotine that can be extracted from 1 30 odd ciggie pack is strong enough to kill 1 or possiblly 2 adult people. NEVER LEAVE IT ANYWHERE PETS OR CHILDREN CAN ACCESS. It can be sprayed on plants to control most pests but i would recommend to not use it on any plant intended for human/animal consumption. Plants can be washed a few times and if in the open and getting good sunlight the nicotine will be washed off of broken down via uv rays after approx. 1 month ( time varies due to how well washed and how much sunlight and how strong the sunlight is). Twice weekly sprays in the latter afternoon after direct sunlight is no longer on plants for 2 weeks should knock them for 6. After reading the above on the sulpher was also thinking it could be added to the nico-tea. Will play around with that idea this spring and post if results are good. Cheers Vulcan PS may also help to put a drop or 2 of dishwashing liquid in the nico-tea to help with coverage on some plants
  21. Found these on ebay today. Anyone interested in loph and the cactus of Texas might find them worthwhile. Have brought the one on loph and will let you guys know what i think of it when it gets here. The ebay item numbers are 140861356428, 140874836784 and 130789759771. Cheers Vulcan
  22. vulcan

    Are fake id's legal?

    Was thinking people may be able to argue its not illegal,------------------- so long as they are really fake people. General rule in life-- if it cannot be taxed then it will be banned. In this post 9/11 world we live in we have to remember the grubbyment is on the lookout for stuff like this. Would be a good one to steer clear of i think. Cheers all