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  1. naja naja


    Looks familiar
  2. Love it! Keep up the great research.
  3. naja naja


    No codeine sux ass! I personally think all opiates suck unless u r in pain. Recreationally I wouldn't go near opiates. Except maybe the occasional O pipe. Kh at is strange. Some days the plant is weak, some days it is strong. Changes daily too. Early morning seems best. U can tell by the taste. Bitter one day, mild the next. Massive wads uncomfortably crammed in the cheeks. Wash down bitter juice with red bull or other cafinated beverage for synergy. U get to a strange state, sumwhat stimulated, but fucked out like alcohol or md gurn. It's definitely not conducive to getting stuff done around the house. Each variety is different. These descriptions are of the PH variety which has narrow leaf genes mixed with red genes. Red alone or narrow alone may be subjectively different. I'd be interested if someone could isolate the (presumably cathedulin) that is responsible for the more inebriating effect. It may be worthy of medical investigation for certain situations.
  4. naja naja


    Stable in acidic EtOH solution from memory. Freeze drying would be preferable I'd guess.
  5. naja naja

    Hydrated lime for casing - which one?

    Just use garden lime. Calcium carbonate. That's what I'd guess the impurities would be in ur CaOH anyways.
  6. naja naja

    Breaking news. EGA shirt spotted on the sphinx.

    I dunno, I just spotted it on a twitter post. And thought to myself, that's an EGA shirt with izwoz art.
  7. naja naja

    1 ton dmt bust Germany

    Why do they try and explain the chemistry behind extraction. It is so poorly written and explained. Let's ignore that the NaOH is added prior to obtaining an xtaline product. And in theory there's no excess NaOH left in the final product. This could be smoked. But you wouldnt inject it. For that u need an acid salt of dmt. And I've never heard of snorting either. This is #fakenews.
  8. naja naja

    catha edulis "planthelper strain"

    Yeah, from the ph F2 seeds you get greens, reds, quite a high % look like ph original. But yeah they are variable, not that I think that's bad. It provides for more selection.
  9. naja naja

    MSS Signing Off

    A-that's some crazy detective work. B-That is really sad. C-the dates do make a compelling case already. But that's not an uncommon name by any means. So are u sure that's actually him? Im a bit shocked by that. Not what I was expecting at all.
  10. naja naja

    MSS Signing Off

    Where r u? This is too long. Does anyone know if MS Smith is ok?
  11. naja naja

    catha edulis "planthelper strain"

    Heavily laden
  12. So I have to ask? Was my favourite food van there this time round? The lady who does the incredible vege burgers look bean based to me and her home made satay sauce to die for? I am Devo I couldn't make it and her burgers are the best I've ever tasted. And I'm not vego.
  13. naja naja

    EGA Raffle 2017 - Online Sales Close 5PM FRI 8TH

    So how did the raffle go? It was always so exciting in years passed. And I'm guessing I didn't win anything.
  14. naja naja

    Pain relief plants

    I'm guessing you mean legal plants. Cause poppies and weed are the first to spring to mind.