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  1. naja naja

    Vale ReshroomEd

    I am wrong. It was Andyamine. Because I live in WA I have not met all of the members which I spent so many hours chatting to on the old defunct chat “the lab”. If your out there and read this. Come back PD. I can’t find your profile.
  2. naja naja

    Vale ReshroomEd

    Gee this would be embarrassing if I am wrong. I hope I am. Maybe T can clear this up. Was it last year or the year before. Just a few days before the camp? Maybe I’m mistaken.
  3. naja naja

    Cacti in Western Australia.

    A tbm monstrose crest I don’t have. All my crests and monstrose are hybrid plants from nitrogen’s seeds. I have loads of normal tbm. From two distinct sources. I had one grow a long penis once. But it didn’t grow anymore. Most of of what I can source in excess is Eileen, Psycho0 and various other clones.
  4. naja naja

    Cacti in Western Australia.

    Sry my guy. I only have Echinopsis, pereopskis and lophs
  5. naja naja

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    I can help u out with the seeds in a few months. The only condition is that I send u lots of seeds and in return u send seeds to a heap of other people. Loads for u and loads for everyone else. Do a giveaway, fundraiser. Whatever. That’s up to u. Just has to be done via this forum.
  6. naja naja

    Do Polygonum multiflorum seeds exist anywhere?

    I’ve never come across seed.
  7. naja naja

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    After being a bit over whelmed over the last few years. I’ve finally found some motivation again. Hopefully it will last. I uncovered a few cacti that had been lost under kikuyu for the last couple of years. Also reminded how much my hands itch after getting repeatedly spikes. Here’s the patch before And this is what I found
  8. naja naja

    New tool album out today

    Fear innoculum check it out, first album in 13years. Close to , but not quite 10000 days.
  9. naja naja

    Vale ReshroomEd

    I feel u DL. I miss all the old crew passed. DC the crazy bastard. Penny (Wandjina) I miss so dearly. Gomaos, chemical shaman, PD and I’m sure more that arnt coming to mind now. I think it’s why it’s been so hard for me to come here. It makes me feel so meloncoly. Sad, but good memories. And as for Ed, he was very generous. He did indeed send way more than I paid for. What I legend. I miss everyone so much. Xox
  10. So, been a while for me. But since they all pedantic about cacti ( and other things) coming from the east via post. I was wondering what’s sought after in WA? I’m in WA and can access quite a good range. If peeps want to put up their requests.
  11. naja naja

    Catha Edulis - Perth

    This seems strangely specific.
  12. naja naja


    Looks familiar
  13. Love it! Keep up the great research.
  14. naja naja


    No codeine sux ass! I personally think all opiates suck unless u r in pain. Recreationally I wouldn't go near opiates. Except maybe the occasional O pipe. Kh at is strange. Some days the plant is weak, some days it is strong. Changes daily too. Early morning seems best. U can tell by the taste. Bitter one day, mild the next. Massive wads uncomfortably crammed in the cheeks. Wash down bitter juice with red bull or other cafinated beverage for synergy. U get to a strange state, sumwhat stimulated, but fucked out like alcohol or md gurn. It's definitely not conducive to getting stuff done around the house. Each variety is different. These descriptions are of the PH variety which has narrow leaf genes mixed with red genes. Red alone or narrow alone may be subjectively different. I'd be interested if someone could isolate the (presumably cathedulin) that is responsible for the more inebriating effect. It may be worthy of medical investigation for certain situations.
  15. naja naja


    Stable in acidic EtOH solution from memory. Freeze drying would be preferable I'd guess.