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  1. ErraneousHerbalist

    anyone willing to do on-camera interview about ayahuasca?

    Oh bugger it... I hope they at least selected some decent cacti-porn!
  2. ErraneousHerbalist

    Peru burns 50 tonne marijuana bust

    Nek minnit, dude... we should totally order some pizza...
  3. ErraneousHerbalist

    WTB Pereskiopsis or trade

    PM'd ya!
  4. ErraneousHerbalist

    Herbalistics Scop

    Oh my... what a lovely big scop you have there...
  5. Original: http://www.nzherald....jectid=10822749 Thoughts?
  6. ErraneousHerbalist

    Unknown cacti possibly Opuntia species

    Reminds me of a particular thread EG made... -Sorry I have no idea when it comes to cacti, yet!-
  7. ErraneousHerbalist

    Identities of Springbrook please :)

    It's not always about subs
  8. ErraneousHerbalist

    Video playing plastic sheets to replace magazines?

    Haha cool! Still waiting for my hover board though!
  9. ErraneousHerbalist

    seeds ayahuascas

  10. ErraneousHerbalist

    My new toy/tool (mechanical keyboard)

    What neat keyboard; an empty page eh? It also seems I've met my match in unkept desks...
  11. ErraneousHerbalist

    Piper methysticum

    Very nice plant PlantHelper! I've never actually seen Kava plant, I've only drunk it's nectar. Best of luck with it!
  12. ErraneousHerbalist

    No bath salts in Miami face chewer

    Edit: No point in being provocative.
  13. ErraneousHerbalist

    u colour blind? lol

    I had no bloody clue what I was doing!
  14. ErraneousHerbalist

    EG Pics Summer 2012

    Excellent pictures EG! Lovely to see some of the rarer trichocereus! As tonic said "Keep those pics coming"!
  15. ErraneousHerbalist

    Youtube vids

  16. ErraneousHerbalist

    Post your track of the day

  17. ErraneousHerbalist


    I've personally never had any body modifications piercings or otherwise, and don't plan to. But I don't know why but scarification is something I'd consider...
  18. ErraneousHerbalist

    Are My Cacti Trichocereus Friends Rootbound Here?

    I'd def recommend a re-potting in springtime myself~ Get some nice terracotta pots only a buck or two at bunnings.
  19. ErraneousHerbalist

    Post your track of the day

  20. ErraneousHerbalist

    Another bath salt zombie

    Isn't this caused by MDPV?
  21. ErraneousHerbalist


    Can't touch this!
  22. ErraneousHerbalist

    Queensland cacti and succulent society show 2012 pics

    Bugger.. think I may have to drop everything tomorrow and go to this! Looks excellent! Any areas in particular worth checking out?
  23. ErraneousHerbalist

    WANTED: Pereskiopsis/seedling grafting stock

    Hey man if you still want some pereskiopsis drop us a line! and I'll gift you some. EH
  24. ErraneousHerbalist


    Install linux
  25. ErraneousHerbalist


    Congratulations on the sprouts! I too would love a picture ;)