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  1. Green Chemist

    Will Rekowski aka Gomaos has died.

    Sad to hear Gomas has passed on. Only hope he passed away in a happy state and I one day hope too. Yes I remember his big fight with SAB and the guy called Ed someone on the forum once. This all happened before I met him in person. I had always imagined him to be a young bloke. I will never forget the first I met Gomas. It was during his big argument on the SAB forum. He mention that a certain member had connections and could arranged to have him killed. Anyway there was a meet on at the Brisbane Botanical gardens and I was able to make it. So here I was driving in the car park with my girlfriend at the time. The car park was pretty full and I was busy trying to find a park and not really paying attention to where I was driving. Suddenly my girlfriend yelled "look out" I almost ran down this old guy lurching across the driveway. He gave me a bit of a look and continued. I looked at my girlfreind and laugh and said jokenly" I bet that was Gomas". And you know what? It was Gomas. Bear in mind I had never seen the guy until the meet when everyone introduced themselves. I told my girlfreind, that if I ran him over, then the other people on the forum might have thought the guy he argued with really had got him. What ever his faults were, I just accpeted him as he was and and really enjoyed looking at his garden and plants. He was always nice and generous to me and we would talk about different topics. Still smile when I remember the time he took mescaline and the catus man came running into his room, pushed him on the bed and held him down. I asked him if the catus man spoke to him and he said no, he just held me down. RIP Brother. I for one will miss you and will always remember your kindness towards me and your stories. Green Chemist.
  2. Green Chemist

    Moving To Tasmania with some plants

    No worries. Thanks to everyone who replied :)Will have a careful think about it.
  3. Green Chemist

    Moving To Tasmania with some plants

    Will be driving down and catching the ferry across. Some of our stuff here will be shipped down with a removal company. Was planning to take the plants in the car across the ferry.
  4. Green Chemist

    Moving To Tasmania with some plants

    Hi all, we have purchased a property in Tasmania and will be moving in the next couple of months from Queensland. I want to bring 4 plants with me. 1: Kaffir Lime Tree 2: 2X cappi vines that are in pots at the moment. 4: Elder berry. I plan to trim them back and clean the roots before palcing in a seasol solution in coir fiber for the journey. WOuld there be any issues do you think with bring them down? If Any enothbots in Tasmania that could reply with their eperiences of growing plants down there. The Cappi I will slowly aclimatise to being in tassie. Cheers Green Chemist
  5. Green Chemist

    The Price of Gardening

    About a month ago, my wife and I were looking at the new woolworths supermarket at Richlands to see what was on special there. As we walk around looking at the prices, we were horrorfied to see that a bag of spinach was $6. The spinach was old and also ready to be thrown out, a 1kg tub of good quality yorgurt was $6. Was quite amazed. See here, in our house we make make kefir, a yogurt type food for $1 a kilo. Our family can go through 2 or 3 kilos of kefir a week. Thanks to aldi's UHT milk being a $1 a liter. We buy up to 24 at a time. It made me think how much we save by producing our own food. Our food we grow or produce is either organic or made with out a lot of chemicals. Instead of buying chemical fertilizers, we harvest horse manure from the local pony club who are more then happy to give it away for free. This makes great natural fertilizer and we also use it to make manure tea. We made comfrey tea using leaves that came free from a comunity garden near by. The same garden provided us with free chive plants that we have planted in our garden and now have quite a few. If we need to mulch, we can collect free grass clippings from sport ovals after they have mowed the grass. It just cost us some petrol to drive there and a little bit of effort to rake it up and put into bags. We get items we need for garden either cheaply or by recycling items, such as free styrofoam boxs from fruit anf vege shops. We buy our rice in 25 Kilo lots and reuse the bags to put manure or grass clippings. I have seen some Australians complain about the high prices of food and yet they do not try to grow their own food. Thankfully our garden helps to insulate us against the prices shocks that can happen with food.
  6. Green Chemist

    What has happen to Gomas?

    Does anyone know what has happen to gomas? I went past his house today and it was all boarded up. Looks like most of his plants are gone too. Maybe the flood here in Brisbane got him. I just hope things are ok with him.
  7. Green Chemist

    Chemical Shaman we will miss you

    Really sad to hear about this. Even though I never met the guy personally, I really loved his posts. Some of them were so cool. Thanks all who put his pics up so we could see him in real. The world really needs more people like him. RIP Chemical Shaman.
  8. Hi all. Years ago there was a great series of survival book called the Bushcraft series. I have a couple of the books, namely the firmaking ones and the trapping one. I did a search to see if I could get the rest of the series, in particular the huts and thatching and rope making. I am inspired after watching a few of ray mears videos. anyway I see the books are no longer in print. But some kind soul has copied these out of print books and placed them on the web. Here is the weblink to get access to them: http://chrismolloy.com/www/p131 Hope you enjoy them. Green Chemist
  9. Green Chemist

    Careers in medicinal chemistry

    Hi all my wife and I are thinking of studing Bachelor of Biomolecular Science: Medicinal Chemistry specialisation at Griffith Uni. We were wondering what kind of career paths it would open and what would be other areas of study that would complement and enhance this degree? Regard GC
  10. Green Chemist

    using Mushrooms to synth intresting tryptamines

    WOW that is so cool. Good find. Makes me want to g back to uni to study molecular biology and mycology. Fungus gotta love them
  11. Green Chemist

    Crossbowers around?

    OMFG Evil I really hope that is not you. creepy pic lol
  12. Green Chemist

    Crossbowers around?

    Evil Genuis forget the crossbow, machine gun, nuclear weapon. If you kill someone and it is easy to do with a crossbow you will end up in prison. My Dad is german and he is always talking about how strict german law is compared to here in Queensland. Couple of suggestions: 1. Slingshot with glass marbles. Quicker to fire and hurts like a bitch. 2. my fav Go to the local toyshop and get a supersoaker, you know those big ass water pistols. Then get your hands on birds eye chillies and what ever is hot as and a cheap bottle of vodka. Grind the chillis and let them steep in the vodka for a bit. Load up the supersoaker and it is spray and pray time . You spray and they pray. Even if 5 of the fuckers come busting into your house, you can stop them in their tracks quick smart. Just aim for the eyes, forhead part. When they wipe the stuff off from their eyes it just rubs it in. No need to even cal the cops, the amount of screaming they will be doing will bring the whole SWAT team to your place anyway. 3. If you can get it, (itching powder). Use the old ninja trick of hollowed out egg shells with itching powder on the inside. Lob a few of them at them. and watch them race outside straching like mad. Google pranks or something to find other less lethal ways to make their lives miserable. Good lUck with it. GC
  13. Green Chemist

    SUGAR on wound heals it faster

    (Seriously though, I know of KI tablets that had to be withdrawn ) KI = Potassium Idione? Aloe Vera gel is good for wounds as well. I have used it to treat sores on my hand with good success.
  14. Green Chemist

    Devil went down to Jamaica

    an oldie but a goldie
  15. Green Chemist

    jaguars dig DMT - check out video

    Ha ha ha ha that is pretty cool. Glad to see that we are not the only ones that seek out mystical states of mind. Damm makes me want to die and come back as a Jaguar so I can munch on Yage all day and not worry about being sent to jail, or cop social disapproval for wanting to acheive a higher sense of spiritual being. Man Western society really sucks. I wonder how much the jaguar gets out of it besides the cleaning of his digestive system. umm makes me wonder what the jaguar would do if he was tripping hard and you came across him in that altered state of mind. And oh yeah Wade Davis totally rocks. Look for his vids on youtube and listen t him speak. You will see what I mean.