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  1. I asked once a lady belonging to the first nation people, sure this mountain must have a dream time story, but she answered, I don't know. than 3 days ago a lady from my local tribe, told me the story, and I asked her permission to at one time record her story. 

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  2. Hanrahan, probably will be destroyed sooner or later by a stupid planed dam. I understand we need more water storage in oz, but I would build a new method of dam, which will have less impact on nature, and even will eliminate evaporation.

    even the barrage at rocky destroyed the Fitzroy already, very sad indeed.:ana:

  3. Catha leaves that shine like mirrors...

    1st pic only:

    on the left a seedling of a broadleaved red (maybe a pink?).

    on the right a more narrow leaved (red or maybe more pink)

    at the right, same pot at the top left corner a Catha looking like a vienna white.


    in the wild there are said to be around 200 strains,

    and above beauty full pics, show you they hy breed well.


    but, in a way one would like stabilised plants,

    breeding true to type.


    for a true to type seed bearer, you need to inbreed and or stop foreign pollen. the original nl, red, vw, were all stabile, till me, 

    acted pollinator.




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  4. On ‎1‎/‎09‎/‎2018 at 9:55 PM, Slocombe said:

    Good to hear PH. 

    ups, no that can kill them, but mature specimens survive,

    after have being frost trimmed...


    if under the balcony, young frost tender plants will, show less damage.

    but my frost are different, to frosts further down.

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