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  1. withdrawl clinic

    FREE gourd and bombilla for maté

    generous, but the zeitgeist hampers your efforts. super, opening post.
  2. withdrawl clinic

    Variegated Caapi?

    wau, a varigated caapi, congrats topic starter!! junior members rock! i can retire now. ok, here's my input. yes virus, but some shamans might say, this virus made this plant more potent. i'm so luck,y to be with you all, bless you.
  3. withdrawl clinic

    Looking for acacias for landscaping

    and if you want to reclaim mining pollution waste dumps, grow, Acacia holosericea! and some say, it contains goodies... Acacia holosericea - Wikipedia it's an absolute pioneer tree, like all the acacias, that's why we love them sooooooooooo much, hehehe.
  4. withdrawl clinic

    Damping off.

    reduce your "dome" or lets say glasshouse action. the damping off, pathogenes live in the soil and get multypied by glass house conditions. if your soil (potting mix) is not sterile, you can only overcome this pest by areation. so instead of humidety dome, no dome, and infrequent waterings. most important, let the soil and it's surface dry out, between waterings. phonetic pissed speller, i am.
  5. withdrawl clinic

    Acacia obtusifolia flowering December

    i love obtusifolia and i love your pics, pls writte the 2nd latin name never, satarting with capitals, it's against the law. super photo makes me fill i'm there again. and of course you could say, i has to be I, hehehe. edit: and feel not fill, i'm a proud dyslexic phonetic speller
  6. withdrawl clinic

    Loph seed ploise

    tell me how you would, lay them down... (i let all my seeds rot, and thats better than giving them away, because many of, the recievers, stuff them up)
  7. withdrawl clinic

    street drugs are super, addiction is bad

    street drugs are super, addiction is bad. cane toads are troopers, killing is sad. covid's a killer, elbow jab's, just a filler. the shamans of oz, are the thriller, he's name was miller.... deticated to all the "past on" sab members. gomoas, wanjina, chemical shaman, endorfinder....
  8. withdrawl clinic

    astronomy super meteor shower expected

    yep, murphy seems to have control, but than maybe rarely the skies open up to in an event, let's say a total solar, and this at, the right moment and we feel, special. special = gods are with us, just a feeling.
  9. withdrawl clinic

    astronomy super meteor shower expected

    clouds and a hazy sky, made observing the storm at my location a bit unsatisfactory. still, i managed to count 12 in 10 min so not bad at all. one was bright enough to leave a trail.
  10. withdrawl clinic

    astronomy super meteor shower expected

    woke up this morning around 4am and saw 10 meteors in 10min, than i went to bed again. looks i will have bad weather...
  11. withdrawl clinic

    Salvia d. mechanism of infertility

    yes, caapi you remeber well. makes me say, we should try to respect people here, because the wrong doing of one person or a few, can have a negative impact for all of us. and of course, i'm not without fault either.
  12. withdrawl clinic

    Salvia d. mechanism of infertility

    some people at this forum, promoted the idea of hand pollinating, and it's definately the way to go, as it can't harm. but, i realy think what i say has merit: you need eternal spring climat for this plant. it's native to highlands in mexico. the person i mentioned, which got seeds and sprouted them, grew it in the highlands of png. he deleted all his posts here, after he felt wrongly done by... sally hates the very hot, but can survive short cold and even frost spells. problem is australis mountains are not close to the aquator. even the qld table lands are too hot for sally. i guess she can't set seeds if further down the tropic of capricorn. haway's vulcanos made sally set seed as well. sorry for my spelling, i'm mildly dyslexic.
  13. withdrawl clinic

    iboga & other free seeds!

    pls let me know, if the seeds were dark, and fully mature when you disected the fruit. as mentioned my fruit (the smallest of all) had only inmature seeds inside. anyway, two of my iboga's died, even before winter, and my surviver looks not flashy.. btw, my ibogas often survived winter frosts, and last winter had no frosts, but i had losses!
  14. withdrawl clinic

    Getting rid of pereskiopsis

    yeah! but than imagen a world in the future, were peres got no glochids... a person might say: imagen we could breed some tiny spikes onto those peres, that could save them from being looted...
  15. withdrawl clinic

    Herbal smoking blends base herb.

    damiana, grown in oz was very potent and better than the imports, but keeping the plants alive was impossible. i've seen will dagga even as weed in the uk, so it will grow at most oz locations. i prefer dagga over damiana, the latter is a bit harsher on the throat.