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  1. withdrawl clinic

    Gimli's Beezness

    if mono cultural land, bee's can bee, bee_nifical. not at me place, though...
  2. withdrawl clinic

    Gimli's Beezness

    sorry to say, I don't like those bee's! they compete with native bees & insects for food, honey bee's are bullie's compared to native bee's, and not as good pollinators!!
  3. withdrawl clinic

    Sinichuichi drooping like f

    don't press the panic button, mate.. my plant's look, far worse. sun opener is super drought resistant!
  4. withdrawl clinic

    Great grower maybe sage?????

    me thiks close to a weed, not sage at all.
  5. rumba salsa beat every time, I press the penthouse button, I think, of planthelper, oouh oooo every time, I look at a business card, I think, of planthelper, oouh oooo every time, I check for alkalinity, I think, of planthelper, oouh oooo
  6. withdrawl clinic

    Psychotria V. problems

    all look's well! tips getting brown, no problems.
  7. withdrawl clinic

    Cacti in Western Australia.

    and u only get spring rain in wa, dragon fruits love spring rain!
  8. withdrawl clinic

    Hoja Santa tea?

    alcohol is used for tinctures, but you try cold water, and physical extraction work like kava...
  9. withdrawl clinic

    Hoja Santa tea?

    piper and heat don't go well together, sorry.. as tea... ,
  10. withdrawl clinic

    Sceletium seed pod

    nice work! ego, thought I had uploaded similar. currently growing a scelly (home grown &saved seed meselveeee:))
  11. withdrawl clinic

    Drying and curing N.rustica

    I hope u take the "lot" and either do what I said, or "seal lot" and sprikle ov next "lot's fermentation" what you might want to burn, could have been an activator!!
  12. withdrawl clinic

    Drying and curing N.rustica

    no, u just re hydrate (add water, just tiny mist, too herb and seal)watch...:)
  13. withdrawl clinic

    Drying and curing N.rustica

    bro, you have 2 heap ferment. single leaf dry out is, not recom….
  14. withdrawl clinic


    nuace cam skill, or luck?