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  1. withdrawl clinic

    Ethnobotanical Kefir

    i think to remember, hearing that one can, "dry them out", and maybe this increases the shelf life. mine, got bought, a bit wet and i stored them a bit wet, in the fridge, not the freezer. you as well hint that at times you loose focus, with the grains, an issue, i have as well, as i don't want to be slave to the kefir grains. meaning i would be very interested to hear about how to take a break, from brewing, and how to store them...
  2. withdrawl clinic

    Ethnobotanical Kefir

    guess what, i found my kefir grains today, and i believe they have been in the fridge in a clean jar, for at least 3 years. this might answer the question, which is often asked on the net, but hardly answered, to a satisfying degree. how long do cleaned kefir grains survive!! my instincts say, my grains are still alive. but time will tell, and i plan to let you know the outcome of my todays brew: 5 heaped tea spoons white sugar 5 thin slices of galangal 4 finger limes, two of them thinly sliced, the rest squeezed into the jar, and added whole partly emptied fruit 1/4 flat teaspoon of bi carb 1l of tank water, previously boiled and than waited to reach room temperature
  3. withdrawl clinic

    upload delete how?

    pump! i think the upload to the gallery function doesn't work any more. thats why no new pics appeared since my above mentioned misshap.. edit: whilst i wrotte this the pic has appearde (pink lotus) but as well many black fields. what happens if you try to upload?
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