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  1. withdrawl clinic

    Prickly Pear

    super survival food, I like mine stone grilled!
  2. withdrawl clinic

    Prickly Pear

    but the spines give you, immortality,
  3. withdrawl clinic

    Prickly Pear

    I know this cacti from south America & from oz... 1st time I ate, I did not remove the skin, and down it went, with the "spines & glochids". because I did not heed the warnings... crunch the seeds, that's the protein. edit: there are cactus figs around with less spines, they are preferred...
  4. withdrawl clinic


    waxy, glaucous shine, in close up. love those spider ropes.
  5. withdrawl clinic

    Stratifying grape seeds :)

    so, fridge butter compartment, for 3 - 4 weeks! edit, to aid... nut trees need stratification, raspberry, "you add"
  6. withdrawl clinic

    Stratifying grape seeds :)

    some animals planted grape seeds, in my yard, makes me think, 3 weeks, in the fridge is, enough!
  7. withdrawl clinic

    Tricho tip cuttings for sale

    I love your focus on display, and good air flow.
  8. withdrawl clinic

    Peruvians sourced from QLD

    in the old day's, we used those spines, as gramophone needles.
  9. withdrawl clinic


    what a nice specimen, and she looks, very stable ( not returning to normal growth)!
  10. withdrawl clinic

    best ice breaker

    this "is good", 4 1on 1 or even better 4 groups... Q1, what is your most fav animal? Q2, your 2nd most fav animal? Q3, how do you like your coffee? . . . . . . . . a males response: Q1, a lion = what he would like to be Q2, a monkey = what he really is Q3, white, with lot's of sugar = he's sexual preference
  11. withdrawl clinic

    Newest Member: DomainAustraia

    the newest, member window seems stuck, same with featured gallery.
  12. withdrawl clinic


    the roo is special, but even more, so is the landscape!
  13. withdrawl clinic

    Khat use!

    war in yemen, might very well be a khat drug war...
  14. withdrawl clinic

    Harvest Ethics

    if it helps you, to tell a good story, which in the long run, totally supports, "ethical harvest". but even more so protection, of said genetics-healing plant. wc tip: 2nd latin name always small capital "Acacia confusa"
  15. withdrawl clinic


    very nice pics! your images make, me "feel the different" seasons. the red stamens, is that callistemon?