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  1. withdrawl clinic

    Meet up: Brisbane

    who say's they can't met up without... memories float me, got credit, wau, u have a mobile nursery. I want a shrubbery, a shrubbery.
  2. withdrawl clinic

    tabernanthe iboga seed

    no, they would be wasted.
  3. withdrawl clinic

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    worked and played with tabernanthe iboga. seeds are ready when the fruit turns yellow. if you don't need the seeds right away, than rather keep the fruit, on the bush. over wrote my instincts and took a lot of iboga root cuttings (tried different sizes and set ups). planted iboga seeds (nick the seedcoat). if the iboga seedling emerges with the seed coat still on, weight the seed coat down with small rocks, so the embryo can, pull free! iboga cuttings are almost impossible... almost, u say...hmm...
  4. withdrawl clinic

    tabernanthe iboga seed

    sell the largest iboga fruit, ever saw. got more than 10-12 seeds, I guess! heat wave type conditions are required to germ this seed. if you got low 30 deg C don't bother, unless you have a sophisticated heat matt. reply or pm me with offers, sorry no pic.
  5. withdrawl clinic

    the pee master

    just cleaned the dishes, gonna hav a good one, tonite!
  6. withdrawl clinic

    the pee master

    me thinks, gonna hav, th sacrament, tonite. (plant)
  7. withdrawl clinic

    the pee master

    snow or sand pee'ing, your initials, is a good rite too... see it: like south park eyes. in my birth country, I could buy fire works! I liked the pirate, me bro like the "gnome". the "gnome" was a short rocket firework, without a stick.. just a short cylinder, with a tiny fuse at the bottom. me bro lites the "gnome", goes straight into the window left open, in the kitchen and does, what's, it's here 4... explodes, left burn marks, but me & bro cleaned the mess up! instead of moms punishment, she remarked oh, you kleaned the window. and got treated with super rich poppy strudel.
  8. withdrawl clinic

    the pee master

  9. withdrawl clinic

    the pee master

    than, I met, electronic air fix kit guy!! he gave me the parts & the blueprints. built a small system, overpowering radio frequincesiss. than, I turned an old radio, into an ampli... with his help
  10. withdrawl clinic

    the pee master

    I was say 11 or 12, and went to a catholic school. bell ring's, boy's go to the urinal, and guess what? this fellow pupils always left the "highest pee stains" after a while, we tried to, imitate him... who would win the challenge. some boy's turned there penis 180 degree to "get high spray". other's like me either increased there tilt (of penis) or even moved the latter like a catapult. who would win the high drop competition, next time? than, a paper was puplishd, to the parents, saying he had "HIS URETRA SHAPED UPWARDS, NOT DOWNWARDS AS MOST OF US" and we stopped compeeting!
  11. withdrawl clinic


    I love those cacti, pics featuring the fence palings...
  12. withdrawl clinic

    New Free Trade Thread?

    maybe (no I did!), I started a high end, but it did far worse than this...
  13. withdrawl clinic

    Passiflora to help a friend

    nice thought, but I say no, maoi and alc are not a good mix. but can be awesome!!!
  14. withdrawl clinic

    Books and vacuum pump

    whaaout? did you get married to some Christian girl, and "gave it up all for jezuz"?? keep your books, u would regret selling them...
  15. withdrawl clinic

    yopo seed pods

    and the greenish pods can ripen (preferably in the not split pod) to a lighter brown, and still germinate, but they are not good for storing, the seed. pioneer tree, love disturbed, deep soil, no competition..., legume... my colubrinas (now long gone) took maybe 8 years to produce good pods. lost most seeds to pests and boring insects?!