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  1. Goldtop, I was looking all I could for Lophophora Williamsii seeds, so if You please msg Me I want to buy seeds.

  2. Goldtop

    WTB: N tob, N rus

    Hey all, I’m looking for some tobaacum and rustica seeds if anyone can help Can arrange payment or trade for Loph seeds, cheers!
  3. Hey mate any loph seed left?

  4. Goldtop

    Loph seed 20$

    Yea mate
  5. Goldtop

    Loph seed 20$

    Hey all Got some more tex seed available, 20 per hundred Bulk also available message for info cheers
  6. Goldtop

    Loph seeds

    All gone for now cheers
  7. Goldtop

    Loph seeds

    Hey all, got some fresh loph seeds available 25$ per hundred plus a dollar for post pm if interested, cheers
  8. Hey all, just gauging the interest for various grafts and seed grown plants Also have a fair few trich varieties and lots of seed Cheers
  9. Goldtop


    No worries bud
  10. Goldtop


    Lot 1 - 450$ - 3x Texana grafts, 4 x seed grown pentagonas, 2 x sab seed grown, 1x button graft Lot 2 - 430$ - 3x Texana grafts, 3x caes seed grown, 1x 5yr seed grown huizache, 1x button graft Lot 3 - 410$ - 3x Texana grafts, 1x ph peres graft, 1x 5 yr seed grown diffusa, 1x peres seedling graft, 1x button graft Lot 4 - 350$ - 3x Freak grafts, 1x diffusa graft, 1x button graft 4yr seed grown Texana - 70$ 2 x Texana rooted degrafts - 90$ Seed grown fricii - 30$ 2 x seed grown fricii - 20$
  11. Goldtop


    Mortein, not watering and not changing pots ;) ive got a proper patch of peres to neglect, shits wild
  12. Goldtop


  13. Goldtop


    Lot sold pending payment