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  1. I was providing accurate and helpful advice to a person seeking it. if that's OK with you mr arrogant. why feel threatened by my personal knowledge and experience? or the good advise i offer those in need? why not just educate yourself so you don't feel so threatened by me and others who know what they are talking about? there is MUCH I'm yet to learn, and i shall continue to, till the day i die. I have already given you all the next penicillin for the times ahead when you might need it. though at times i dont know why i bother. should i just keep it to myself, and watch you suffer down the track? would you prefer that?? I put in the effort and risk to provide you all with this info. so..... when you decide to step up to the plate and offer this community anything of substance, please let me know. child.
  2. hyphenated Yeah i know right. must my views be the same as others to be able to express my views on a topic? must i be called a lier (offensive to me) because others cant live like me, nor know me at all? are my views to out there? to educated for most here so they feel they must drag me down to their level? are forums not for the exchange of ideas / views and the evolution of such? can there be no individuality here? etc etc etc. this place has gone to shit over the last 10 months. to such a degree, I'm seriously wondering if i should leave in search of much much better.
  3. "Anyone who claims they don't lie is deluding themselves" is that right smart ass. really. you don't know me for shit do you. trying to justify YOUR lying ways by speaking shit like that. not aware of it? LOL you are delusional. I know most people lie. in my 41+ years i have met only one person who is 100% honest like me, so, you can take your stupid clinical remarks and stuff them.. somewhere. "ghostly is not my tag, as you know. any other little hidden nasty's you'd like to add or your happy enough with yourself for that?
  4. patronizing, belittling and narcissistic. to say the least. enough from you please.
  5. at least the "stoner sloth" idea gave birth to some far more accurate parodys "your better on pot". so.. not a total waste of money.
  6. I don't lie, i don't cheat and i don't steal, also i'm not lazy. this i follow if it kills me. at all times. um, yes i know ciggys are toxic. they are also good for medicinal purposes and blessings. yes there are a few plants that can remove SOME of the toxins, but being a plant forum, i know you'd know that too hence, fellow plant enthusiast, there is no need for me to tell you.
  7. ghosty

    SAB personality test... dare!

    I'm sus on any site that wishes to gain my data. or try to in any way profile me. where does my info end up? nothing is anonymous. no thanks.
  8. people should be far more concerned about synthetic pot. The other day, i bummed a smoke of a guy in the street. he looked at me in a way i found odd and handed me his "tobacco pouch" i rolled one, thanked him and left. getting home i lit it up, took a few puffs and found i was "stoned". thats right. the whole thing had been laced with some synthetic compounds. To say i was pissed off that some person had not told me what was in it sickens me. to not know what harm it has done scares me. for good reason. later that night i was very sick, all night long. thanks guy! great times indeed. dumbass laws, lies etc. have created a real problem here. so yeah, thanks to the dumbest collective in the land harrassing good folks over pot, to justify their delusions about people they try to stress to death with their never ending nonsense. look what you have created now. idiots. they know who they are. now we have folks wandering about with dangerous shit whilst those that have respect and keep things safe and natural get fines and called a criminal. how can the dumbest of the dumb tell if a persons tobacco is just that, or some dangerous shit like i got. i couldnt tell till i smoked it. but please, keep speaking shit about marijuana and make this a HUGE problem, just as you have done so far... go eat some more clown shit morons. qp#dumbshit.
  9. marijuana for pain relief? LOL yeah right. thats as stupid as the idea it makes you a "sloth". dulling effects??? yeah right! LOL idiotic rubbish indeed. why does this country speak so so much bullshit?? what idiot is it trying to impress? and why? does this country contain ANY intelligent people? at all? wow... they seem to have mixed up alcohol with marijuana. AGAIN... stupid only.
  10. does nobody here actually understand my basic advise? not pills pot ketamine lsd or some other shit. crist, you could even use passionfruit vines. beta carbolines, head spirits etc. is this really confusing?? like i said.. a snake will help you.
  11. hmm, recon what ya looking for is a snake. a big snake