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  1. dracos6


    hey guys, hows things? just thought id let you all know my computers fucked so i wont be around much for a while. i can only log on at work (here now) but im a little wary as we run an aus wide metaframe and im pretty sure everything is logged up in sydeny. take it easy everyone ill speak to you all soon shane
  2. dracos6


    hey everyone i saw a 'lophocereus' the other day. well im sure you all know the thought that crossed my mind ;) a little research when i got home told me that it was not a lophophora x trichocereus. bugger. does apparently have some anti-cancer properties tho. anyways just out of curiosity i was wondering if you could cross a loph with a trich? ive never produced any seed so you'll have to forgive me if thats an idiotic question cheers dracos
  3. dracos6

    Think I found a penis plant

    yep, T. bridgesii fma monstrose. and judging by the dent in the top i would say it is the 'elf' (clumping) variety. bugger, i want a bigger penis too
  4. dracos6

    Are these safe to plant?

    its not the skin that will hurt, its the possibly rotting flesh underneath. i wouldnt plant that, id make a diagonal cut removing that squashed bit and allow to callouse. if you dont have nice weather for callousing a cool white fluro in a well ventilated area seems to work well as long as the cactus is of decent size and or moisture content (i tried to callouse a small pup once that had been knocked off a large plant but it just shriveled) if you dont want to cut it again pull off some of that dry skin and decide for yourself. personally i would cut - better to be safe than rotten good luck mate
  5. dracos6

     Blue Water Lilly Extract (Nymphaea caerulea) 

    hey apoth was that while under the effects of ganja or just on its own? coz i've never really experienced anything from it, but i dont think ive tried it with the green i got mine from happy high herbs but i think they buy from SAB, its not in the original bag so i cant tell. is there any degradation over time? maybe this stuff is a bit old? anyways ill go try some more now
  6. dracos6

    Is this a disease?

    looks like a wound or possibly a root
  7. dracos6

    Gaia Creativity

    thats unreal :D wouldnt you just shit if you walked out front and saw that huge one above you
  8. dracos6

    Little Brown Mushrooms

    whatever they are, they're everywhere (or they were) down here, i always looked at them as being suspect but they dont blue so i wasnt game to risk it. anyone say for sure what they are?
  9. dracos6

    New Forums

    great work guys :D
  10. dracos6

    Grey Questions

    oh yeah, and there is this method too --------------------- well i read on the back of a toilet wall that if you make a strained tea, add a tablespoon of salt, and evaporate off the water till you get crystals rather than the snott. roll em into balls and swallow with some bread to smooth it out. --------------------- it was posted by someone on here not long ago, could have been amulte, cant remember
  11. dracos6

    Northern N.S.W. Camping Trip, who's interested?

    aww shucks, thanks guys :D would anyone going from melb that has a spare seat be limited to pretty much just the weekend? as for dates, i dont have anything planned around then so im easy. with a date for the camping trip that is (i could just see the smartass comments rolling in if i with that) im gonna try my ass off to get some wheels by then, but it prolly wont come to fruition
  12. dracos6

    Irritating Question Compendium

    1. basically personal preference (others would disagree im sure) cuttings with growing tips dont seem to do well horizontaly IME 2. dont go below 6in. no, but it will still be ok if you callous it nicely 3. impossible to say. the more time the more pups, and it also depends on what cuttings you take from them. its been said that horizontal provides more pups, makes sense 4. depends on conditions, i water after 2 weeks in fairly dry soil. warm weather a must 5. yes, i think. never grown from seed 6. quite a fucken while 7. fucked if i know 8. not me 9. faster growth, its fun, it looks cool (others aswell im sure) 10. prolly outdoors, cant say without seeing. dont know how humid it is over there, but it seems to encourage black rot - careful 11. light, well draining, allows plenty of oxygen (i use debco cacti and succulent mix, i think its better to make your own tho) oh and in response to your last little statement down the bottow - UTFSE - not being rude but this has all been answered many times before and in ALOT more detail than i could remember or be fucked with, and these are just my opinions they are not gospel or guaranteed to work or be correct or anything else. they are just what i remember (or think i do) or what works for me. good luck oh yeah, spines on pachs tend to point slightly upwards [ 29. September 2005, 07:09: Message edited by: dracos6 ]
  13. dracos6

    Grey Questions

    i have never ingested cacti and had effects so i cant speak from experience, but from what ive read 1ft seems like a common starting point for pachanoi. older tend to contain more alkaloids and as such i really dont think it would be effective to grow a 'sea of green' with cacti. obvoiusly when it is dry and thin there will a higher concentration of alkaloids coz there is jackshit water but whether you would have any more alkaloids is still a fairly debated issue i think. i can say for sure that dramamine dont work
  14. wow, puts me in a very serene place. welcome mushroomblue
  15. dracos6

    Northern N.S.W. Camping Trip, who's interested?

    i would love to join in, if i was welcome. i havnt been a member of this site for all that long and have only met one dude from here in person so you prolly dont regard me as a 'regular' but if i was welcome and have a car by then or can get a lift i would love to participate. only problem is i would have to be at work 12am monday morning (sunday night), could quite easily take a sicky. would still have to be back by 12am tuesday morn tho.