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  1. ergoamide

    Breaking news...tonite

    Also seeing as the GFC was discussed a bit earlier on I was wondering if anyone else see the sheer effin idiocy of how the economy works. I mean we spend too much and inflation fucks us over, but we be good and save and don't spend our money we go into a god dam reccession. does that seem stupid to anyone else.
  2. ergoamide

    Breaking news...tonite

    Aussie politics is such a mess. Labour is economically incompetant. Liberal want all our rights to themselves. And the Greens are cowards that will drop unpopular policy for votes.
  3. ergoamide

    Wollemi Pine Wanted - Trade

    I may be able ot help you out pm if interested.
  4. ergoamide

    Obama internet 'kill switch' proposed

    A cyber 9/11? WTF would that be exactly? The internet is already used for crime on a massive scale such as accessing bank accounts etc which he gave as an example so what once this law is passed because that already happening their gonna shut it down FFS. It would be good to see the UN grow some balls and tell the US to fuck off on this one oh but wait I forgot the UN is just the name for the USA's global government whoops.
  5. ergoamide

    Selling most of my library.

    OOOO I'll take the Rig Veda if its still there . pmed
  6. ergoamide

    Apologies for temporarily abandoning my post.

    Its good to see ya back mate hope your well.
  7. I watched that on thursday night and thought it was very good. Especially because he rationally stated the argument and didnt get involved in useless rhetoric like some tend to.
  8. ergoamide

    FREE spore print/live culture trading thread

    Yoink VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVgets Cubensis gulf coast and quarter of a large amanita muscaria printVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV
  9. ergoamide

    Neanderthals live on in our DNA

    Given that so far the genetic addition appears to be one sided I'd say it's more likely that Neanderthal men were the ones gettin lucky as i'd imagine the child would have stayed with the mother. That's only relevant if they didn't actually live in the same camp but different camps.
  10. ergoamide

    Neanderthals live on in our DNA

    I also found it a fascinating fact quilliam when i first heard it at uni. It's surprising really that alot of people still subscribe to the race classification, guess it just shows how resistant to change we as a race can sometimes be.
  11. ergoamide

    QLD referendum

    I recieved this email a couple weeks ago and must admit I'm still a bit puzzled by it. If it went to court i woulda thought it woulda been in the paper especially given it's in the same area. But why take a chance i guess spread the word just in case. As much as i would rather not LNP would get my vote before Labour atm at any level but i would vote for a decent independant first that relies on there being one though lol.
  12. ergoamide

    Neanderthals live on in our DNA

    The problem with a multi-regional hypothesis is that there is NO evidence for human evolution outside africa. Theres a very extensive fossil record in africa of our evolution but outside there is nothing. Also I don't think it was suggested anywhere that neanderthals came from africa.
  13. ergoamide

    Neanderthals live on in our DNA

    Yes the races are a genetically invalid classification. There is no more difference between Caucasoid, Negroid and Mongoloid than there is between people with blue, brown and green eyes or different hair colour it is minor gene variations.
  14. ergoamide


    They'd only need to coat the outside to stop anything being able to penetrate to rot it, plastcising the whole thing inside and out seems a bit supurfulous.
  15. ergoamide

    Anime and Anime goodness

    Yes they do lol. the second half gets a bit darker and more serious but still funny as hell. They just do the sexual frustration of a hormonal 17 yr old boy so well.