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    happy birthday big fella ;) Torsten

    SPOILERS! Happy birthday T
  2. Recipes, growing tips, photos! I want it all! I've been growing red habs, choc habs and some misc. jalapeños for awhile but it's fairly bland. The red hab. I put in the ground when I moved house a few months ago went absolutely crazy in a few months. Nearly quadrupled in size! It's only just producing ripe fruit now though... seems a bit late? I come asking for tips though... how do you increase the strength of your chillies? I'm looking to make some hot sauces at some point down the track and I'd love to be using my own, home grown, stupidly hot, satanic level pods. I'll probably order some online before then and try and get a rad recipe going. Excuse the terrible photo and the messy garden but here's my current red hab. bush: (Related: Interested in buying some seeds and/or ridiculously hot fruits. PM me)
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    Post a random picture thread

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    Ridiculously hot chili growing info

    I've been meaning to but I'm incredibly slack. For awhile, I was under the impression mine were bhut jolokia as it's what they were given to me as/marked as.
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    FREE plants to good home.

    Looks like it
  6. Reading this... I'm not sure they mean tor/.onions? Only a few percent of the web is actively indexed by the big search engines. There's plenty of shit out there that isn't indexed or is on private networks. I could be wrong though...
  7. Secure by being insecure! It's like "I wasn't affected by the dodgy keval vests because I don't wear kevlar vests" This isn't much of an issue anymore. It was basically a 0-day. Cloudflare (which a lot of sites are behind) was patched a week /before/ it was announced and any sysadmin worth their salt patched their servers in ~24 hours, 48 at a stretch.
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    Youtube vids

  9. I love the smell of mycelium in the morning

    1. RyanVolle


      Hang on, what does it smell like?

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    Rare Ephedra seeds for sale

    This post is from '13... just a heads up.
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    Post a random picture thread

    Not mine but I thought it was pretty awesome.
  12. A lot of people still had coins in gox because it's an exchange. They were likely verified there and didn't see the point in (or were in the process of) transferring to another exchange where they'd have to re-verify their identities, etc. Additionally, I will admit, gox looks like one of the nicer bitcoin exchanges. It had all the features of a good exchange but the code and management was horrible. Fwiw, my favourite BTC wallet is Electrum. The biggest reason being it using remote blockchains which means you don't need to download the 13gb (more?) blockchain which is just unfeasible for some.
  13. http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/search?q=mtgox&restrict_sr=on&t=week Read through some of these. tl;dr We don't REALLY know what's going on. Exchanges always happen off chain anyway so you'd need internal records which we haven't, legitimately, received. Only some 'hacked' copies which are dubious.
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    Is SAB installing LSO's ?

    Another great option: Remove the giant, unpatched security flaw that is Flash.
  15. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-02-26/community-gardens-a-biosecurity-risk-to-horticulture-sector/5285472
  16. edit: That was a bit dickish. Removed it.
  17. Everything gets tumbled into shared wallets and shit inside of gox. Without their internal records, I doubt it. Further more, I highly doubt someone who just stole coins is going to give them back to you, even if you can prove ownership.
  18. And there goes MtGox. Hopefully none of you guys lost any in the kerfuffle. http://blog.blockchain.info/2014/02/25/joint-statement/
  19. "every" is a HUGE over generalization. HUGE. They can't/don't track face to face transfers, they likely don't track (and even if they did, not much info would be available) cash/branch deposits, they obviously have (if they want them) bank-to-bank transfer records but again, when you're not dealing with main exchanges, you're just sending/receiving $ from some random dude which I imagine happens hundreds of thousands of times a day.
  20. Try forget gox exists. Bitstamp is still $560 (though that IS down). Also, why do you think the prices were outrageous? I still don't follow that kind of logic (not just you saying it, I just don't understand it)