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    NZ.... you fucked it bru! Thut shet is faaaarkd
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    https://www.healtheuropa.eu/new-zealand-cannabis-legalisation-bill-to-be-launched/95443/ Little added: “The primary objective of the legislation is to reduce overall cannabis use and limit the ability of young people to access cannabis.” Key points in the bill Key restrictions on cannabis in the draft Bill include: A minimum purchase and used age of 20; Ban on all marketing and advertising of cannabis products; Requires harm minimisation messaging in the retailing of cannabis; Prohibits consumption in public places and limits use to private homes and specifically license premises; Limits sale of cannabis to specifically licensed physical stores (not online or remote sales); Strict controls and regulations on the potency of cannabis; and Establishes a state licencing regime that all stages of the growing and supply chain are licensed and controlled by the Government, and will limit the amount of cannabis that is allowed to be grown. …. Sounding like a regulators dream. I'm reasonably sure the black marketeers will be happy with this.
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    Can't help you with your main question but might be able to help with an identification if you supply a photo. There may be existing literature on the species in question.
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    Hello Haven't been online in a while! I'm looking for anyone who might have grape vine cuttings/seeds, preferably the green grapes used to make white wines & Eau De Vie (The more exotic strain the better) Let me know what you've got and I'll make you an offer. Looking to make a sweet and floral wine. I also have tradable shamanic botanicals ♡ Thank you very much (edited in regards to cuttings)
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    Only 2665 sigs so far... Legalising cannabis Eligibility - Queensland residents https://www.parliament.qld.gov.au/work-of-assembly/petitions/petition-details?id=3217 TO: The Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland Queensland residents draws to the attention of the House that: Criminalisation has not prevented or reduced cannabis use, and has instead resulted in further harms to drug users forced into interaction with dealers and the criminal justice system; Drug use, including the use of cannabis, should be treated as a health issue rather than a criminal one; and This has been recognised in various other jurisdictions, including most recently in the Australian Capital Territory which has decriminalised cannabis growth and possession for personal use. Your petitioners, therefore, request the House to legalise the growth, possession, use and supply of cannabis for adults in Queensland, provide amnesty for people with current cannabis-related convictions and increase funding for drug support services.
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    http://www.shaman-australis.com.au/knowledge-psychoactive-salvias.html If it is a salvia species, this might shed some light.
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    Scratch the beard, double facepalm, mumble WTF.... I'm feeling embarrassed for Gov Noem. If some 80% of Dakota's court admissions relate to Meth, perhaps they should be asking why,
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    Yup I'm keen. Bad timing I just gave away a bunch of stuff but have random seeds. See what else I can manage.
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    Silky oak picnic area is currently under roadworks. I'm at hoop pine which is next closest picnic area
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    Here is a similar post i made: http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=37294 Austrocylindropuntia subulata f. monstrosa contains a bacteria Phytoplasma that makes it 'monstrose' as in pup from most of its aeroles. This infection spreads to only other opuntia plants through grafting, have tried it on lophophora, trichocereus and it didn't work. It has been successful with pereskiopsis, and so i am trying it with other opuntias Here is the graft of pereskiopsis on Austrocylindropuntia subulata var. Phytoplasma (I'll just call it Phytoplasma instead of monstrose to avoid confusion for the time being) Here the Pereskiopsis Spathulata var. Phytoplasma are growing on their own roots. They have noticeably thin leaves, pup from most aeroles. Some of the later growth did not have the infection. So now i grafted a blue burbanks spineless opuntia on Austrocylindropuntia subulata var. Phytoplasma to see if i get similar results Mother Plant: I am also trying with the Paper Spine cactus (Tephrocactus articulatus) This monstrose cresting opuntia i forgot the name of Mother plant: And with this thin spineless and glochidless opuntia Mother plant:
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    This Taswegian is hoping another has it I've hunted around a few greenthumb areas to no avail. There's a few jubaea down here MG (Phoenix seeds use to stock), I haven't come across one bearing c, nuts yet.
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    Sure is, the bees were going crazy for them even after they closed up Smells almost like a lemon tart
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    Find yourself... Escape yourself... Intention is everything...what’s yours? If your life isn’t improving...you’re just taking drugs.
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    *scratches beard.... Hmmmm*
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    Well, I do have a bit of free time coming up. I should see what I can knock together...
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    Covered my hoop house and filled her back up. My collection reincarnated! Found a worm climbing a monster Seeds that look like scale a few days before Halloween. Trick or Treat?
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    Did you ever get far on this @LikeAshesWeFade? While I think you can do a lot medicinally with Salvia officinalis and that should be more widely appreciated medicinally, showing potent modulation of CNS receptors [1], AChE inhibition etc with cognitive and mood-enhancing efficacy [2], I'm interested if the White Sage is even more useful for cognition and mood - as you've highlighted, as far as we know, the biological properties extracts from S. apiana aerial parts were limited to the screen of the cannabinoid or opioid receptors activity (It showed moderate CB1 activity and some constituents opioid activity) [3] S. apiana is particularly rich in phenolic terpenes. [1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/31196061 [2] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5318325/ [3] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28025900 Full thesis on the topic including extraction etc : http://thesis.honors.olemiss.edu/622/1/Taylor Hayes Thesis.pdf
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    I know I'm necroing an old thread and whatnot but I just have to say holy titty sprinkles. I didn't even know cacti could come as yellow as you put in that post until just now. I thought it was a freak thing with patches or stripes here and there but those are straight up yellow like a pissed off banana. They are truly one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen so even though I'm really late to the party I just want to say thank you for sharing the pictures of them. I don't suppose I could peer pressure you into uploading a more recent pic or two of them though? I'm keen as mustard to see how they're looking these days though if they've gone back to green just tell me they died or something because like meeting your hero I don't want the dream shattered lol