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    Hello cactus fans, i havent been around round here for a while but came back to offer some cactus plants to giveaway. Simply post in this thread, your post number is your ticket number (ie this post is ticket one). I'll draw a random number and the winner gets free cactus plants, I even pay for post. Australia only. Cactus are seed grown by me. Rosei #1 x pach, pach x psycho0, spachianus and whatever else I can fit in the box. One entry per person please. Drawn next weekend, probably on the monday. Cheerio
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    Hi all, I am about to start a course of daily doses of caapi to assist with treating anxiety and depression. I brewed up 50g of vine today, and plan to space this over a week, taking the equivalent of around 7g of vine daily in a tea. My brew was a simple water brew with only a tiny squeeze of lemon added at the start, and it was made with love and attention, I sang a few songs to it while cooking and also blew some palo santo smoke over it at the end. My hope is that it helps me break free from some bad mental patterns that are plaguing me lately, and I'll assess progress after a week. If things are going well, I will extend my course. Does anyone else have any experience with this? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts, and I'm happy to receive PMs or you can post them here. I also have Rue, but I am starting this experiment with Mama Caapi as I wish to develop a close working relationship with her, and have heard some good results. I'll try to post daily here as to how I am feeling and I hope this may eventually serve as a resource for others who may wish to try this path. I have taken SSRI's in the past, but they leave me feeling hollow and mediocre, like the feeling I used to have days after heavy Raving. I plan to make other changes in my life to complement this path, but one step at a time. Let's do this. I have a good feeling about it. Lots of love, G.
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    A bit of vine never hurt anyone. You have chosen the right medicine to have at the center of a plan to bring about some positive changes in your life. Yes its chemistry may improve the symptoms of depression, I hope they will. But its a vibrational medicine, allow it to change your vibration to align with the new pathways you desire. Look for signways to the path, generally hiding in plain sight, in everyday life, allow the vine to illuminate them. You will be rewarded by "paying attention",not only to how you are physically feeling, but to opportunities to "join the dots". You have commenced an "act of will" and stated publicly your intention. You need to see this thru now to show the vine you seriously require its help. Stopping will turn the process into a procrastination, and have the opposite effect, making plans impotent. giving the energy working against your interests power. Magic 101 basically, but worth a mention, when working with a magic potion. You have good friends, and are part of a great community. You have wisely chosen the best hobby in gardening, and have great skills. Life can be anything you want, leave the old story, and step into a new one. There are plenty of great chapters to write. Best regards brother.
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    In a society where the government relies on facial recognition for law enforcement (and other even less salutory activities), how long do you reckon the right to dress as you please will last? If this tech becomes widely used, then covering your face with a burqa, or bandana, or facepaint, or scruffy hair, becomes not only socially-unacceptable but downright suspicious potential-criminal type behaviour (remember that cops only need "reasonable suspicion" to detain & search you). I sometimes wear face-covering garments, for various reasons, and it is interesting to watch peoples' reactions to that - there is some curiosity, but an awful lot of hostility & fear. I would not like to see those prejudices given any more government support.
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    Where am I at now? Day 4: Less restful sleep last night, with a lot of dreams about inadequacy and frustration. Not quite sure what to make of these ones, or what action needs to be taken. I guess sometimes you just have to be patient. Still very clear dreams though. That's something I have noticed in the last few days. Dreaming is enhanced a lot. My dreams are usually chaotic jumbles of day to day life, which are not clearly recalled afterwards. Now I am really dreaming and I can remember every detail. I cut out the coffee this morning. Much better. No headaches or withdrawals, as I said I only have the one double espresso in the morning and that's it so I wasnt particularly concerned about leaving it out. I didnt feel like I was lacking energy or wakefulness because of it so I'll leave it out for the rest of this week until I finish. I was very stressed this morning, but I put my trust and faith in my ability to cope, and with you guys and the medicine on my team, who could stand in my way? I think I might up my dose again tomorrow to the original 60ml and see how I go. Now that I have a feel for integrating the feelings into my day, I dont feel so apprehensive about having them at work, but I do need to be careful just the same. I dont have the kind of job that I can just go and avoid people and situations, I'm on the frontline. Not too much else to report, I think that's a good thing though. Life seems to be pretty normal, but the good kind of normal, not the normal where I have a longneck as soon as I walk in the front door upon getting home. I'm not making any progress on my art project this week so far, but my days have been long. By the time I get the essentials done, and get a chance to actually sit down, it's around 10pm, and I'm exhausted so I have been going to bed instead. I appreciate all your messages, if I can help anyone out, please let me know. It's eye opening to see how many of us are suffering the same conditions in silence. Let's help each other and be supportive. Even here, where we are like minded, we dont always treat each other as well as we should. I think we can all heal ourselves if we have the right tools, it's not up to anyone or anything else to do it for us. Sometimes we just need the path to be illuminated so we can see it, and that's where the plants can assist us, but at the end of the day, we need to do the work ourselves. Jeez, listen to me, like I have the answers all of sudden! Words come easy, good actions are what's needed and I have a long way to go.
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    OK day one. I had a very good night's sleep and I started the day with a positive feeling. I'd rate my overall anxiety and depression at around a 3.5/10 (0 being none, and 10 being totally incapacitating). Had my dose (60ml equivalent to approx 7g of vine) at around 9:30 and decided to go for a swim. I started feeling the caapi strongly as I arrived but a swim in the cold ocean focused me. I felt pretty good, but definitely feeling a little strangeness in my day. As the day progressed, I felt the caapi more and more, it was a heavy feeling in my limbs, and a little darkness was creeping into my mood. That might be due to the Sunday afternoon blues that I usually feel. The thought of going back to a workplace I despise always brings me down. I notice that while I am doing anything physically active I feel good, but as soon as I stop I start to feel a little down again. I'm still feeling the caapi strongly now. I honestly wasnt expecting it to be as strong as it is at the dosage I took. I dont think this is going to be easy, but I want to stick it out for the week, as I believe the positive effects may accumulate after a few days. I think I may need to titrate my dose down for the weekdays, Mondays are hard enough without dealing with these odd sensations. I think I'll halve tomorrow's dose and see how that goes. I'm also not sure whether morning doses will be better than evening doses, but I'm sticking with the morning for the time being. I plan to cut weed out entirely this week, at least until Friday night, and I am also planning on cutting alcohol. I dont drink heavily, but I do drink pretty much every day. That's one of the habits I want to break. I have fallen into a pattern of starting to drink beers every weekend in the daytime, as I do my gardening, or whatever else I am up to. Sometimes I just sit in the garden and drink beer. I dont think there's actually anything wrong with that, but I dont want to make it my standard weekend. I am also hoping to start getting up earlier again and just going for a walk before breakfast. I used to run a lot, but knee problems have sidelined my running lately. Other lifestyle changes I am making are looking for a new job, and also need to finish an art project I started a while ago. I actually managed to apply for some jobs yesterday. My job is a major factor in my recent poor mental health, and the sooner I get out the better. I know I have to do a lot of work on myself, I am probably rambling a bit, but just trying to capture my thoughts as to how this medicine is affecting me, so either humour me or ignore me! Onwards.
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    Day 6: I woke at around 2:45 am today and have been awake since. Today was pretty good though. I got lots done, and was in a great mood. I'm allowing myself a couple of rums tonight. The dose went down like nectar this morning, again 60ml. I was expecting a gradual build up of effects, not sure why, but I think I may actually be experiencing some tolerance now. I had a pinch of snuff this afternoon and the caapi seemed to like me using it's ally tobacco, as I felt very good indeed. I think I have got into the habit of convincing myself I need the "other" things to get through the week when I have actually coped just fine without them. That's a good learning for me and a big step after 20+ years of relying on substances to help me at night to forget my problems and sleep. This is not a silver bullet that "cures" you in any sense. It needs to be coupled with the will and actions to do the work on yourself. But I think it's worth exploring further. And I will. I wont be posting daily, but I'll update this thread from time to time. I'll update tomorrow after the full 7 days is done as I intended, and might have some more insights to add, but I hope this is of some use as it stands. I have tried to be open and honest as much as possible. Happy to talk to anyone via pm that is interested in more detail that I havent posted so far.
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    Hey folks, my parter jess is being part of a local art exhibition here in northern rivers at lennox head on Thursday. Any support would be most welcome. This is the event: https://www.rawartists.org/northernrivers/radiant This is Jess: http://www.rawartists.org/jesssaunders If you would like a cheap ticket just let me know we can sort it out
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    And the winner is number 4! I can't capture a screen shot on my broken phone from random.org so you'll just have to trust me. Thanks everyone.
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    That early flowering makes tge breeding more interesting and will bring some beautiful results in the future. Today i went trough my garden and scops and scop hybrids catched my eyes. Would like to share. Some are small yet, but time will help...
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    Straight to the union rep and a meeting with the boss I reckon. Fuck lady supervisor, she can scramble and make her excuses when she gets called in to answer for herself. Hopefully? Good luck to the missus mate, I can't fuckin stand this type of shit.
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    Seed pods are starting to appear on our plantation trees and I have bags on the way so I can save a bloody tonne of seed. I will start off with 10 lots, but I have no doubt there will be enough to do many more mailouts. Thread will be updated when seed are ready to go into a big red box with auspost written on it. It will be a giveaway, but if anyone feels generous enough to want to send some tricho seeds in return - I will be more than happy to accept Post to AUS only. And go!
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    Day 3: some difficulty getting to sleep last night, but again, super vivid dreams. These ones had meaning to me. I committed serious bodily harm on my nemesis. Clearly I have let this fester too long (6+ years). I think the only course of action is forgiveness, but it might take some work on my part to be able to move past this chapter. Might need a ceremony or ritual of sorts. Same dose today, again, almost frenzied energy levels. I crashed around 3pm though, and really felt spent, like I could barely keep my head up. Today was a very stressful day, I hate audits, and I have another one coming next week. Feeling good now. I dont drink a lot of coffee, I have a double shot each morning and I havent cut that out this week. I suspect the caapi is interacting with the coffee and causing the speedy feeling, so I might miss the coffee tomorrow and see if there is a big difference. Thats a big step for me, no coffee. It's not something I am looking to give up long term, but while I am experimenting, I might as well see what happens.
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    That's very dry vine MG. I have taken a lower dose today as I thought yesterday's may be more than I could usefully manage at work. I think I have found the sweet spot today, I am humming with energy. I'll post more later, but around 7mg/kg of body weight/day is my estimation. I feel vibrational changes and new mental stances are possible already. I just had a callback about a job too, so things are happening!
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    Yo I got a piece, and it's nearly 7cm long! Couldn't go any less than $750 US though, that's per cm, so all in all it would come to about $5000. Delivery's gonna hurt too. Could go cheaper if you'd be prepared to let me pimp out your ass for the weekend at a secret bikie rally. Either that or you could just go halves with a mate on that $200 piece on ebay. Anyway, I highly suggest the bikie rally option, it's certainly the cheaper/ less painful option
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    Yep it gets dirty when folk hide behind a business number and fold taking folks.... They are Fuckers, there are a lot of Fuckers that see screwing folk a part of everyday business and consider it THE exit strategy . Edit - some are incompetent and some are thieves, but they are all Fuckers
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    https://www.ato.gov.au/calculators-and-tools/report-unpaid-super-contributions-from-my-employer/ A bit of mucking around, but if the aim is to run the cunt through the ATO is taking super fraud pretty fkn seriously.... As they should I'll get back in my box
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    too many since this last growth spurt that are shining , will try name them but they changed so much in such a short time.. chavin daclon 1 candicans kk242 cuzco true blue boliv'tersch' forgot which chilensis taquimbo fat stubby azureus los gentiles yowie bergerac lima cp scop tersch 2lterbo colossus taquimbo longbo henry pasacana L
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    As far as my thoughts & feelings go, these days I tend to hang somewhere between bill hicks' point that it's just a ride & George carlins sentiment that he no longer has a stake in the outcome.. As carlin puts it, we're pretty much circling the drain.. The planet itself is a volatile place that goes through vast changes constantly over long periods of time.. It'll be fine until the sun expands & wipes it out just as everything comes & goes, but seems we're pretty much fucked for the foreseeable future, but who knows.. there is still profound beauty everywhere you care to look.. even in the deepest darkness.. So live as best you can, take care of the poor souls around you, be the best person you are capable of being, try to be better, keep your fingers crossed & enjoy the ride.. tripping balls about the crippling uncertainty just cripples us even more.. So I think it's best to try as much as possible to see the beauty in the madness
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    I have been seeing the micro chip work its way into near every wallet and I guess it is only a matter of time till they put it in humans, like vaccinations if you don't do it they make life harder and harder for you until you crack or become a poor outcast, prob start by saying how convenient and awesome it is but not mandatory, then start saying things like if you don't have a chip by 23/9/2019 you will pay extra on tax and wont be eligible for health care or some shit, then they will say by 20/20 if you don't have one you can not earn or buy things (the dates are just made up) then maybe there will be permitted zones and non permitted zones and when you leave you permitted zone a sensor goes off and a robot will come to assist you : ) if you refuse the robots request then you will have points/credit automatically deducted from your account etc. Like 1984 type vibes with modern tech and ai. You now there is a system and they try fit us all in it, that is non human to me and feels like perhaps we are already slaves to tech or ai, wouldn't a human make a system fit them not the other way round? I don't believe in elites, they are just people who for some reason I can not figure out have been granted power and are still given power from the majority, many pay large amounts of there lifes (money) to these people, hey we aren't even people we humans, we are not a name or piece of paper, we are human and that fact seems to be largely unknown to many, seems many believe they are that title and give all there power away, they belong and slave for a CORPSoration, its like if you belong to a corporation you are viewed as a corpse, the walking dead who have forgotten there inherent rights and abilities and can be used how they (the living) see fit, they just gotta offer the right amounts of paper, like Charles manson said about the prison gaurds "you can pay them to walk backwards". If majority sleepwalk through life spineless and broken then basically the future will be what ever the ones we give it all to decide. I fucking hate the current system and hierarchies, the queen with her crown, jewls and sceptre, its a big fucking joke and they must think majority are truly nuts and lost for giving so much attention to them. School was a prison camp of bullshit to me (I did learn valuable things during my time there but hated the place, its values, and its punish reward system), they don't teach a single thing about living/surviving here in this realm they only teach how to survive within the system (the shit we created), bloody crazy shit, I wonder how many no what to eat or not and what is medicinal or not and how to prepare or process these things? most I know would surely perish within 3 months of no more system. I used to be pissed off with people (near everyone) being co creators of such rotten things, whilst neglecting the fact they can choose what the provide energy to and can create also, like all my life I am confused on why people do what they do and why they spend so much time contributing and spending on things they complain about ? I realized real young near everyone is in some kind of fear induced hypnosis, really I still don't get why so many people invest so much into the evil doers and "authorities" yet scoff at the ones talking freedom, and regaining there sovereignty. I feel we humans have proven we are capable of great things yet are more comfortable in a control system. like someone puts on a badge and they getted treated different,, many become subservient and sometimes fearful or anxious around them, so confusing cause to me its just a dude making choices in his life and his/her choice inevitably goes against common law and human instinct, that by doing that job means breaking common law as a requirement etc. you know how they literally kidnap people who have done 0 wrong not a thing, you know if your a human who does not create harm or loss, 0 victims, not one victim and they come bust the doors down and grab you and put you in a cell against your will (which they do often by choice and choice alone, they choice to do this to people) then I would think people would not accept this but it seems it is very well accepted by a great many, poor fools don't realise just cause they aren't breaking any currents statuary laws that one might be written tonight and they wake up a "criminal" its all laughable and yet tragic at the same time. I feel I was born into a world of insanity filled with broken/hurt souls, tho I only have my ideals to reference this to, so technically the world is what its supposed to be and I am the unwell one lol really I truly believe in so many possibilities, when I talk to some people they seem to get some of what I am saying but cant believe it and that's cool cause I may be insane or unwell and its about being able to generate your own views and ideas not blindly adopting them, that's my main message really, like come on lets all play in this realm not be slaves to it (that's what the so called elites are doing I guess). Sometimes its like just everyone do some good doses of d m t so we can get back on page so to speak, you know like care for the realm or forum we find ourselves in for this time, like just out the back here there clearing land and its like you fucking idiot, that is destroying the thing that allows you to be, guessing they are developing for porofit$ what a wasteful, selfish and stupid pursuit, I would love to see things have there value we give them taken away so it just becomes what it is not this deluded version of reality where everything is given dollar worth and seems this way/mentality is destroying the very forum/place that allows us to have a 3d experience. It makes no sense to me at all. I did imagine if someone offered a million bucks for this patch to develop and without really having that offer I will never know if I am just the same as those who's actions I despise. I would like to imagine I would have 0 problem saying get stuffed because when I truly imagine having lots of money I can not see it changing me for the better and can not see how it would or could actually improve my life or give a feeling of happiness, I could just imagine it would allow me to die with more things that's about it, I had a business that was in triple figures but gave it up cause seriously I felt I was sacrificing or loosing my soul to this imaginary game of value and status, I liked it for a bit but started drinking everyday, felt like a dick driving around in my supped up ford, you know mags, exhaust, black bonnet etc. saw myself in a big shop window and thought you look like wanker lol I am fairly poor money wise, enough to get by and by a book or some seeds here there, I don't drink anymore either, from everyday than after leaving the business moving state and getting a patch of land I honestly dislike the thought of drinking now. Slowly doing up the old shack with mainly recycled materials, build heaps of shit from pallets etc. I can see where it seems to be going and I hate the look of it, I see where It could go with certain individual changes and some of the views I see seem pretty nice, I think real positive change will come individually then that individual/internal change will form/create or at least most defo be apart or influence on what we live in and what we call consensus reality. There is no not interacting, impossible to no interact with it, we all got our hand in the band, how we interact is a big shaper of things to come, basically what we do or do not like we have had our hand in creating what is within the moment and within that moment co creating the next. Shit I have written a lot here and gone of a little, basically I believe the direction of many thing is largely in the hands of the individual, how they interact or react etc. (I believe what stimuli you take in has a massive effect also) Seems its the individuals not believing this that largely allows evils to go on "they " will to an extant only do what we allow them to and we are largely allowing them to do whatever they want it seems. Anyhow I have faith no matter how removed from human being or how cut of we may allow ourselves to become from the mostly unmodulated natural world, it will only be a matter of time till we start to hear our true heart song singing to us again : ) https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/05/090503132617.htm P.s there is a lot of speculation in here I will admit, anyhow if the sun is what many believe it to be than it will likely extinguish one day, if we aren't hopping to a new place before then,then that time should be interesting indeed, that is if anyone/thing is here to witness it, if we all go out in some global or flat event (joke) than that will be interesting also, like what happens when our energy can no longer go into this 3d existence ? Shit man stop writing lol, I am interested to see others views also, cool post/topic Zedo : )
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    hey @Anodyne that hit home mateI wear a fair bit of desert tek and bandanas now...lol....I know. They've always been able to get the info.....they just actually had to justify it...... Now they want it at their fingertips unfettered....jackpot (*does spirit fingers*) Nothing good is gunna come from it. .......
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    Get a cool haircut: Or maybe some new glasses: Maybe take out some sort of super-restrictive copyright on the use of your own image? Or, you know, write to your MP and get a bunch of other people to do the same. I'd probably still get the glasses through, just to be on the safe side.
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    your sentence was a bit dodgy mate just sayin' broadly speaking, i don't like the surveillance state path that developed nations are heading down where you are getting scanned every time you go somewhere, filmed every street you turn down, data from your smartphone and transactions handed over to the government etc. its just more government power (and expenditure) from my POV. nothing good comes from big government. its a simple argument but it spares all the nitty gritty which nobody is interested in anyway. big government, more taxation, more power, more artificial market, greater power to subdue population, greater desire to hold onto that power and gain more. we've long since passed the point where additional governing benefits society and we're moving further into it's being detrimental. i'm not against using new technology to apprehend criminals but we know the abuse of power will happen and we should probably look into how closely our definition of 'criminal' is synonymous with 'bad'.
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    Pan sp growing out of decomposing elephant dung, banks of the Nam Khan river, Laos Couple of diff sp growing in bamboo debris, Pha Tad Ke botanic garden, Laos end of the wet season so not many fungi about
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    Yeah cool Zelly. This one opened a bit more and has an even better flower!
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    justin rod crazy rosei open len ben justin looks so good. thank-you Rod, this looks so vibrant
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    Scop x red grandi. Didn't fully open, hoping the next flower will
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    I know a few guys who have forsaken their their testicles to conform to their mrs' standards. Some women pride themselves on "fixing" a man or making him more like the way they think he should be. By the time they've fixed him he's invariably a eunuch with no self confidence and then the woman leaves. Forgoing the testicles for pussy - seems like a cruel paradox to me.
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    From the album Trichocereus Freaks

    Variegated Trichocereus pachanoi
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    You guys made my day! I'm getting to spend the day gardening so all is good in my world.
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    This bloke has been hanging around for years. Spotted him catching some sun he is a Western Bearded Dragon (Pogona minor) (pretty sure anyway)
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    Out of the night that covers me, Black as the pit from pole to pole, I thank whatever gods may be For my unconquerable soul. In the fell clutch of circumstance I have not winced nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeonings of chance My head is bloody, but unbowed. Beyond this place of wrath and tears Looms but the Horror of the shade, And yet the menace of the years Finds and shall find me unafraid. It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. William Ernest Henly Nelson Mandella had that poem memorised and he used to recite it to prisoners when he was gaol. The idea was to instill the fact that no matter what the bastards do to you, there's something inside everyone that they can't get to or corrupt. It gave people hope and no doubt kept many people alive. All this anger & hate is getting you nowhere Thunder. That sort of anger is in some ways like a self imposed prison. Try to find that incorruptible part inside yourself mate and foster all that's good in yourself and live with the hope that things can get better. Every day is a new start and we all have the option to live in the day or dwell on the past. My past is like a steaming pile of horse shit, if I choose to dwell on that I'd be choosing my own tailor made perfect torture. Grieve for the man that all that shit happened to and give your true spirit a chance to walk the earth - without all that hate and anger.
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    An unpolished and probably slightly provocative theory I have caught bouncing around my consciousness is "Blame the boomers!" Let me explain: When you are the generation after the victory of a major war you enjoy the spoils; you also may believe those who deliver said spoils and were in control during wartime have your best interests at heart because hopefully they're in it as deep as you are/were. Biggest semi-thoughtful, underlined sentence I've typed. In short you view the government as a kind of parent figure.* Could be totally off, but I feel like my parent's generation, generally, are WAAAAAY too trusting of the government and seem to assume that the powers that be, or 'they' or 'them' to some, are 100% altruistic, statesmen from 19 hundred and fucking never-ever, who could/would never stoop to corruption and propaganda. That's what the baddies did, and still do. Not trying to pick a fight, just honest in my confusion. * apologies to the boomers out there. Gross generalisations noted.
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    New puggle that made friends today, Mr. Stickybeak. I'm going hard-core outside and he sneaks up and tapped me on the boot and is up over the steelcap, far from timid this one-they usually curl up but Mr. Stickybeak DGAF... Lol He followed around an hour or so, I turned a sleeper and a few rocks over so he could raid the ants under them.. Lol.. Have a feed, wander back eye me off, repeat. Any other would be dug into the dirt awaiting me to be gone.
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    This one caught my eye again today.... Trichocereus peruvianus BK08612.4
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    This was me years ago: Bit of a different scenario but still twas an unfair dismissal with a happy ending too (hell, the payout money paid for many in fact hahahaha), But get yeah RC is speaking the wisest words, get a hold of every governing body u can get a hold of, write down everything and report it where u can. My boss didn't like the response he got out of me after blinding me point blank in the face with a fire extinguisher (practical joke man). Management needed that cunt present so they could keep treading water too, so it was better to keep him on board than me... The manager was an ex AFP to so it made him uncomfortable hearing reffer and mush might be floating round the workplace too They wouldn't have me back cause he would of lost face (ex fed tough guy), even though the ombudsman was ready to force my return. So money was offered to walk. I got 6grand and I was casual, LOL... and working for less than 18 months there. But working more than 30 hrs per week so should of been permanent. I wasn't quite satisfied with that $6k... I wanted blood. Whilst all the knights were seated at the round table (3 way mediation call) I decided to bring up the point of what the correct award actually was for that uncommon industry (slipway hand) - due to the fact our hourly rate was so piss poor and hadn't been rising. Turns out we were all under a "Metal Workers Award" & I got a further 2k back pay for being underpaid for the entire 18 month duration, along with every other slipway worker and direct marina employee getting payouts too. The ego driven big balled punting of a 20 year old shitkicker cost that marina probably a years wage for a single worker, on top of having to back pay correct the wages of dozens of employees, many of them who had been working there for much much longer than I. It would of been a black mark on the slipway operator (wanker who sprayed me) and this new bigballed ex cop manager had only taken over from the last bloke like 2 weeks earlier, so he was trying to really prove himself with this incident being ex-law and all, and ended up costing the marina a fair bit in the first few moths of taking over. He was also pulling reallllly scummy moves, like calling my free case lawyer and telling my lawyer that I was a junky and all this shit (mayb ex cop style shit, who knows)... The lawyer actually pulled out of my case cause this cunt convinced him it was a waste of time, the lawyer would of taken 30% of the settlement too. But pulled out like 2 weeks before it was settled. So this turd trying to ruin me, by getting the lawyer to bail actually allowed me to hold onto 30% more of the payout. The lawyer basically told the cop to fuck off and stop harrasing him as he is going to court AGAINST him, then ended up pulling out and refused to even notify me of his withdrawal till a few days prior to settlement... The coppa thought I still had the lawyer on my side who was staunch telling him to stop harassing, so coppa feeling defeat and not wanting to have days off work for court approached me a week out from the date with settlement not knowing I had no legal aid. I said "cheers mate $6k will do - but what about back pay (years of underpayment) for everyone too while your at it?" I got the buku coin and the lads got some pocket money too. Closing statement to coppa "ll probably see you Sundays at the marina cafe Stevo for Tappas n beers mate, after all even though your office is in the cafe, its owned and run by someone separate right? and those tappas r tops" So yeah I totally agree with what RC said... Log everything, ring union get reference and case numbers started at the union cause u will be wanting to ring and make updates. Get a hold of Fair Work Ombudsman log and start a cause with them too, reference number etc. Even if the workplace is doing anything shifty u dob them into the Department of Fair Trading. Don't ever let them know you are building a case early though, or they will begin preparation (donning of raincoats) for when it all hits the fan. This marina often got me to hose human excrement into the ocean - I avoided a sacking after walking off the job early a few months prior to my actual punting, By threatening to report us (them) to the EPA and Department of Fair Trading with a written documented letter involving the multitude of occasions where we dumped untreated feces and chemicals into the harbor. He came to me all big balled the next morning and said "I need to talk to u mate" - I said read this letter first and if u still want to have a chat, we'll make it a 3 way with management. Got a full days pay, no further talking occurred. Moral of the story, DOCUMENT, RECORD, REPORT, DOCUMENT, RECORD, REPORT, DOCUMENT RECORD REPORT. Never let them, or the next one immediately above them know what you are doing or they will start prepping. Somethings in life are priceless (like catching CUNT off guard), for everything else there's BitCoin.
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    Zedo - SJW has complicated pharmacology, chiefly serotonergic activity, but also effects on dopamine & other types of neurotransmitter systems, plus a bunch of enzyme-inducing stuff... short story, it has lots and lots of drug interactions, some of them dangerous. I couldn't tell you off the top of my head if combining with caapi would be one of the risky ones, but personally I wouldn't chance it. At least not without doing some detailed research into both their pharmacologies first. At a glance though, I can tell you that SJW has been shown to downregulate 5HT2A receptors, which are thought to be important to psychedelic activity, so even if it isn't dangerous to combine with vine, it may dull some of the effects. Also, many of the actives in SJW aren't heat-stable, so smoking may not be a good ROA.
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    I think maybe because chemical shaman was a loved member here and a lot of the older members would like a plant to remember him by. Ive bought memorial plants that really i wouldnt have cared how much they cost.
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    Day two. I had a very good sleep again, full of vivid dreams. Not quite lucid dreaming but not far off either. My Monday mornings are usually full of dread, and today I still was very apprehensive, but at least I didnt have a stress spew today. Drank around 40mls this morning - dosage calculated in the comment above. I felt inspired after reading Horus' comments, and I think that's half my battle at the moment. I havent been motivated to extend myself in any way. I've been mentally lazy and undisciplined. That's something to work on. Today felt very different, like I was capable of change. They say a leopard cant change it's spots, but a cuttlefish can... It's hard to separate any possible effects from the medicine from what may just be a burst of psychic spring cleaning brought about by my will to change, either way, I am feeling it. The dose seemed to be in the goldilocks zone, I was seriously energised all day. Not yet focused energy, but I'll get there. I'll stick to the same again tomorrow and if I feel up to it, maybe whatever is left of my brew will be consumed Friday night to close the loop. Horus, next time we meet up, I'd like to have a deeper chat. Wont go into it here, but it's related to my little disappearing act at the last meet. I feel honoured that you are my friend and have my back in this endeavour.
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    I love the idea of carrying an axe to attract females. i might try it. But then abandoning the axe? No way.
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    How unfortunate hahahahaha
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    For completeness of information that Dept. Of Ag document doesn't mention that Tasmania used 1080 exclusively for the poisoning of native wildlife for many years to protect now basically useless tree plantations. I have witnesses thousands of animals killed in one night after a bait lay of 1080 poisoned carrots....many times. I have also witnessed secondary poisoning of folks dogs after eating uncollected carcasses, and that shit is not pretty. Thankfully cause some of us fight that shit you won't have to see that any more....It was a long fight... But yeah was used to wage war, verging on a genocide on native wildlife down here. Edit- nothing against the plants that developed a unique anti-browsing compound. I am against broad scale insidious use of the compound.
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    Lumberjack from Cactus Affinity: and a new one (Peruvianus?) from a nursery:
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    - I'd devote 20% of your most ideal and pristine landmass to Trichocereus straight up, the finest and most sought after clones that will grow and earn well for you. - Then I'd try, through your commercial flower growing operation to somehow legitimize the grow of a huge area of maybe Indian and Turkish Pappaver Somniferum, with the most ideal open flower pods sold for flower arrangements, then the seed harvested, quickly washed and prepped/packaged for gourmet bakers and baking purposes. Collecting any dried pod or seed wash juice for proper disposal as may be harmful to livestock etc. - Apply to become a government grower for the new medical marijuana laws being implemented in Australia. I've heard some things, I think its underway or not far off at all. Get in early, from the ground up. - Then of course your sunflowers and some other kind of good selling flowers to go with the sunnys n' poppies. - Do the tomatos, look for like Sicilian wog import hectic delicious ones - none of that GMO red water rubbish. > I reckon fuck the corn off entirely man purple or sweet, it all tastes like shit and sweet is cheap as hell like you've mentioned. I've heard things like corn isn't even a real thing anymore, that fkn altered, nearly zero nutritional value just fiber, we're not eating "corn" bro, it doesn't exist, we're eating "Yellow" by Monsanto aka "McDonalds on cob". You are a professional man, you can help legitimize and open up the commercial growing of these kinds of lesser farmed but highly valued plants. But in saying this I know NOTHING about your industry though mate, so with my rough business model above, you may go bankrupt very quickly... Tis a nice dream though. Good luck in love, life & business. Live long and prosperous. Surround yourself with all that brings you joy.
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    The actions are deliberate, I don't deny that. But the objective and the probable outcome of these methods are not aligned. So blinded by ambition that they are unable to see the probable outcomes. Hillary Clinton is a psychopathic megalomaniac and the US can be glad that Trump got in, because if they had to eat another 4 years of the leftist bullshit almost any right wing candidate that ran next would definitely win. Perhaps they wouldn't have ended up with someone as patriotic and generally well intentioned. Trump might be a clumsy fool in politics, but at least his heart is in the right place. They could have done much worse and ended up with a truly malevolent leader. We should all be happy for that. Like I was saying before... we have become a godless society. We have lost touch with the earth. Many people have even replaced their faith with political correctness and social justice objectives. All these things do is score brownie points and serve to silence any objective thinkers and speakers, there is no moral or theistic reward in silencing others. There is no commitment and there is no sacrifice. It's nihilistic in the sense that all principles can be dropped at an instant to find the next false principle to uphold. It's a path of societal destruction. It's not sustainable and any critical thinker can see this. You cannot force people to be happy. Happiness always comes from within for each person, this is a basic tenant of existence. So when we take away the freedoms of speech, movement and even belief from people they will not be able to find their internal happiness. The tide will grow, the "law" will retaliate against people exercising their self defined freedoms. Widespread civil unrest is inevitable. War, disease and mass death will likely follow. I think 1 person is smart and 2 people can be genius. But if you put more than 12 together they are just fools. A platypus is nothing more than a duck designed by a committee.