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    an update.............. Acacia are wonderful. Courtii - These have mostly done well, the water rats give them a bit of hassle undermining them etc, the root disturbance doesn't seem to bother them as yet, they will lean a lot though if the rats are mining under them, so i have them staked. The water rats are part of the ecology here, they airate the soil and feed the nanking kestrels and perform functions i wouldn't even know about so i can't poison them however much i may want to sometimes. The courtii leaves discolour in the drier areas in summer and in the wetter areas in winter, couple of losses in the very wet areas, overall they are a wonderful majestic and hardy tree. Longifolia / Obtusafolia hybrids - fastest growing of them all, would make great rehabilitation trees for wet area erosion - fast, hardy and robust. They have done very well in the wetter areas, couple of losses in the really wet areas and some have fallen over in high winds. Many will flower soon. I am a bit concerned they will pollinate they obtusafolia and dilute the line. Maidenii - Shoulda got more pics of these, I've grouped these trees on a couple of spots on the slope of a dam, they can handle very wet conditions in heavy clay and are doing well, they do go a nice reddish colour in winter and then return to green over summer. Slow to start but take off when they hit waist height. They tolerate low light and can handle growing in the vicinity of tall gums well. Floribunda - Second in growth rate to the longifolia hybrids though still very fast, have these planted along a boundary fence line in a very dry position in summer, lotsa rain in winter. Second pic is the first planting, now 3 years old from tube stock. They were covered in flowers again. Acuminata - When i first started planting these i concentrated the plantings on a north facing slope thats very dry in summer. This slope is home to a massive colony of water rats so there is lots of soil disturbance going on. Decided to risk a few in some wetter areas and have been surprised that they have lived and have grown well in wetter areas as well. In some of these clay/damp areas they have grown faster than some obtusafolia. be interesting to see if they will live to be 20yrs in these wet areas or if they may not cope with as they get older, especially if we have freak rainfall one winter....... The water rats mining under them on the north facing slope doest seem to bother them, Some are beginning to flower, more should flower soon. Obtusafolia - Lovely, kinda fast but slow as well, lost a couple in areas that are too wet, they tolerate the clay and the dry summer better than i thought they would, colour up nicely in winter, the red stems on the fresh growth are beautiful and glow against the green background. A couple of the larger ones flowered last year, lots more have flowers this year. Confusa - Was a bit of a gamble and some fun planting these, i had no idea really when i planted them what i was doing, i just thought i should put them somewhere where they have good drainage and can dry out in winter. North facing slope home to water rats = lotsa soil disturbance. Some have lived and are establishing them selves, I've left the wraps on them so they can warm up a bit in winter and get some moisture in summer. How they will go in the future will be interesting to watch. Phlebophyla - The first lot of these we got i was so very careful with, had them in pots for 2 years as i felt i had to get them to a decent size before 'risking' putting them in the ground. We have exposed areas of rocks which would have been nice to plant these trees in on the property but not really in areas that are practical to access, they are also exposed, i wasn't sure if they would need summer watering and if they would handle these exposed areas. Solution was to plant them in the 'garden', close to a tap so they could be watered if needed, was essential to plant them on a slope in my mind so they have very good drainage, the slope they are planted on gets full winter and summer sun for periods of the day but is protected from high winds. The oldest ones will flower for their second time year, no seeds from them as yet. The second batch of tress we got i have risked a little, planted them on the levy of a dam, a protected spot thats very clay, does dry out a lot in summer though, theres retic there, haven't had to use it. Its nice to watch them grow and the groupings starting to bush up creating homes and food for lotsa things. Starting this years plantings...... Ive found for the conditions here its best to pot up the tube stock when i get them and keep them in the shade house and grow them to waist/chest high for 6+ months and then plant them out in autumn after the first couple rains and keep planting till spring. This way I've been getting about 90% success rate compared to 60% planting strait out into the ground from tube. The tree wraps have helped heaps with warmth and moisture they also protect the base of the trees from rabbits. Im up to my third use on some of them, the wraps last but the stakes do rot off at soil level and need to be replaced after a year or two. Visited phlebophyla in habitat a couple months ago the trees were coming to flower, bout 6 weeks in front of the ones here, i took only memories and pics.
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    heya, been a while so I thought I'd share some garden pics. this is a combined effort between me and my partner over the past 2 nearly 3 years.. he is 'Padonkluft' on this forum we grow from seed, graft, make lots of cuttings.. prioritise plants over most other things we sell the plants we are less attached to and use the funds to provide for the other plants where to start... um, well i've been growing ariocarpus from seed and grafting them to pere, got a pretty decent set up now thanks to my partner's building skills this room is kept between 19 and 22 degrees, lights are on 18hrs a day here's last years ones all grown up plants are everywhere, indoors and out.. we're facing a pretty shitty cold winter but everything is holding up ok ...on the deck, nitrogen mutants.. variegated bridgesii and pach crest.. cordo crest, tbmv and variegated pach crest.. standard tbm greenhouse first seedlings we sowed in late 2016 out the back wash house full of mostly Zelly seedlings, some from Interbeing and Sacred Succulents too.. and more on the deck too sunroom.. tbmv getting some good colour.. tbmc.. kitchen window.. Bonny x TPM variegate, bridgesii variegate and Sharxx Blue x TPM crest.. Juuls Giant x SS02 variegate.. arios
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    In the spirit of kindness and community I’d like to give away 50 seeds of Trichocereus Scopulicola x Cereus Peruvianus to one lucky winner. To enter all you have to do is comment numbers starting from 1 increasing consecutively onwards. Competion is open to everyone world wide but please check you import regulations prior to entering as would like the seeds to arrive safely to the winner. You will also have to be confident in micrografting as the seedlings don’t do to well on there own roots. Competion will be drawn Monday 16th July 2018. Good luck and happy Cactusing.
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    Alright guys, small giveaway of Echinocactus grusonii (Golden Barrel) seeds. These were generously donated from a member in the facebook group! Note that came with the seeds read "surface sterilized with 70% ethanol solution" 16 people will receive 50~ seeds each. All you have to do is post below. Once there are 16 replies, I will PM you for your mailing address and mail in one bulk lot AUS ONLY GO!
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    I used to have one of these threads but can't find it. I started ramping up my cactusing again so I'm going to be throwing pictures in here and updating with stuff I'm doing. Right now I am working on growing high quality ariocarpus and astrophytum cultivars and hybrids. Some of the Ariocarpus hybrids I'm growing right now are... # Species/Hybrid Seed # Germ Date Soil Mix Germ # 1 Ariocarpus fromdosus royal C1 x A. mariubo cauliflower 12 6/10 Ario Seedling Mix 1 11 2 Ariocarpus godzilla loydii x A. godzilla loydii variegata 12 6/12 Ario Seedling Mix 1 12 3 Ariocarpus loydii godzilla variegata x A. godzilla coral 13 6/12 Ario Seedling Mix 1 8 4 Ariocarpus mariubo cauliflower S1 x A. godzilla coral 6 6/10 Ario Seedling Mix 1 4 5 Ariocarpus godzilla hybrid A6 x A. super godzilla 12 6/12 Ario Seedling Mix 1 12 6 Ariocarpus gift? 6 6/9 Ario Seedling Mix 1 6 7 Ariocarpus godzilla royal x A. godzilla super 12 6/10 Ario Seedling Mix 1 7 8 Ariocarpus mariubo trefinger x A. loydii latus variegata 6 6/10 Ario Seedling Mix 1 4 9 Ariocarpus fromdosus cauliflower C5 x A. godzilla loydii 7 6/10 Ario Seedling Mix 1 7 10 Ariocarpus mariubo cauliflower x A. mariubo monstrose 6 6/10 Ario Seedling Mix 1 10 11 Trichocereus scopulicola x Cereus peruvianus 12 6/15 Ario Seedling Mix 1 3 12 Echinopsis small red x big pink 20 6/10 Ario Seedling Mix 1 20 13 Adenium obesum "velocity" 7 ----------------- Ario Seedling Mix 1 0 And some more sowing Species/Hybrid Seed # Germ Date Soil Mix Germ Number Trichocereus peruvianus monstrose x "Mystery" 2/22 Seedling 2 26 Trichocereus bridgesii "wowie" x SS02 2/22 Seedling 2 53 Trichocereus huarazensis x Trichocereus "Lumberjack" 2/22 Seedling 2 48 Trichocereus huanacoensis x Trichocereus scopulicola 2/22 Seedling 2 27 Trichocereus scopulicola x T. variegated red gradiflorus 2/22 Seedling 2 42 Trichocereus bridgesii "MM" x Trichocereus bridgesii "KGC" 2/22 Seedling 2 43 Trichocereus validus x Trichocereus bridgesii "KGC" 2/22 Seedling 2 50 (SS02 x SS01) x Trichocereus variegated red grandiflorus 2/22 Seedling 2 49 Trichocereus peruvianus monstrose x Trichocereus scopulicola 13 2/22 Seedling 1 12 Trichocereus scopulicola x Trichocereus peruvianus monstrose 35 2/23 Seedling 1 30 Astrophytum asterias variegata 15 2/21 Seedling 1 8 Astrophytum myriostigma fukuryu 6 2/21 Seedling 1 5 Astrophytum myriostigma quadricostatum variegata 16 2/21 Seedling 1 13 Mystery Astrophytum 2/21 Seedling 1 1 Trichocereus scopulicola x Trichocereus scopulicola 2/22 Seedling 1 17 Lophophora williamsii x Lophophora alberto-vojtechii 47 2/21 Seedling 1 38 Lophophora alberto-vojtechii "Wermland" 50 2/21 Seedling 1 36 Lophophora williamsii var. caespitosa 18 2/24 Seedling 1 2 Cintia Knizeii 10 2/23 Seedling 1 9 3-16 Lophophora williamsii var. texensis 10 3/20 Seedling 1 Lophophora williamsii var. pentagona 10 3/20 Seedling 1 Lophophora williamisii var. Decipiens 10 3/20 Seedling 1 Lophophora williamisi mix 20 3/20 Seedling 1 Lophophora diffusa var. khoeresii San Francisco 15 3/20 Seedling 1 Turbinicarpus lophophorides 10 3/20 Seedling 1 Lots of cool plants on the way. I am waiting for the astrophytum seeds to get here to start those. I have already grafted about half of the ariocarpus seeds. Lots of variegates. Stoked to show them off when they're bigger. hostilis
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    Ok, I have been MIA, but hell I needed it. This year has been very challenging for me personally to date due to unforeseen circumstance and sadly is likely to be very challenging for me yet. So I am putting it out there I would love to see this camping trip happen but I have limited energy and time for projects at the moment. I love some help from other members of the community on this one if they would like to see it happen. So thanks for those that have PM me already offering to get involved. I am starting a small email list (maybe a slack.com account) to get this thing happening to spread the workload and allow people to interact and contribute. If you wont to help on the project please PM me your name and email address and I will work out the best way to get things going from here. I called the Caravan park again today and are trying to confirm the date proposed (Nov 20 - Monday 3rd of Dec). It fair to say that most of the EGA crew worked there bottoms of last year (some like myself 2 years straight to get the event together) so I keen to get new people involved to help pull this one together and give the crew a respectful rest. I feel the best approach is to start off the first year small and see how it all goes from there, maybe my original idea was a little bold and we need to build up to that ;-) Respectfully RS ;-)
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    Man, sorry to hear of your circumstances and having to part with your collection. Anyhow i hope you find some loving custodians for them all and find some comfort in the thought that the plants will likely be cared for and live on well. All in all i am hoping you well for now and into the future.
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    Some SV seedlings, I am very happy to grow them here. and Lumberjack x VRG (zelly seeds)
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    I had coffee with a new aquired peruvianus tipp
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    Some of my seed grown garden - some of my favorites, i wish i could go back in time and start earlier. Can't wait for next season i'll be ready to graft my ass off.
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    Some nice terrrestrials around at the moment. Baby elks Hairpin banksia Habitat Caladenia picta Nodding Greenhood Midge orchid
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    Below are photos of the white gilled one. There's definitely something weird going with the on with the cystidia but I am not sure exactly what. Also while the spore print was normal there were hardly any spores on the gill (unless those black things are actually attempts at spores).
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    Giving away some extra misplant seeds. One person will receive seeds of the following: Validus x Peru2 Peru Clyde x Zelly1 Peru2 x Bridgesii 'Killer Green Cactus' All you have to do is post below. Entries close 7pm AWST, 25/7 and I'll post when I get home AUS only GO
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    You could slip them. The opposite of your idea is done in bonsai sometimes. Lift the rootball ans pad a little layer of soil in the bottom and put the plant back in there. Then try to poke down soil in the gaps along the side as good as you can. It's better for the plant. Depending on who your patient is.
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    Mate this really depends on the plant. To over generalise, herbaceous plants respond better than woody plants. It can help pathogens in the soil attack the stem, causing rot. Anything that roots easily is good. Tomato's for instance, should always be planted deeper to increase their root mass.
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    I will also throw in some Psychotria Carthayenensis seeds, ~8 mimosa hostilis seeds and two samples of rustica and something toast snuff ( half the label was rubbed off the toast sample ) Keep this going!! Edit* Plenty of different chilli seeds from mild to butt burners if wanted
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    I'll add a few cactus seeds of my various 2018 oz tricho crosses to the above offers too. Someone messaged me privately about the psychotrias so they'll go to a good home.
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    Good on you od : ) I will add to that offer about 10 or so seeds of 6 different native acacia and 10 or so Duboisia hopwoodii seeds : )
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    It looks broken, i'll start it off again 15x blue hopi corn seeds 10x painted mountain corn seeds 10 x acacia cognata seeds 10x acacia acuminata seeds mix of un named chilli seeds
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    Tiny little Lophie, ready to show Three little areoles, right in a row Crest, baby, crest Grow, baby, grow
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    T. Bridgesii 3392 x T. Peruvianus Mystic. Grown from seed 7 months old. Slice-cross!
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    put in for leave anyway sweet cheeks... at the very worst you'd just cancel and go back to work at the strip club but this thing seems like it's just gunna happen with a staunch group with minimum of fuss. At the very worst we'll all catchup, swap some seeds/plants, fire up the smoker and have a yarn, spin some shit, catchup on what we've all being doing. no biggee, bro The petal and I are in
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    Hi guys and ladies, I posted in this page a while back, about I was having a hard time with my mental health. I was given meds from my GP and all that. I'm now 8 months off the meds and my life is just about back to normal, I still have bad days and all that. I'd like to say a big thank you to the support I got from the people of sab, and if anyone else is having mental health problem then reach out to someone here and talk even if it's via a PM, don't bottle things up, I will try to help anyone who needs it. Onyeka.
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    Breakthrough/peak/ecstatic experience is necessary, but sometimes it's hard to bring something back that is useful and meaningful for everyday life. That's mostly my aim these days which is why I tend to shoot for my desired level: taking a step outside the self, but still be able to reflect on my life. If I can't remember my lessons, I find it hard to integrate them. Maybe they're sinking in on a higher dimension...
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    Was feeling masochistic so went further afield ... Through the eucs and up into the snow line, really went to shit after this... Lol.. No making the target site today, had a gutfull of stomping in snow.
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    damn immigrants stealing our jobs again
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    Not a problem H, Listening more to what you are saying, it sounds like you might benefit from sitters who are able to watch from afar to give you your space, but who can remain close enough to ensure you are safe. If that is indeed what you want, I would make sure you have the ground rules laid out for how much interaction and interference you would like from your sitters prior to any journey. Something as simple as your sitters playing music a good distance away from you can substantially alter the quality and nature of your journey. Especially so if you have positive or negative emotions attached to that music. In this modern age, it is not uncommon for a yuwipi to utilize binoculars to check up on those on a vision quest for example. A supporter may even be asked to go up and check more closely on a particular person if they look like they are in distress. It is far better to interfere too much in what is supposed to be a solo and personal journey or quest than it is to have that person die which could indeed happen on something like a vision quest. What is meant to be a symbolic death and rebirth should stay that way. A supporter on a typical Lakota vision quest will often sing ceremonial songs loud enough to be heard by the one they are supporting. The aim being to be heard and not seen, but to be able to provide the needed strength and emotional support to those they are supporting. At the end of such a quest, the supporters are gifted something from the quester. This is always nice to do for someone who has given of their time so selflessly for you. At any rate, food for thought....
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    One thing we generally figure out as we get older is it is okay not to rush things. What this might mean for someone in your circumstances is to wait until you do have an in person mentor/sitter or loved one at the very least as a last resort Second best to that and perhaps in conjunction you may find that simply growing the plant you would like to experience may help build a psychological and spiritual connection that may positively benefit your experience. You may even want to consider taking sub threshold amounts of the particular pejuta you are working with on a few occasions and gradually work your way up to a full threshold experience over a period of time. There certainly is no need to jump straight into a full blown mind melting experience with any pejuta Slow, safe, and steady....
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    built a trellis for my young caapi.
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    Hey guys, A friend and I recently launched our website for the sale of Mitragyna speciosa seeds: m2seeds.comWe source them from a professional kratom farmer in Malaysia we've been in contact with for a while, not far from Kuala Lumpur. I did a giveaway of some of these seeds a few months ago.We currently have 2 strains available, but more coming soon: Green Malay (local name "Urat Hijau") Red Malay (local name "Urat Merah") which was originally sourced by the farmer up north near the Thai border so technically this is what kratom sellers call Red Thai. The seeds are fresh and germination rates are great, see below for pictures of some seedlings. We're running a free shipping worldwide promotion until the end of July, check us out! We ship from Europe, if you're in Oz please pm me before placing an order.
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    My sisters home-made bonsai. Some people have all the luck...
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    Hey guys, just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I've been a lurker for a long time and wanted to introduce myself and show off my collection. Below I'll do an individual post for each of my plants and upload some photos showing their growth from the beginning of the year to now. I'll start this one off with my TPMC cl. A from SS
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    Hey Alchemica, first up i enjoy reading your well thought out and put together posts. Thankyou. Slighty off centre to your topic maybe and i ramble but here goes. I had until recently been studying nursing and i work in the hospital system. Through years of learning and thinking about the body as a machine (and maybe the death of mum ) I gradually, insideously dissassociated from my previous beliefs. I began to be very 2 dimensional about life seeing it only through a biomedical prism. This culminated in me having thoughts about death and the hopelessness of exsistence almost constantly, like every minute or two, this went on for many months, maybe a year. Constantly thinking im about to die. Before going to work the shutters would come down, i would feel like an army guy about to jump out of the trench ( knowing im fucked ). Sometimes id have to stop driving to work and just sit for a time because i was so upset and so anxious. The night before things changed i remember lying in bed remembering when i was happiest. Noticing that i had no belief system anymore where i once did. My reality so fucking bleak. The next morning my 3 yo son Joe and I found a dead Grey Goshawk out front of the house. If you've never seen one they are pure white (grey ???) a truely stunning bird. They're nearly extinct with only 120 pairs left. Devastating! Joe and I went to a nearby lake for a burial. We have tassie aboriginal ancestors and i wanted share a smoking ceremony with little Joe. I lit a fire either side of the bird and looked with my imagination through its eyes. Thought about the decisions,the thoughts, understandings of the bird. Then at the point of ignition of the gum leaves, where heat becomes flame, like a crack of light under a door i saw JOY just for a timeless moment. Something i hadnt seen or felt for years, I understood it as an inherent joy connecting all life. I had found a strand, a place to unravel some new beliefs from. It was the earth and the natural world around me communicating with me. Reassuring me. I all of a sudden had a reference point a deep feeling of connection. Some days later trying to sleep ( nightshift ) before work, the predictable heavyness decended on me. I got up as i couldnt bear it. After a while i lay back down and put hands on heart. Was then that something asked permission to come in. Intuitively I said yes and 6 things, entities, spirits, something filled my body. Tingling, restoring, filling me up. From out of nowhere Im back in the belief game. All these anxieties reduced to just shitty memories. Work isnt a problem, thoughts of dying gone. I no longer default think that everyone hates me. Such a relief. I feel very grateful, humbled, lucky, happy. Joe still talks about that day often as it stands out as special to him too. I vow to always work towards making my world a better place for birds, so atm im growing as many natives as i can propagate. Learning as much as i can. And have quit studying nursing as its toxic for me. I am better serving to heal others through healing the environment, rather than the acute, ambulance at the bottom of the cliff shit. It wasnt long after discovering that the natural world as my guide that I found SAB and a whole heap of people who may feel similarly. Blown away to have a sense of community and access to all this knowledge as well. H
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    More of this I say from Australian senators: https://www.afr.com/opinion/columnists/toss-aside-puritanism-and-legalise-marijuana-20180621-h11nw0 Last month I introduced into the Senate a bill to repeal all Commonwealth laws restricting cannabis use, transport and production. If passed, it would leave marijuana regulation entirely to the states. I also succeeded in convincing the Senate to hold an inquiry into my bill and the complex issues it raises. This will occur over coming months. If the government can get over the pearl-clutching and puritanism that characterises drug debate in Australia, the days of slavishly following the agenda of Harry Anslinger will be numbered.
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    Thanks Since I mentioned hypocotyl grafting [which many people seem to misunderstand] I took this as a chance to repot my first such grafts to check their progress and get some photos. If the size of the stock counts then these are my smallest ever successful grafts. Lophophora williamsii seedlings grafted to Echinocactus texensis seedling hypocotyls [the portion under the cotyledons, before the first areole]: No pressure was applied. The upper left plant died shortly after this photo, the others grew. This is after several years of growth in regular potting soil with a little sand added: My purpose in these grafts was obviously not speed. We've all seen taprooted lophs and we've all seen degrafted lophs that formed secondary roots. This was an attempt to see lophs with 'natural' primary root systems lacking a taproot. They just have a short anchor root and a mass of surface feeder roots and, apparently, they had no problems at all with rot. I cant wait to try using Opuntia compressa hypocotyls to give plants an indestructible taproot. Also on my long term to-do list is Peniocereus gregii hypocotyl grafts to give a taproot that can grow to weigh kilograms! Grafting doesn't have to be traditional
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    This one came from one of the people in this thread. I lost the tag, but it was a product of this little project. I am super happy with the results. I know it looks super skinny, but it's nearly a perfect looking scop. I just suck at growing big trichos. Lol.
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    Congratulations @Gimli you are the winner mate. I’ll inbox you to get your details. thanks everyone for playing
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    Paper bag in the sun... As it dries and opens out the seeds will fall out. Even the crusty older cones on the ground normally have a few seeds still stuck in them that can be prised out with a knife
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    From the album Hybrid propagation via grafting or crosspollination

    Grafting stock... now we just need something nice to put on it after it grows a wee bit more.
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    Echinopsis calochlora happily growing in a rock
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    I'm in love with the scopulicola hybrids. A few more scopulicola hybrids i took pictures of today as I'm thinking about mailing them off to new homes... scopulicola x huarazensis and scopulicola x terscheckii
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    Have you had those moments, after a loss or something where life shifts quite dramatically that you want to share? Lately, I've even had to set up my own 'Life Output Plant Box'. Slowly flowing things through it. Some of my Brahmi plants going to a 'Grow Free' box. Acacia's. When I'm struggling for sleep, I've been turning to midnight propagation of Delosperma's, Lobelia's. Salvia elegans etc - Plant's I've known and Loved going to new homes. Milly seed going out. Compiling up my experiences when life was a science experiment in life to try and help others. Through Death, I've had these transcendent, hearty, connecting wholesome pretty 'endogenous' spiritual experiences that have sanctified life for me and given me some momentum and faith and passion and most import, love and empathy, caring more about what's important. It's slow to undo rigidity but it's a positive step. New lenses for how to live my life through expanding Heart. Love. Gratitude. Compassion. Passion, Contribution. Non-judgemental connection. In a step by step way. Love was previously a shallow biological/psychological construct. Now it's the Divine Spiritual essence organising the Universe. I have respect for life that is quite profound. I want to do something with mine, at least keep growing positively. Not waste away without making more beneficial differences. I accept journeys of transformation etc, not so resonant with pathology constructs anymore. I see life as a journey of hard times, good times, growth through positive experiences, profound ones as well as pain, so much of life is about transformation, life is about alchemising the darkness that holds you back so you can be the best you, and learning. I see a natural healing 'emergence' that often unfolds, if we get out of the way. I feel inspired to not be so half-hearted in my efforts, to put aside negativity, to push myself forward into hearty-expansive connecting community growth, take some healthy steps to explore new life experiences, treat myself gently with love and compassion, do the same to others, be gentle and loving and uplifting with words, even considering one day it would be nice to get some more education in mental health etc or something small so that I can guide people through these experiences compassionately. It's compelled me to not isolate myself as ill and unworthy of friends etc, unworthy of people's time etc, I've seen a silver lining to feeling like life was always downward spirals, it's put me back into self-empowerment to make loving choices, stopped me thinking my voice is not worthy of talking to people etc, that I have nothing worth contributing to people's lives, to the community, to put loving presence and attention more into people, amplifying listening to people, connecting with people, finding out more about people, supporting their journey, learning - Life and Nature has taken on this Sacredness to me etc. Playing small in the world... not living a life that bringing any meaning, purpose or satisfaction. I've found passion, adopted more open-hearted receptivity to people whereas before I had walls that blocked me in the flow of ever opening to someone. I was full forward, analysing, rigid etc Yang into life without receiving other's worlds, with ego-concepts of love, little deep gratitude, little humility etc - illness can leave you really fragmented and energetically offline. I've made space to care about a You, as you are. Not to fix people, just compassionately love and encourage and support. Found holiness, divinity in the simplest of things
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    Its pretty hot here and all seedlings get water every second day. Seedlings 8 month now.
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    Lots of people argue that and lots of people do there decks that way but the ridges are actually there for air flow to help prevent moisture and mold and should be faced down ward
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    First flower of Eliana this year. More to come. 20 buds or so, are waiting.
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    From the album Trichocereus Freaks

    I wanted to get an updated posting of these variegated crested pachanoi as someone has decided they are tired of watching these on their computer and has decided they want them in their own garden.