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    In my off time from being out in the desert drilling holes in the ground I am usually in Perth or back out in the bush somewhere doing some hiking/hunting. Some pics from my last big trip North East of a town called Wiluna back in June. Basically central WA. The star gazing is incredible. 0 light pollution. Is a must do for anyone interested. These seasonal watering holes are full of invertebrates which migratory birds eat on their travels. Edit: it's Calandrinia creethiae - cute little succulent. If you get stuck for water you can munch on a heap of these bad boys. Didn't taste any bitterness either The elusive camel... No idea what this is. Plenty around at the time. Quite nice to look at. Acacia nyssophylla? Looking back... This piece of machinery was in the middle of absolute nowhere. Had a GPS coord to go check it out. It's amazing what's been left in the outback... Beautiful sunrises... Walked up a sand dune for a better look Seasonal watering hole out near Lake Carnegie. Spotted some black swans. Incredible. Finding a dead tortoise.. not so much:( Welcome to nature. Nothing better than sitting around a camp fire and cooking over a flame or hot coals. This is what camels and wild cattle do to tracks in the wet season. Terrible to drive on. Still hadn't seen a camel by this stage though... Another seasonal watering hole. Love the pinky color. Creek somewhere? There they are! The reason for the whole search ended here.
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    I’ve watched Andy help so many folks (including myself) through rough times over the years - sorry we couldn’t return the favour in the end. Seeing you folks at EGA take care of each other I was so proud of the lot of you - you really are an amazing bunch. Hillbilly you’re a goddamn rock, and if you take even half as good care of yourself as you did of everyone else, you’ll be just fine. It was good to have a little time out to grieve properly, in a beautiful place where we didn’t have to worry so much about keeping it together and acting normal. I had the viking camp theme in mind, so late at night went down to the lake that looked like an abyss full of stars and launched a little flaming effigy boat out into that mirror world. And danced with the joy of living so that my goodbye to him wouldn’t be only sadness of death, but also fierce gladness in life. It was nice to be in a place where I could get away with weirdness like that. I talked with a lot of new people over the weekend and one thing that struck me was how many people at the conference had similar stories that had led them there - backgrounds with hard drugs & mental health issues, that they kept to themselves for fear of scaring the gentle tripper types. I know that talking about these things isn’t always helpful, and sometimes it’s better to not dwell & just get on with things - but if you’re suffering in silence because you think no one in this crowd will understand…you’re wrong. Some have even found ways to heal & repair themselves, and may be able to offer more than just sympathy. All you have to do is ask. There are so many paths that might lead to healing & fulfillment…I understand despair, but it’s not over while there are still things left to try. Every time I want to give up I remember that I still haven’t tried so many things: iboga therapy, quitting my job, living as a squatter & mural artist, coke & hookers til the money runs out, volunteering at an injecting room, or becoming a buddhist monk. And that any one of those might be the thing that renews my interest in life when it all seems lost. So sorry that you didn’t find your peace in life AndyAmine
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    Hey guys, here are a few of this year´s photos. I´ll post some more very soon. Just preparing the printing of the new book and I´m mostly browsing photos all day long. Enjoy guys!
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    On Friday morning my dear friend Christian D. passed away. Many of you will know him as andyamine - moderator on these forums. He was supposed to have joined me on the roadtrip to EGA, but pulled out last minute. I saw him for a few minutes the week before and he seemed like he was getting on top of the issues that had affected him so badly for the couple of months before. I left his place genuinely thinking he will be ok. He wasn't. Look after your mates! Depression is a killer. I will miss Christian. (edit: a memorial SAB camp will be organised in the new year. Please see this thread)
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    Dear dear Christian, I enjoyed the chats we had, sharing our love for dogs. You made me smile, you said nice things to me. What a nice guy. I didn't realise just how down you were, for you never burdened me with your woes. I'm sorry I didn't see. I wish there was something I could have said or done to make it all better. If only I could wake up and this be all a dream, but then, you would still be suffering?! It makes me sad to think you had such pain. Thank you for letting me get to know you Christian. You rest now. I won't forget you. To Christians family.....Take comfort in knowing you raised a lovely, decent human being. I've never heard any one say a bad word about Christian. He really was one of the good ones. I'm truly sorry for your loss. xxx Argh. Such a shock. So sad.
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    ...and crystal meth! When I mention to someone that I take psychoactive drugs and hear “I’m high on life”, my brain usually translates it as one of these: I’m high on life (psychoactive drugs scare me) I’m high on life (I watch porn &/or play video games 6 hours a day - I don’t have time in my busy schedule for another potentially-addictive hobby) I’m high on life (I train 6 hours a day - I don’t have time in my busy schedule for another potentially-addictive hobby) I’m high on life (that OD really scared me) I’m high on life (workaholic) I’m high on life (Ritalin doesn’t count) I’m high on life (still breastfeeding, ask me again next year) So I find that people often just use it as a euphemism for explaining why they don’t take drugs, as opposed to actually expressing an interest in “natural highs” (excepting perhaps the exercise junkies). But I’m curious whether many of you out there are interested in altered states in general as I am, i.e. not exclusively the drug-induced kind. I’ve been interested ever since I was a little kid and first grokked that other people experience the world differently: some people don’t like this taste! My parents can’t hear that high-pitched noise! That blew my tiny mind. When I learned a decade or so later that you could evoke perceptual changes using drugs, that was a great thing to discover as well, but I never lost interest in the other kinds. They all represent manifestations of different parts of our body/brain/consciousness. And since that is how we experience the world, anything that gives us a deeper understanding of that apparatus & how it works - even if only by showing what happens it all goes wrong - is fascinating to me. So what are these natural altered states, and how to find them? Here are just some of the ones I have noticed: Migraines (with mild aura) are one that I get occasionally - it used to be I was too busy whimpering with my eyes closed to notice much else, but ever since my doc gave me some of those nice triptan meds I can experience some of the non-headache parts of migraines, and they are quite interesting. I don’t get strong visuals, but all of my senses are turned WAY up. I remember walking home as one was hitting - it was a warm day & I could feel every individual drop of sweat on my skin like hundreds of tiny cold pinpricks. There was a forgotten pack of peppermint gum in my backpack & at one point I had to stop and dig it out & throw it away because the smell was so overwhelming it was getting difficult to focus on things like crossing the road. The similarity to the sensory effects of psychedelics was striking - the feeling that I wasn’t really hallucinating, just experiencing reality in a less filtered way than usual. Another example is the AIWS and other kinds of sensory-processing weirdness that I sometimes experience. It’s been a long-standing theory of mine that the idea of HPPD(“flashbacks”) can be traced to stuff like this. People experience sensory weirdness all the time - for some of us that’s rare, for others not so much - and sometimes we don’t even notice, because our brains are so good at integrating sensory input. And if we do notice something weird happening, how do you even describe it? But people who have taken psychedelics have a point of reference - a similar experience that they can point to and say: “this sensory disturbance that I’m experiencing now reminds me of that time I took LSD”, and worry that they have broken their brains with drugs. Whereas people who haven’t taken psychedelics just say “well, this is a bit weird”, and then forget about it. But there are no stray drug molecules lurking in our brains, and no permanent drug-induced neurological damage. These things happen whether you have taken psychoactive drugs before or not. Interestingly, people doing deep meditation practice sometimes report similar sensory/proprioceptive distortions. I’ve never gone deep enough with meditation to the point of getting any drastic changes in sensory perception, but even the little CBT work I’ve done has been life-changing - just learning that you can *decide* how to react to things. More recently I was changing my diet and observing the changes from that. I’ve never been good with fasting but I’ve discovered that a ketogenic diet gives me most of the benefits of fasting, without the low-blood-sugar, feeling-like-rubbish part. Of special interest for the altered states discussion was reintroducing non-keto foods and observing the effects they have, which can be pretty drastic. I used to think the phrase “sugar addiction” was stupid & sensationalist, but altering my carb intake and paying close attention to my body’s responses has forced me to re-evaluate that, and decide that it’s actually a pretty apt description. I’ve also learned that much of my daily aches & fatigue are caused by my diet (which, by the way, is one that would be considered quite healthy by normal standards), and that some simple changes give me more energy & better mood. So if the CBT work helped me to see how much mind influences body, the diet experiments showed me that the reverse is true as well, and our physical state influences our mindset more than we usually realise. It’s a two-way street and there is no clear divide between mind & body - you can’t take care of one without the other. Drugs generally work by mimicking/boosting/blocking our natural neurotransmitters. But there can be other ways to achieve the same end. After all, we’ve evolved each of those intertwining systems for a reason - to stay alert when we’re in danger, to remember useful information & forget useless stuff, to reward survival/reproductive behaviours like eating & fucking, and so on. And because so many of these processes are geared to respond to basic stimuli (food/water/sleep, emotional/immune reactions), we can manipulate them to a degree, simply by consciously controlling those inputs. The whole “set & setting” idea applies just as much to everyday life as it does to tripping.
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    A magical toy factory.
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    I go with the ancient greek tek. Over 2000 years ago they looked at the moon. The shadow of earth on the moon is always the shadow of a circular or spherical object cast onto a spherical object, no matter what angle the shadow is cast at. Ergo the earth must be a sphere, a disk wouldnt always cast a circular shadow. It was those nutty ass dark ages christians that forgot all that. Dont forget the pastafarians. At high altitude the flying spaghetti monster holds a lense in front of you to make things look curved. Its just like the prank he pulls of freezing people in time when they reach the edge of the earth and driving them to the other side to screw with their head. Flying spaghetti monster, master of time, space, and practical jokes.
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    I am so fckn excited to see where this will go..... LOL I just can't contain myself.... Roll on launch day I am not sure all is gonna end well.... https://www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/news/speaking-of-science/wp/2017/11/21/this-man-is-about-to-launch-himself-in-his-homemade-rocket-to-prove-the-earth-is-flat/
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    Is anyone into Zero Fucks Given coins ?
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    RBA governor Philip Lowe says Trichocereus is a 'speculative mania' http://www.afr.com/technology/rba-governor-philip-lowe-says-bitcoin-is-a-speculative-mania-20171212-h02zf0 In a rare speech on banking technology on Wednesday, Dr Lowe launched an attack on trichocereus, whose price has soared dramatically in recent months and is currently trading above $US17,000 as speculators have piled in to the cacti-currency.
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    I know heaps of people who love jungle. The whole shaving thing is a massive turn-off for some... wait, wrong thread.
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    Even if we assumed for a minute that "science" was some kind of homogeneous institution (which it isn't), rather than a way to question the world around us in a meaningful way (which it should be)... I don't think that "science" has ever said anything of the kind. Individual people might believe it but, kinda by definition, beliefs which are not supported by evidence, are not science. There is a big difference between saying that there is no evidence for something, and saying that it is wrong. It's an even bigger leap to say that because there's no evidence for something, that it must be wrong AND this alternate theory (which also has no evidence, but we won't worry about that) must be right instead. I mean, if we want to treat "science" as an entity for a little longer, I would say that it is agnostic rather than atheist. (unless there's been some amazing new evidence discovered about how life or the universe began that I've missed) That's why I like the scientific method - you are not encouraged to take anything on faith. Part of the process of real science (as opposed to stoned "the universe looks like it's made of pixels" kind of bullshit philosophising) is sharing how you came to those conclusions, so that others can pick it apart & question it & replicate it themselves if they want to. I think the problem that most people really have with all this is that it's a lot of hard work. Who has time to read, much less think about what you read? Much easier to just pick a news channel with some sexy reporters and believe what they tell you instead.
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    I recently heard an interview on the radio of one of the french scientists who recently conducted a research on mushrooms which could be effective in treating autoimmune diseases like mucoviscidosis a.k.a cystic fibrosis. Their research on 164 different extracts of mushrooms and algae led them to Paralepista flaccida var. inversa (also called Clitocybe flaccida which I think we can all agree is a superior fucking name ). It is a very common edible mushroom, although not tasty. Its extract reverted the DNA mutations and restored production of the needed proteins on live cells from patients suffering from cystic fibrosis. The way this mushroom works could lead to a cure not only for cystic fibrosis but most of the other diseases linked to DNA mutations where a gene only produces part of the protein it codes for, including Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) and some forms of cancer. Here is an article in french (I wasn't able to find anything in english yet): http://sante.lefigaro.fr/article/un-champignon-prometteur-contre-des-maladies-genetiques And the published scientific paper: http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0187930 Mushrooms aren't done helping and astonishing us
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    I never even tried to explain this one to my parents - it was only a few years ago that I learned that it happened to other people and actually had a name. Aside from the weird depth-perception shifts (if you've never experienced AIWS, look at dolly zooms in film - they capture a little of the experience), the most bizarre effect I get is that my proprioception gets all fucked up and my body feels like one of those sensory homunculus guys: I feel like both of these effects stem from a similar process. With the depth perception thing - it might be an inverse of a common effect: the way the moon looks much smaller in photos than it does when we look at the sky, because we mentally magnify it when we pay attention to it. Or when we're looking at someone we're speaking to across the room, we are focusing so much on facial minutiae that their face stands out from the background to us. With AIWS, the opposite happens to me - not only does their face not stand out, but if I try to focus on it, it starts drawing away (like the push-pull focus), eventually seeming further away than the walls of the room, as Sally said. So I wonder if both these effects are instances of our sensory "scaling" systems malfunctioning. Normally we downplay the fact that we're getting more sensory data from our fingers than we are from the entire rest of our arms, and our proprioceptive apparatus tells us that they are smaller. But if that system didn't work, and you had to deal with the reality of those signals in their actual proportions, you might feel like the little homunculus. Similarly with our attention-focus telling us that faces & moons are bigger than they really are, or telling us how far away familiar things are even though we don't have enough visual information to make that call - our sensory processing system fills in the blanks from our memories. Normally, that is. But so much of what we experience from our own senses is filtered or illusory or in some cases completely made up - that when you take away some of those filters, or disrupt those processes, things can become really weird. It's even more weird to think about how my sensory homunculus body image is probably just as valid a mental model as the visually-proportioned one, at least from my point of view. That's what really does my head in sometimes - not the idea that I'm freaking out & hallucinating when AIWS & other strangeness happen - but the idea that we are all hallucinating all the time, and that these weird moments are just tiny glimpses of what it might all look like without our brains in the way & misinterpreting everything.
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    I've had a few non drug induced altered states. When I was kid I suffered from Alice in wonderland syndrome and I would trip my tits off as I fell asleep. It's hard to explain properly but I would feel like the walls of my room were miles away but paradoxically my head seemed much bigger than the room. It scared the fuck out me the first few times but I came to enjoy it after a while.It happened mostly when I was an adolescent but it still occurs from time time. I've had a few experiences where my heart has stopped in ambulances after motorbike accidents and I've left my body and watched the ambos working on me from above. I never saw any light or tunnel ect but one time it seemed like I moved past the just outside my body stage and started to move on, I just felt like I was in a void, trapped in no-mans land. Every time after I'd had an OOBE, I felt out of sync for a few days or even weeks almost like I was still hovering just above where I'd normally perceive things from and any small jolt or bump would again send me back to an OOBE state. Then when I had my first DMT experience I didn't completely break through and I just went to the same void I experienced during an OOBE after a motorbike accident. It don't know if seeing/feeling that void is a purely chemical process as the brain starts to power down and turn off but it sure felt like a real place (and it still does feel like a real place in the seconds before a DMT breakthrough), but that "space" is very familiar and real to me now. I actually prefer it to a full breakthrough sometimes as it's the perfect meditative environment where you still have enough consciousness to comprehend it. The worst one for me though is the fucking supermarket. By the time I've gone through and returned to the checkout, I'm in a state of sensory overload and the noises, lights, buzzers and bells etc send me into an altered state. It can be almost a full blown trip for me, there's no visual hallucinations though, which makes it even less enjoyable. It's like I get all the funky weird bits of a trip and none of the eye candy. I've never been diagnosed as being on the spectrum but I reckon I could be on the fringe somewhere.
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    photo quality is shit but contents pretty awesome. Resident wallaby having a munch. Icaro
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    Someone may be keen here for some kit,so offered up here first. Plus postage. Check your glassware regulations so you know what's what in your state. 1000ml Boro. separatory funnel - $85 Any questions PM me up WB Edit- good home found for some kit.
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    i don't really know what to say. I wasn't going to comment here but felt the pull of my mates speaking their mind and had to say something. Christian was one of a very few that actually spoke my lingo A deeper peer yet younger than i.He talked me through alot of painful problems withe quite ease This showed he was a true 'next' generation thinker beyond my years in age. Always a clever laugh and listening was a forte to the max. I'm going to miss his contributions here because they were unexpectedly generous withe information and his time. I'm pretty gutted and lost -for once- for words on this matter, Ega was a hoot but i know the peeps that knew him were a bit empty inside when they got a bit high or something because he wasn't there to also get the buzz. A top mod, person, mate, listener, jokester, brilliantly intelligence person and i never ever got to meet him. My condolences to his family. respect
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    Got some Triple Pink poppy seeds to giveaway. These were a consolation prize from a generous member on this forum. Not a huge fan of annuals, so paying these forward 2 lucky people will win some seed ! Throw your name down for a chance to win this packet of seed. Drawn 7PM AWST Saturday, 9th Dec and I'll mail Monday AUS only !
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    Ahhh shit .He was a great person and will be sorely missed by all who knew him. I had the pleasure of meeting him, at the first SAB meet I ever went to, which i held at my own house, and finally got to meet all the great users, who all happened to be better people than those I had known for many years. Up until that day, I only knew them by names such as AndyAmine, Jox, Gollum, Gem etc the list goes on...He was the last to leave Christian was one of the guys (and gals) who cemented my love of this forum, through his love of plants, and shit stirring humour, once you got to know him. Another member (person) gone too soon. I think his constant dedication to his plants and this forum, deserves to be immortalised through the naming of a new clone after him as well. Anyone working with any new genetics? If you are ever down people, make sure you talk about it with people. No one likes to lose a brother or a sister, and im sure everyone on this forum would do all within they're power to cheer up or help a fellow member through a difficult time. Suicide is a permanent fix to a temporary situation, and no point rushing....we all get there eventually. R.I.P Christian.
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    Alright, so, I have a monster size bag of Acacia acuminata seed from @Sallubrious. Big thanks for adding a very generous amount of seed for this giveaway! Looks very nice!! I will be back bush in 2 weeks to check my seed bags and freehand collect also. They were nearing done when I went up last week. People will get: A acuminata broad phyllode/typical var (WA wheatbelt provenance) A acuminata narrow phyllode var (from wherever Sallubrious lives) Get on it!
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    Well I'm making a pretty firm call for tomorrow. Camera in hand of course
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    some Stropharia rugosoannulata popping up in my garden. Took a few years to get them established, now they're everywhere.
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    A simulation of some kind, or an AI universe, should and will continue to be an appropriate possibility for consideration. Its too appealing to be dismissed and i can think of too many scenarios to type out. whether you do or dont include god in these scenarios, ai can also substitute for god. Why do that? There is no humanly conceivable explanation for why god is, whereas AI may be a possible product of a very young and flawed species of ape or space insect; its immediately more tenable than an unexplainable god, but why limit yourself to either/or when theres so many ways to combine the different theories? Anywhere in the picture somebody/thing may choose birth a being of awesome creative potential Fuck what happened to my post Too profound. God/AI/bigbang ate my post to prevent the truth! Edit: ok only my double post be truncated. damn. Was going to pretend it was such a bomb post that the matrix had to intervene... Anyway, whilst the big bang theory is only a what without a why (the cause is speculated to be a preceding crunch eg cyclical universe or an injection of energy from outside), i want to briefly (again) cast some doubt on the evidence that led us there, and suggest the origin of the universe (if it even had one) might be further than we can look. The big bang is inferred by two things: the microwave background, which a few renegade scientists and also a few well placed scientists dispute, and the expanding or receding universe. The universe is said to be expanding because of our method of guaging the distance of anything outside our neighbourhood (basically the entire universe). A light spectrum measurement called redshift is said to describe how quickly an object is travelling away from us, and since each galaxy is held to be generally moving away from every other galaxy, the faster its receding then the further away it must be. Its a really neat concept if you can be sure that a light measurement accurately describes recessional velocity, but perhaps the only way to know for sure, is to witness galaxies leave our visible universe (which it is supposed they all eventually will). A prominent astronomer opposed this explanation of redshift and presented evidence. He was professionally destroyed. Anyway, yes, a few renegade scientists dispute redshift too. In the meantime busloads of cosmologists and physicists have made careers out of tweaking various big bang models to get the correct distributions of mass while other physicists and astronomers have continually revised how much mass there is; to the point where it seems mainstream scientists are preparing to give dark matter the flick. I guess the point is that without the comfort of a viable creation myth/theory or faith in our ability to find another to replace it, then simulation as a possibility gains some standing, after all a simulation starts where you tell it to without requiring a legitimate birth with perfectly blended primordial chaos that progresses within desired parameters (eg life spawning universe). "begin simulation" is its origin. I think thats one of the main points nick bostrom tried to make: once an initial state is achieved where simulation is possible, from that point on simulation becames the simplest and most likely explanation for any given reality.
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    Without doubt, by the time they get established and few of the other multinationals move in there won't be much left to do in OZ to turn a legal profit. I wouldn't shed any tears if woolworths, coles, big w or kmart went the way of bell bottom pants, those cunts have been screwing everyone with predatory marketing and pricing forever. Sure I'd love to buy Australian but we don't make anything substantial here anymore so it's almost a moot point. Australia is gone, we can thank a long list of corrupt politicians for that, it was great while it lasted but now we're just pawns in the world game. Mallcolm turncoat is 100% dedicated to selling the pittance we have left (he's still pushing for the TPP) for a handful of magic beans, so enjoy it while it lasts. And thanks to the major Australian political system (two parties preferred by idiots) for selling my kids' legacy.
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    Here's some of my Zelly seedlings and grafts. My first post in The Corroboree so hopefully I'm doing it right.
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    Just a quick FYI SAB community, just a heads up there only 12 EGA tickets left. So get off the fence and come and play ;-)
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    I have a 66ft sailboat and want to start a go fund me to the edge .Top tier donations get to come along for the trip .
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    Some good mates of mine use to run a hydro shop, and another mate came down with a blood cancer and had to spend a load of time in the hospital. They don't let ya smoke in hospitals nowThey use too... Lol.. Ciggies at least So sick mate liked a choof, and it was helping with his treatment quite noticeably. But he was weakened and a bitch to get him outside for some complimentary therapy. Tried edibles, but they didn't work well for him in his case. The lads that liked to tinker made a portable extraction system I wasn't in on the build, but as I understand there was a mini computer fan, battery pack/switch and used the hoses off a washing machine for the extraction line. I think the battery was from a radio control car and clipped straight on the fan. The fan and gear was up close to your mouth, with a slightly larger pic "cup" to get a joint into it... Lol.... Sort of held it in pinched up over the fingers in the cup and exhaled into the cup. Hose went out the window.... He was bedded up next to the window. It was a jerry rigged piece of engineering, but it worked... Lol... Necessity is the mother of invention. No filters, just extraction. Never got busted... LOL
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    There is no peyote farming involved in sacrament production for legal users of peyote in the USA or Mexico. All peyote is presently wild harvested. Licensed distributors are actually forbidden to cultivate or to plant seeds by the same sets of laws that enable them to harvest. Similarly a landowner has permission to allow harvesting (iand to charge a fee for access) and are permitted to clear their land or otherwise destroy it but they are not permitted to plant, move or cultivate it. They also can't sell their peyote by volume or by the piece and can only lease access to pickers and charge them a fee for a given period of harvesting opportunity. TONS of misunderstandings about these topics exist. Some people (including some authors) actually believe the Peyote Gardens are a garden rather than being a wild natural feature. Vastly more peyote, peyote populations and peyote habitat have been destroyed in the course of land development and brush clearing than from all harvesting activities combined. The majority of the previously existing populations in Texas have been gone for quite some time. There is a fourth distributor now but she is too new to have added numbers to the record and 2016 was the last year of mandatory reporting to DPS. This activity is under the DEA's oversight now so it is not yet clear if this will continue to be information that is available to the public. A lot of information on this general subject of peyote harvesting can be found at www.cactusconservation.org.
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    Dcliw you make it to Friday and you're about to head off for a few days camping in the best place ever.
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    Someone (I have forgotten, sorry) sent me Brugmansia suaveolens 'Sacret Sunset' and 'Frosty Pink' and finally seeing new growth on the Sacret Sunsets Frosty Pink Someone sent D metel seedlings a few weeks back. Can't remember who, but they are growing well thanks for these! I've always been quick with a knife to remove cacti pups, but I am going to leave this (and many others) attached for another season Yowie going nucular. it's pronounced nucular
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    Hey if anyone wants some capensis seeds send me a pm with an address and i will send them off : ) I will post here when i have none left
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    Damn! Look after yourselves, and like T says, look after your mates.
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    Hey, so I was wondering if any of you guys tried using triacontanol (or even just alfalfa meal) on your cacti, and if so what positive or negative effects did you notice it's had? I found triacontanol to be quite effective on everyone's favourite plant to increase growth and yield, so I'm thinking of doing an experiment on some trichos this spring.
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    I never noticed that I had a centre-justify button. This is great! ooh, and a right-justify as well! and I know the left one is just the default that we see all the time, but I'll include it just to be nice albeit in a pretty condescending way COLOURS! I never use those either. okay, I'm running out of buttons now can someone build some more for me to play with pretty please? Well, I mean, it sounds a bit silly when you put it like that, but yes, this is essentially what I personally (in a totally unscientific way, as a fallible & biased human being, which I feel should go without saying but apparently it doesn't because we just had a whole discussion about this being a big issue) have decided to believe: Thou art god, I am god, all that groks is god. Because if you can't know for sure, then it's best to just treat everything as if it's divine, right? ...I guess that I can't be sure peanut butter "groks", but better to be safe, rather than risk offending my maybe-creator by dissing it. It's a good thing I like peanut butter. This will be a lot harder for Spam.
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    I take issue with every usage of the word "evidence" in that article.
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    Hi folks, I have 5 packs of 2-3 year old cactus for sale, each pack has 6 plants, and I'll add a bonus plant from Nitrogen's 2015 mutant range as well. Each pack has one each of the following from interbeing's seeds: - J3 x psycho0 - Psycho0 x paradeyes - psycho0 x Macrogonus - Macrogonus x scopulicola - Roseii1 x scopulicola - Ecuadorian pachanoi Rod x open poll. Each pack is $60 plus postage. Australia only, WA/Tas excluded sorry. Please post a comment and send me a pm if you're interested. Sample plants shown.
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    Very nice catch indeed my friend. The real truth is that while professional breeders often breed or attempt to breed like this when trying to recover or bring out recessives, many traits may indeed come out in the very first wash such as colorful flowers. in the first filial generation aka f1. However, as things progress to the f2 or backcross you have to grow out many more seedlings than one does in an f1 cross to attempt to bring together and keep together those traits one was after. It is nice when one can see the trait one is after such as colorful flowers as this makes it easy to simply breed color to color thereby increasing ones chances of getting that desired trait. However, other traits that one can not see may be lost in that f1 generation. This is where backcrossing to a known species or cultivar with that trait is important. However, one may also get lucky in breeding your f1 siblings together and get a wide spectrum of possibilities in that grouping as well. When breeding a diurnal flower to a nocturnal flower one comes out with other interesting possibilities as well such as breeding in diurnal flowering times into an otherwise nocturnally flowering species. One might even produce an extended blooming hybrid in which the flower stays open rather than closing. Crosses such as Yowie x Huarazensis may show a very different profile than Yowie x Huarazensis. It is certainly wise from a hybridizers stand point to make such crosses and from a collectors stand point it is very wise to try and grow a few from opposite crosses such as this. However, the real magic and where very large numbers of seedlings will produce much more diversity potentially is a cross such as (Yowie x Huarazensis) x (Huarazensis x Yowie) and the like. Assuming one picks the best two of each variety or seedling one has and performs sibling crosses as well things could get very interesting very quickly. The trouble again is that some traits are harder to distinguish simply by looking at a specimen. Now, sometimes we see that a hybridizer makes a cross such as Trichocereus pachanoi LER x Zelly2. What are you getting with such a cross? You may think this is easy. Trichocereus pachanoi LER (50%) x Zelly2 50% = 25% scopulicola 25% grandiflorus. The reality is that independent assortment means you could get a seedling that was 50% LER and 50% scopulicola. You may get any percentage of genetics from the Zelly hybrid from either of its parents, but what you can be assured of is getting 50% guaranteed from the LER parent. Then you have chromosome crossover which basically equates to getting new and novel mixes that were not apparent in either parent species or cultivar. Now, technically this cross is also what is termed an outcross as LER is not a parent, grandparent, etc. to Zelly2. However, other traits for which LER and scopulicola both have in common is one reason such a cross could be made. An added benefit of such a cross is that you are also increasing genetic diversity even more in the resulting seedlings than one would if one simply crossed back to the same clone of T. scopulicola. What might be lost here is any interesting recessives that the cross to T. scopulicola clone might have had hidden. Again, this is another reason for the backcross. Backcrossing to the exact clone in question allows for recessives not seen in that parent as well as those seen to more fully express themselves in the resulting offspring. This is particularly true when those recessives from one parent are heterozygous rather than homozygous or when a compounding effect could occur due to multiple genes having an influence as is often the case when intensities of color vary within a species. You may have one specimen that is pink, one that is red, another dark red, another crimson red, and so on. To illustrate what happens when we are just working with a few genes. You can see it readily becomes apparent that one has to grow out more than 2 or 3 seedlings to get a reasonable chance of that 1 special hybrid and even then nothing is guaranteed.
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    @sagiXsagi It sounds like meditation does not have to be doing nothing and just breathing. You can walk and pick mushrooms and that can indeed be your meditation. You can shoot an arrow from a bow and that can be your meditation. You can lift weights and that can be your meditation. You do not stop yourself from having desires. You can however let go of those desires for a moment and simply be in the act of mushroom picking. You can be content with being focused on the act of mushroom picking and that becomes all that there is in that eternal moment. You do not need to turn off your inner talk. You can simply let it go. I think you need cynicism then perhaps you need it. If you need a distrust of others and that helps you then keep it. Cynicism is just a small step away from skepticism.
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    2 Trichocereus Seedling packs for sale. Seedlings are hardened off, growing in full morning sun, outside all winter. All seedlings will come in their own labelled package. Each pack will contain at least the following: 1 x Tpm x Ss02 1 x Rosei 1 x Super Pedro 2 x Macrogonus Fields x Rosei 2 1 x Ss02 x Ss01 1 x Fields Pach x Br. Tig 1 x Pach x (Scopulicola x Bridgesii) 1 x Psycho0 x Fields Pach 1 x Pach x Ss02 4 x Chalaensis x Pach 2 x Len Op Secret Garden 2015 1 x Pach Fields x Peru John 1 x Peru Rio Lurin 1 x Bridgesii x Pach 1 x Rosei 2 x Fields pach 1 x Psycho0 x Sausage 1 x Yowie x (Scopulicola x Bridgesii) 1 x Peru John x Super Pedro 1 x Lumberjack x Juuls Giant 1 x Big Bertha x (Ss02 x Ss01) 2 x Ss02 x Peru Serra Blue 1 x Pach x Tpm Each pack is $100 plus postage. Weeds are an optional extra ;) Will add more pics once I have unpotted everythiing.
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    These days I have a uv air purifier if I really need it. You can blow a steady stream of smoke at it and the smoke literally disappears in front of your eyes like magic. It does create a strong ozone smell but no smoalk smell at all. I can post a pic or maybe even a vid for the non believers.
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    My mate used to live in his nans attic above her room and we spent many years punching cones up there. He had a similar set up to WB's friend. Flexible ducting with a computer fan. You had to ensure a clean punch in one hit, and it was a massive cone. We'd always pack each other super dense cones to try to get the other to die coughing half way through! Good times, good times....
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    I reckon you need to be careful when getting in to this whole duality concept, and especially to applying it broadly to a range of different ideas. It sets up opposition (literally, of one thing being opposite to another) where this may not always be a helpful way to think about those things - it equates things which may not be equivalent on all levels, and can also support antagonist, us-against-them kinds of ideas. That is more of a conceptual criticism of duality. Maybe a more practical one is simply: not everything has an opposite. Many of the concepts that people present as being dualistic are not a thing and its opposite, but rather a thing and its absence. Which is a more interesting idea in my book. All the labels are arbitrary stuff that we've assigned, all their "opposites" are equally arbitrary, our entire existence is subjective. There might be stuff that exists outside of our own heads, but since we are beings of matter, who have forms & consciousness, that is the way we interact with that stuff. So I dunno if it's even possible to understand nothingness. I think this is another one of these dualisms that ignores the third option. We think in terms of "being" & "non-being" because our being is our lens through which we perceive everything. It is so central to how we think about things that our whole idea of "nothingness" basically just becomes an existence without us in it! I find it really interesting how most religions have a creation myth that begins from nothingness, with realms & beings coalescing or being formed/summoned from this. It seems an idea that we find very comforting - that some kind of god-creator-being banished that nasty Void that was giving us nightmares. Because so few of them have us returning to that void when we die, and becoming nothing again. We are so attached to being that we don't want to give it up, even in death. But how else to think about nothingness? The buddhist idea of non-attachment is one way to approach it, but in practice this seems to often get mixed in with some unhealthy self-denial. And while it still represents that dualistic problem I was talking about earlier (that non-attachment-to-being & attachment-to-being are two sides of a coin, and not the same as non-being), it does attempt a worldview where our own being is not central, which is at least a step on the path to accepting the idea of it not existing at all. DiscoStu, I figure you're already on top of all this, I'm just riffin. If you're listening to special plans for this world then you already know that most don't go far enough, and that you must go beyond tongue and teeth, and hunger and flesh, beyond the bones and the very dust of bones and the wind that would come to blow the dust away. That poem has some of the best descriptions of nihilism. Here is another one you might like. Happily, I don't believe that you need to understand nothingness to accept it.