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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. Hope you have a wonderful and fulfilling time partying down, while some of us are either working or in lockdown. And if it's not a happy time for you right now then don't let the blues get you down, I sincerely mean it. Anyway crack a coldie for me this Christmas because I'm up to my neck in assignments and it just doesn't work drunk (trust me I've tried). Have a good one and lets all say one big 'GOOD RIDDENCE' to this epic fail of a year
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    I have a few Acacia Courtii, Acacia Maideni, Acacia Floribunda, Acacia Obtusifolia, and Acacia Acuminata (broad and narrow) plants that I'm looking to give away to locals in Tasmania. Also, I will be trimming approx. 30 Courtii trees over the coming weeks so happy to give away some material for cutting propagation. PM me if interested.
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    A Merry Xmas to all. @Halcyon (howdy Halc) generously sent me some seeds a while back so now being xmas seems like a good time to honour the spirit of generosity. (Plus its pot up time) Ive x5 seedling packs for 5 good girls or boys. Each pack will contain 1 seedling of: Halcyon Scop x sumo Psycho x Big plym Treshicchii 1 x 2 Halc peru x scop Lag. 'Tig' x Yowie 1st 5 pm's i get. Any lurkers will get bonus seedlings should they solemnly swear to post more in the new year. Please dont reply here so as not to derail the Chrissy thread. Peace and kindness H
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    This is almost like a boxing day sale line up...
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    Yes, merry Christmas from me too. Hope you guys have a great time with your loved ones.
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    Birds don't in general. In north America it's common to chop up superhot chillies to mix through bird seed so squirels don't eat the mix.
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    It's some kind of psychedelic experience Our body is light, we are immortal Our body is love, we are eternal Eternal solstice 2020
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    street drugs are super, addiction is bad. cane toads are troopers, killing is sad. covid's a killer, elbow jab's, just a filler. the shamans of oz, are the thriller, he's name was miller.... deticated to all the "past on" sab members. gomoas, wanjina, chemical shaman, endorfinder....
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    Hi john Welcome to the wonderful, frustrating, fun world of growing mushrooms The agar question is a helluva lot to unpack. There are a bazillion recipes for 'agar' ( which is really only a generic word for whatever gelling agent is used to solidify the semisolid stuff in a petri dish, but the common use now includes whatever else is in the mix ). Confusing as fuck IMO Most people just use what's convenient for them that works, hence all the different agar types. Some types are specific to species, some are general, some used to deter competitors to get a cleaner culture etc Are you using only agar and water- your OP refers to straight agar- or is there other stuff in there, malt extract, dog food, vegemite, lime etc H2O2 ( hydrogen peroxide ) kills spore of bacteria and fungi without killing most mycelia- up to a point ( it can be overloaded, degrades if you keep the agar plates for too long, and shouldn't be added until your agar has cooled to the point where you can hold the container by hand ) 3% hydrogen peroxide is usually added 2-8ml/L when your agar has cooled and is ready for pouring. It can negate the requirement for pressure cooking your agar and is also handy if you don't have a sterile cabinet or still air box to work in. I've poured H2O2 agar in the open in my kitchen and had good success with it. I usually carry some plates of it with me if I'm taking samples from mushrooms I find on bushwalks You don't need H2O2 added to agar, but there are some situations which it really helps. Some species don't like it much and some take a while to establish on it Hope that clears things up. Good luck!
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    Hey yeah, thanks for starting this post Hal. All the best to all of you, especially anyone who needs some extra rad vibes sent their way. SAB gang, best gang.
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    Merry Christmas to all, and hopefully that wily Siberian shaman drops some magic in ya stockings!
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    Fucking chickens used to eat all my super hot chillies. They have zero pain and taste receptors lol.
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    If I had to choose one track right now it’s 7empest, but the whole album has been a mainstay for me since it came out. Love tool
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    K- so you have made what's called water agar It's not really nutritious at all and any growth you get could be resulting from residual nutrients in whatever it was you inoculated it with. That could be why growth is slow A general purpose agar is something like Malt Extract agar There are a million recipes for Malt Extract agar, often just varying the amounts. One that's worked for me for a variety of species is: 20g/L light malt extract ( brewing supply shops sell it ) 100mg/L garden lime ( Bunnings ) 100mg/L potassium dihydrogen orthophosphate ( some people omit this ) 20g/L agar ( health food shops ) A litre of agar is heaps! Like, about 40 standard petri dishes worth. So work out how much you actually need and change amounts accordingly If you want to add 3% hydrogen peroxide at 2-8ml/L, do that after you have cooked your agar and the container is at a temperature which can be held comfortably in your hand Malt Extract Agar is really nutritious. Lots of species like it- so do lots of contaminants. Not all species are happy with you adding hydrogen peroxide, but many will overcome their distaste for it and grow after a couple of weeks Good luck!
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    I just started pasteurizing paper pellets for a few buckets of pink and blue oysters today, could have saved the trouble and dumped all the grain into your boat lol!
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    nice drum solo at 4:40 -very crisp indeed
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    I heard people giving chilli to chooks as an intestinal worm control.
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    My chickens ate mine they love it so beware.
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    Fuck me I just heard some unscrupulous c**ts are selling this for $180 per cut. Don't do it. It is one of the easiest plants to grow, as long as you don't live in the desert.
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    Saw some decent size cubes yesterday found in the Southern Hinterland of the Sunny Coast, but still too dry for them where I am, which is a bit elevated, and the water table needs much more rain yet to support them. Pans, well that's another story... https://photos.app.goo.gl/MEbLUzPW1fTpgREs7 https://photos.app.goo.gl/e8HhC2G32ofc3eJ88
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    Here in my part of the GC hinterland had from this event 398.5mm. Only like a few mushrooms in the ground and the field i go to, is so damp and wet, there was nothing there but saw some fellow hunters we all kind of went our own way, we checked the better part of the field but nothing yet, I still have some dry, when i get a few fresh will return dry spores to field. something to from last season last year March 2019.
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    Yeah handfuls of pans, but no cubes yet. The water table is still much too low up here. Need another good 100mls or so I reckon, and a little tweak of the temps before we enter the cube game yet.
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    As T has said a few times, if the FB page goes down, and they way they are policing pages lately it's a possibility, this place will liven right up again.