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    Hi crew, It's flower time! Post a pic of your favourite flower. Has to be a picture that you have taken yourself. The photo with the most likes wins the prize. The winner gets a copy of Peyote and other psychoactive cacti book and some loph seed. Comp ends on Sunday Feb 28, 3pm. Enter as many times as you like Peace
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    I've recently been reading the "Red Book" by Jung. Not the physical version as it's far too expensive, but maybe one day I'll get it. Just in PDF format. It's been a hell of a ride.. just thought I'd share some of the illustrations from the book as they certainly fit with the psychonaut theme. If anyone wants and can't find a copy of the book pm me. There is a version including the pictures, written in german, and also a "readers version" that contains just the translated text.
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    Got this one by chance one night
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    I’ll get the ball rolling
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    The Peyote Files with Dr. Martin Terry, A 3 part documentary series co-directed by Bia Labate and Nicholas Spier. The premiere is Tuesday, Feb 16th at 10 pm PST. A trailer: https://youtu.be/NYGivLwfCkA You can also see more information at https://cactusconservation.org/2021/02/10/peyote-files-documentary/
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    Hi everyone Yes, the is one of the most complex and hard issues our community has had to face, wanting thing to progress but not wanting the wrong people being the gatekeepers. I know EGA and PRISM, put a lot of work in to this and both of these organisations have a very different stance, goals and approach than MMA. It has to be said, both EGA and PRISM start right here, very much because of this community and they need continued support to represent our communities values. The TGA wants to see more clinical trals, and our community has come of age and many of the folks that grew up around these parts are set to be the leads on many of these in the coming years. EGA and PRISM and the APS all seem to be able to work together to cover different side of this, why MMA well i not going to stop to comment on them. I very much hope we can see you all this Oct as EGA brings community together to share knowledge and connect over ethnobotanical plants, fungi, nature and psychedelic culture at GARDEN STATES 2021 In Plants We Trust
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    I agree mate I have removed the link. EGA were championing these medicines for medical use especially the magic mushrooms but it seems like the TGA is lobbied by big Pharma to keep the real healing medicines illegal and push pills that have done more damage to man kind than any natural medicine. For example the state of medical cannabis in this country is a complete joke, so many people could benefit from it but it is still demonised as a dangerous drug when alcohol, tobacco and pharmas are more dangerous than cannabis will ever be. Peace
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    Also not to be a hater but I don't think MMA are really 'championing' research. They paid for the TGA to consider rescheduling even though it was obvious to any experienced researcher or healthcare practitioner there was insufficient clinical data (no completed phase 3 trials) for the change. They've thrown a little bit of money at some other people's research and while they use terms like science and evidence it seems all they are really interested in is getting more people to buy their overpriced and underdeveloped training program and to otherwise position themselves to profit from psychedelic liberalisation. I appreciate that the actions of MMA have helped make psychedelics more prominent in Australian public discourse, but a lot of their behaviour is very concerning and I am worried they could bring the movement into disrepute. They've lied and defamed great people who have been working for psychedelic reform for years and pissed off just about every stakeholder in the scene. They are dictators, and are not open to debate, or critical perspectives. To top it off their board director is a racist covidiot. Yuck. Supporting MMA is not supporting psychedelic research. If this is important to you, support PRISM or MAPS!
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    Hi everyone, what a year its been. Ok, well the new EGA conference website is now up and its all system go for 2021 This is going to be massive two day ethnobotanical and psychedelic culture gathering so take a look and get behind it. We love it you could help let other like-minded folks know about this special community gathering. https://gardenstates.entheogenesis.org
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    I have to say that MMA stinks to high heaven of venture capitalists to me. Circling vultures helping to ensure that nobody can source medicine for free, themselves.
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    Hey gang, I’ll be moving down to the Deep South of Tas soonish- would love some help getting off/in the ground with some Acacias and some faces (seeing as it appears I’m going to have to leave my plants and friends behind in Melbourne )
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    I linked him to the NSW drug act. Apparently that wasn't accurate enough. Someone who can't find the word harmaline in a document that was provided to them should probably not question other's interpretation of the law as they are ill equipped to do so. I should also mention that he thought unharvested weed was not a drug and that it is legal to grow poppies. He also claimed that the rules can't be found anywhere, so I pointed out that googling 'poppies legality' will serve him the answer as the first hit. Obviously has no idea how to search, how to read, or how to comprehend, but doesn't believe anything he's told. A quick look at his FB timeline told me all I needed to know about where my time is better spent. Enjay, what you linked is the federal law website and in particular the food standards code. This only deals with what's allowed in food or not.
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    Miriam did 30 years in exile returning to Sth Africa in 1990. She was known affectionately as Mother Africa. She was an amazing woman.
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    Schizophyllum commune.
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    I agree mate, miss him heaps was my best friend when I moved up here. I planted a Gumbi in my yard its doing great. will never forget him, his kindness, his wit and spirit . RIP my brother
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    The progress is still happening, don't worry Slocombe! Phase 3 trials of psychedelic assisted psychotherapies should be complete within 12 months. This evidence will really get things moving. If it's any consolation, if this change went ahead the cost would have been so prohibitive that only the most fortunate could access these therapies, kind of like cannabis in Aus but probably even more pricey. What this proposed amendment did achieve is promotion of psychedelics on a national scale, and I'm grateful for this. It's been a long fight but we're slowly getting there. Don't give up!
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    I really really hope this happens. I realise that's not the most intellectual response, but I'm just so sick of our bullshit drug laws. I also don't give a shit about who is driving this. Any progress is better than no progress.
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    A few critters I’ve seen around our backyard/block in recent months. I love the colour of the bower bird’s eyes.
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    Not sure how this fits in with ecology, but I was pretty stoked to see these two Fallow deer on our bush block recently.