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    Ok, here's my nang tales... When I was a teenager back in the late 80s/ early 90s, we started on the bulbs. Then in the early 90s at uni, I graduated to the next level. My buddy and I planned our first mission like a military operation. We cut our way into the medical gas bunker and made off with the prize, an 8000 litre blue tank. We struggled to carry it, but we made it back to safe base. Then the madness began. We went to a rave up near peats ridge, dropped acid, and found the cops had shut it down as we arrived. Shit. Plan B. We knew we had no chance of making it back to Sydney in one piece by then, so we settled on a waterfront carpark in woy woy. An entire night of nitrous acid fueled mayhem ensued. At one point I found myself standing waist deep in the water, just came to like that. Anyway, this pattern continued over many months, we hit the bunker several times until they really beefed up security. So we stepped up to hospitals. Raided a few hospitals of their sweet creamy gas, and partied very very hard. My buddy was living in a residential college, and one day had a cylinder on his bed, lying flat. He couldn't be bothered with any balloons or such and decided to suck straight from the valve. Bad idea. Basic physics really, the level of gas was high, so the liquid level was above the level of the valve. Liquid straight to gaseous phase equals extreme cold. He froze his mouth to the valve. Had to rip his lips free from the metal. Then, the pain started. He was too scared to leave his room, being lipless and all, and he needed pain relief. So he sucked about 6000 litres of nitrous down over the course of a few days. I shudder to think of his bone density now. And I continued. I arranged a raid on a veterinary surgery, and made off with the grand prize. A 17500 litre tank. We had a party the next night, and there was a nitrous room. At first we had a scuba regulator with 4 masks, but after a few hours, we just shut the door, turned on the tank and let the acid and nitrous really take hold. Needless to say, this is not recommended behaviour. By the morning, the tank was dry, and there was a mound of snow round the base that had condensed from the heat exchange. I think that was probably the last time I really went on a nitrous bender, I knew I had to stop by this stage or I'd end up dead. There is nothing. And I mean nothing that compares with excellent acid and medical grade nitrous. I used to travel to past lives, future lives, other people's lives... Ahhh, so many more tales in the vault
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    A guilty pleasure?? How about we just call it a pleasure, yes that’s much better. It needn’t be a guilty one. Nor should it be an act shrouded in disdain. Nang use goes back as far as the 1700’s where Victorian aristocrats would get together for laughing gas partys. (That’s high society in every sense of the word.) The next time you indulge in huffing on a ballon or wrap your lips around a cream charging chalice and someone decides to cast a judgey look in your direction, worry not for they just don’t understand how cultured and sophisticated you truely are. I urge you to keep your head held high, turn your nose slightly upward and crack another coldy. Without even knowing it, you are the epitome of class.
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    I can see all of my Aussie brothers and sisters smoking up in the next couple of years the way this is going. I'm gonna grow fkin christmas trees! Big bastards! Not because I smoke, but because I can.
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    Don't beat ya self up about it mate. We've all let things get a bit out of hand. Think of it this way, if by telling your story just one person doesn't have a similar experience then you've turned an unfortunate experience into a fucken good deed. Onwards and upwards my man
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    Hi all. This is a notice i have never imagined or wanted to post on this forum. But it is a notice that MUST be posted for the safety and health for anyone that reads it. I began using Kratom a little over a year ago. I have had an alcohol problem for some years and wanted a way out via a natural help. I stumbled across Kratom some way or another and so my journey began. Kratom was a god send. I began taking it every morning that i woke up, 2 teaspoons and off i went... It gave me energy, happiness and positivity, and most importantly it stopped my urge to drink alcohol. This daily habit was what i thought under total control, but after maybe a month or so i began to take an afternoon dose too. All good i thought, its herbal.., its not like im abusing a chemical of some kind... After a while my morning dose wasnt doing what it used to so i upped the dose.... You can see where this is going...I dont have to go on. To cut a long story short my daily dose climbed higher and higher until it got to ridiculous amounts. Last Tuesday i had a Grand Mal (Tonic-clonic) seizure at around 10:00 in the morning. Around 2 hours after ingesting 20-30 grams of Kratom. I had nothing else in my system except Coffee. I woke up with 2 Paramedics and my stressed partner above me . I had a black eye and a badly injured tongue and lips from biting down ,and was rushed to the local hospital. Im quite shit at writing and reporting but i am happy to answer any questions related to this.....
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    Ok, there are quite a lot of low-mid level herbal painkillers that are quite legal and fairly easily available. Ru Xiang and Mo Yao (frankincense and myrrh) are great, especially for injury type pains. Can be dissolved in alcohol (both are plant resins) and applied. You can also drink them, but the taste is very harshly bitter, and they irritate the stomach. I very rarely prescribe them for patients for internal use for that reason. Wholesale, I pay less than $40 for a kilo, which would last a darn long time indeed. The mix of the two is better than twice the dose of one. Yu Jin, and Yan hu suo are better if you want to actually have something to drink that will strengthen, be reasonably palatable (ish). Quite cheap, and effective for various skeleto-muscular pains, and a few others as well. These take ordering, but you can get them nice and easily off the net or at a herbal supplier in a major city. Strengthening the back so you don't actually get the pain is the preferred route though, my preferred strategy is to 'treat root and branch simultaneously', stopping pain and fixing the issue causing it. Du Zhong ( Cortex Eucommiae, note that I'm speaking 'herbalist' and not 'botanist' here) and Tu Su Zi ( Semen Cuscutae, 'Chinese Dodder seeds'), in combination can work well here. If the disk needs healing (in TCM terms, the yin is also deficient), then add Shu Di Huang (Radix Rehmanniae Preparata). This is easily obtainable in a larger Chinese grocery. Du Zhong and Shu Di Huang can be had from many Chinese groceries, Tu Su Zi is a little harder to get. There's a vast array of herbs that might actually treat a 'bad back', but a lot of them are a bit dependent on what has gone wrong (and your constitution in general), to reccomend here. These are all pretty safe and easy. Daily dose of the above herbs would normally be in the 6-15 gram range. Hard herbs like these are best boiled in a pot with a lid for half an hour. https://chineseherbswholesaler.com.au/en/products The cheapest if you're going to actually be in Melbourne, they finally got a little showroom. http://www.chineseherbsonline.com.au/ Another Chinese herb supplier, with a showroom, but the internet order actually works for most things. https://www.australherbs.com.au/ Austral herbs, order by net. They have a minimum $50 order, and stock is western herb oriented. For best results, see a T.C.M. professional and get a diagnosis and a script, which you can fill yourself if it contains common stuff. All herbs mentioned are fully legal and available in Australia.... Sometimes I think this forum needs a good guide to herbal painkillers, anxiety and depression treatments and the like.
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    @Northerner, here's your answer bro: https://www.sbs.com.au/news/spotlight-to-be-placed-on-barriers-to-medicinal-cannabis-in-australia Barriers confronting patients trying to access medicinal cannabis in Australia will be scrutinised in a Parliamentary inquiry into how the drug is regulated. The Greens said the medicinal cannabis system is “broken” and in urgent need of reform as their push for an inquiry into access to the drug won support in the Senate on Thursday.
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    My caapi vine needs a trim, so I will have heaps of fresh caapi to trade in the coming days. Also have a heap of dried vine of various thickness. Interested in plants, seeds, spores, art, or anything you have to offer really.
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    Yeah the airy bones sound troubling for sure. I guess with lighter bones you could move a bit quicker and thus pull off some even more daring nos bottle heists. I dunno, trying to find the positives but scrapping the barrel here. Live n learn
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    Only just threw some roots in perlite but has been pimping this little beauty the whole time.
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    Just in case anyone wondered... The spots are mango anthracnose, a type.of fungus. I removed all the bad leaves and treat the rest of the plant weekly with copper oxychloride spray. It's coming along now. Happy tree.
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    Yeah, Oz doesn't have Wall Street incentivizing our government like in the US. I think it'll most likely be the financial sector which pushes this over the line here as well though. Money is their god and Cannabis means money.
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    fuckwit /ˈfʌkwɪt/ Learn to pronounce noun VULGAR SLANG a stupid or contemptible person (often used as a general term of abuse).
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    Historic reform on the horizon for the U.S. It's going to need an experienced prostitician to pull the old "We need more research/There's no real world example of this type of thing working/We are behoven to the U.N. (read U.S) and their conventions..." bullshit of the last couple of years, but I'm sure we've got more than enough fuckwits in government here in Oz that'll all give it a solid nudge anyway https://hightimes.com/news/house-judiciary-committee-approves-historic-more-act/ “Now that Chairman Nadler has moved the MORE Act through committee, it is time for the full House to vote and have every member of Congress show their constituents which side of history they stand on,” said NORML political director Justin Strekal.
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    It was the jerking off I felt guilty about
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    Anything that touches up your opioid receptors must be treated with respect.
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    Nah mate, Life and its joys... Lol..And I have too much shit going on which have had me on the back burner with this species. I did search about for other seed sources, but the choice was not huge at the time. Edit- I'm pretty sure once someone cranks out a plant to maturity Clone production will get them out and across Aus
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    Sharxx Blue x TPM (Peru x Juuls) x TPM TPC x Juuls Before and after. Starting to build that crest army
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    Out of 15-20 seeds, only one germinated. Bit of a slow grower but seems to be healthy. I’m hoping all the other seed wake up at some point but I won’t hold my breath. No treatment was used on seeds which may have hindered the germ rate. It is situated on the east side of my house under an eve where it receives 5hrs of filtered morning sun. Sown: 22nd September Sprouted: 28th September This last photo was taken moments ago. Hey @waterboy 2.0 have you had another crack yet? Anybody else had luck raising this plant to maturity? I would love to see some pics of someone’s seed grown ‘Palo De Bruja’.
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    Bit of a different style to usual. Probably best described as prog rock.