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    Hey everyone, I haven't done a comp for a while so I think it is time to kick the new year off with a bang. Post an original artwork that you have created. It can be any form of art that has not been posted in any previous comp on SAB. Some ideas are painting,music,poem,sculpture any form of art. No copying from the net please it must be your own work and an original. The winner will win a nice fat loph de-graft and whatever else i can find which will probably be cactus LOL. Please like your favourite artwork as SAB users will choose the winner. The art work with the most likes will win the prize !!! Comp ends on Feb 7th Thanks in advance all who vote and enter. Peace
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    So after dumping photobucket I have now dumped on tinypic, and will now dump on SAB Enjoy some tasty treats from the last few seasons, including this year (many of them should've been in earlier posts)
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    I don't really post much anymore on here as I've become a Facebook whore. I log in most days and lurk but. Meryy Xmas SAB
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    BTW... https://dancesafe.org/no-one-tried-to-dump-tons-of-25i-nbome-in-las-water-supply/ No One Tried to Dump Tons of 25I-NBOMe in LA’s Water Supply We find it necessary to address this recent article that has been floating around the internet claiming that “[a] former employee of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has been arrested this week after allegedly attempting to poison the city’s water supply with a potentially dangerous synthetic hallucinogen.” The article, which went viral enough to warrant its own reddit thread, was originally published on World News Daily Report, a website that at first glance appears to be another online tabloid, but which is really a satire site. At the bottom of each page on the website, it states: “World News Daily Report assumes all responsibility for the satirical nature of its articles and for the fictional nature of their content. All characters appearing in the articles in this website – even those based on real people – are entirely fictional and any resemblance between them and any person, living, dead or undead, is purely a miracle.” According to the article, Alexander S. Crow, who is said to be a member of the “Psychedelic Rainbow Warrior Peace Force” was stopped “by security agents after breaking into a restricted area of the LADWP with a modified milk truck tanker carrying an estimated 11,600 gallons or 43,900 liters of the synthetic hallucinogen 251-NBOMe.” Not only is the article a demonstrable satire, and therefore fake news (the mug shot used in the photo is from a Miami news source in 2010), it also misstates what 25I-NBOMe is–it is not “251-NBOMe,” and it is not “synthetic LSD,” as it states in a quote within the article. “N-bomb” as it is called, is a highly toxic and extremely dangerous drug that is often misrepresented as LSD on blotter and in vials. While it is a synthetic hallucinogen, it is not related to LSD at all. 25I-NBOMe, which is short for for 2C-I-NBOMe, is a derivative of the phenethylamine psychedelic 2C-I. Ironically, since chocolate contains β-phenylethylamine, it is pharmacologically more accurate to call this family of substances ‘synthetic chocolate’ than it is to call them ‘synthetic LSD’. While entertaining as a satire, this is a perfect example of how fast “fake news” can spread, and why it is important to always check sources on news stories before sharing or forming a belief on the subject. Here, the unknowing dissemination of the information contained within the article, which was intended to be unfactual, only contributes to the stigma and hysteria around particular drugs, especially those labeled as hallucinogenic. It is our duty as members of the harm reduction and drug policy movement to identify and debunk fake news and myths about drugs and drug use. Knowledge is power! And remember, if you do choose to use, always Test It! Share This Dec 29
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    i'm so happy to have taken the right cheer this year becaise haim typing correctly english to show my love
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    Proof that proximity to cacti doesn't magically lead to enlightenment, wisdom or morality.
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    Today was Christian (anydyamine)'s funeral. A very sad day that many in our community could not share because of distance, short notice, and proximity to EGA & Xmas. Christian used to organise several of the SAB camp outs which were weekends in a beautiful location in northern NSW exploring plants and rituals. I thought it would be a fitting tribute to organise one of these camp outs with plenty of notice sometime in the new year 2018 so that everyone who missed out on the funeral can come and participate in a memorial gathering. No need to have known him to attend, but I suggest to familiarise yourself with his contribution on these forums. It will be a fun weekend. We don't want to be sad, but we want to remember him for the kind and generous person he was. There will be music, campfire, nature walks, maybe some workshops and lectures, and lots of socialising. Please indicate your expressions of interest either here or on the FB thread (or both). This is a picture of Christian at one of the SAB camps a few years ago. He was in his element.
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    @MountainGoat @MORG @Glaukus @kai @od101010 @Tasman @bardo @Dicko @teamwhy @tarenna @Flux @MrWormwood @noname @Zedo Seed is in a big red box via snail mail. Hope to see photos of all your sprouts in the very near future I got some germinations in only 4 days just before xmas from my broad phyllode seed! I noticed quite a few germinations have 3 cotyledons... Unsure what's up with that (1 in 30 or so I noticed?) Enjoy
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    Thought I’d start a thread where people can post photos of cool stuff related to ethnobotanicals. I’ve got a few nice pieces but want to kick it off with this ‘Cigares De Joy’ shirt. CDJ was an Australian medical cannabis from the 1700’s. Funny thing is is that it was my dad’s, the straightest guy I’ve meet.
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    I came on line, looked at the server cost progress bar, had to get my glasses and look again. Wasn't sure I was seeing right. Lol. Awesome effort everyone . Thanks spooge for making that final bit of the bar complete.
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    ps. (not slut shaming, being festive)
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    Thanks for the comp sharxx :-) Is photography considered art? If not i will delete my entry. Taken with my camera phone
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    A package of white powder is unexpected delivered to your house - it's not addressed to anyone who lives there, and its label is ambiguous at best. Call me old-fashioned and un-feasibly risk-averse, but does racking up lines of it really seem like an appropriate or sensible response? Depending on what it was it really could have killed the lot of them!
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    I was unclear where might be best for posting this. Moderators please move it if it would be better elsewhere. Thanks! With my apologies to all that that this is my reality today. Recently it was brought to my attention that links from my former website Largely Accurate Information Media are being used for exposing people to malware and a virus. I stopped using several websites a couple of years or so ago, that being one of them. Apparently it is now owned by someone who is using it to deliver malware. The titles that are affected: Notes on the Genus Desmodium San Pedro book (with and without Pachanoi or Pachanot) Pachanoi or Pachanot Cactus Chemsitry By Species Cactus Chemsitry By Species Light Cactus Alkaloids Some other succulents I uploaded an earlier copy of Some other succulents and also Notes on the Genus Desmodium from prior to the addition of internal links to other publications or articles of mine. That was not possible for the others so all of those have been revisited and the links either removed to else replaced with something current. This was noted on their front cover to make it easier to recognize the replacement files. All of these are now at troutsnotes.com replacing the compromised copies bearing the same names. If you have one of those earlier copies they are safe as long as you do not click on a link to the LAIM site or follow the suggestions that pop up but a much safer idea is to just delete all of those and obtain new copies. I also uploaded a copy to DropBox where a person can take a look at them prior to deciding whether to downloading them. Cactus Cultivation C2_CactusCultivation.pdf https://www.dropbox.com/s/fvp1y7sl5aq0y5b/C2_CactusCultivation.pdf?dl=0 Cactus Alkaloids C13_CactusAlkaloids.pdf https://www.dropbox.com/s/8im9x6bsdvvjavt/C13_CactusAlkaloids.pdf?dl=0 Cactus Chemistry By Species Light (illustration-free for easier use during research) CactusChemistryBySpecies_2014_Light.pdf https://www.dropbox.com/s/4tf64kfn538d8q7/CactusChemistry_2013_Light.pdf?dl=0 Cactus Chemistry By Species (Intensely illustrated.) CactusChemistryBySpecies_2014.pdf https://www.dropbox.com/s/aikxohacl8iavjb/CactusChemistry_2013.pdf?dl=0 Pachanoi or Pachanot? Pachanoi_Pachanot-bad-links-replaced-jan-2018 https://www.dropbox.com/s/p1tx3q17hg6y1vd/Pachanoi_Pachanot-bad-links-replaced-jan-2018.pdf?dl=0 San Pedro and related Trichocereus species SanPedro_2006_with_pachanoi_pachanot_addendum.pdf https://www.dropbox.com/s/kshk4mn74fpolfr/SanPedro_2006_with_pachanoi_pachanot_addendum.pdf?dl=0
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    I have 1xpack of seedlings to give away, it consists of Bridge OP Dawson OP T werd OP SG op mix 2 of each, it's from the collection of bardo's auction. I will be continuing to give this lot away once a month to cut down on the collection, I also have a variety of seeds given by the one and only Gimli (the master of all givers), which have germinated and looking to grow them on to give away as well. This is in the spirit of Gimli and a past time where everybody had the interest of the community at heart rather than selling their wares at douchbag hipster prices, there is an auction site to do that, a special interest site is not the place in my opinion. The giving has slowly dwindled over the last decade heck even over the last 3 years. It's a sad sight to see. The only stipulation is to create a giveaway thread and link it here and is for your own personal collection and not to sell on, if I suspect that people are selling on, it will ruin this little project of mine and for everybody else that has this like minded interest. Also any cacti seed that people don't have the time or patience to grow on and given in this direction it will be grown on and added to this thread. It will be drawn on the 22nd of every month. The amount of the giveaway will increase as the stock continues to grow to decent sizes.
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    Happy New Years hope everyone has a good time
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    I just checked and there are still zoophiles on winmx [the old movies and music P2P where it happened], so if that is what tickles your tapioca and its legal there just install winmx and video search for 'bestiality' or 'horse' or whatever. [Those videos actually are legal in quite a few places] Dont be tricked into paying anything, the connecting patch is free just like the program. Anyway, what I really dont get in all of this is why our cultures brainwash us into being so conceited that we think its our duty to run around judging people on stuff that is clearly none of our business. Unless one of you wants to put the information out there its none of my business what race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, political inclination, hedonic proclivities, etc. you ascribe to. Just because I have a 'right' to have an opinion doesnt mean its my duty to shove my nose into your life and have an opinion by force about everything you do. So it really is not my place to puff up my ego commenting on what it is any of you look at while stroking your boy salami or rubbing your girl bacon. Unless I'm right beside you, helping you stroke it, its really none of my business. This is a forum about plants. MSS is a nice guy who helped lots of people with plants. If hes ever brave enough to return, I wont be mentioning this incident.
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    Glad to see you aren't aiming for the eyes. Not sure why, but an early girlfriend ended up with "chemical burns" to one of her eyes after I jizzed on her face Still feel bad about that one. She still has to wear glasses
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    Solo: - Perfecting my money shot on a kmart ex display model mannequin I picked up at the tip. Sorted her with a wig 'n glasses with the eyes painted on, I'm a deadly aim now - STRAIGHT UP YO NOSTRIL. - Increasing load volume through celery consumption, masssss celery consumption. With another human present: - Oral copulation with a finger up my date. - Africans. Notes: Once upon a time I had a fetish for obese women, then I spent 5 years with a chick more than a decade my senior, 5 inches taller than me and twice my weight and no she was not an islander. Now all the cialis in the world wont rise me for a chubby muffin, that part of me has been MURDERED - receptors burnt out.
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    Who would have thought you could get PTSD from looking at an avatar. Thanks for that Stu. Before I came clean with my kids and told them Santa was bullshit my oldest daughter was misbehaving in the lead up to Christmas. I told her Santa knows when you've been bad & if you keep it up you won't get any presents. She said you've said that before but he always comes anyway. I snapped it & said well I'll stay up all night & drink the beer you leave out for him and when he gets here I'll king hit the cunt so he never comes back. She pulled her head in and behaved herself for about three days after that.
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    Happy gender neutral, non religious, PC correct something day everyone. I hope Person Christmas brings everyone all the imported Chinese plastic treasure the TV has programmed them think to desire.
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    Hope he gets treated really nice in prison.
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    Went from tents, to Bivvy bag and swag, to hammock. A hammock gives a consistency in sleeping that nothing else can.... Regardless of terrain. Even in flatland I can knock up a makeshift turtle dog stand to hang . With a bit of rock-climbing gear I carry in kit I can hang underground or above the tree line if the rock accommodates. My current setup, got it up to have a spot for respite from the heat at home currently. The tarp can be setup for storm/snow, and use an underquilt when cooler (think sleeping bag under/around the hammock) I've modded my gear with things like whoopie slings, and some import gear to cut weight and make it more flexible in setup options. Trangia is all I use for cooking , if not on coals. Can get a variety of fuels anywhere to run it.
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    Ok, I have been umming about this, but my next operation has moved forward to this Fri, so I should be ok. Ive been thinking that its awhile since I hosted on the Coast, and its also awhile since we have had a social allnighter. The date would be Sat night 17th Feb, that is close to both Hillbilly and my birthdays. And I want to celebrate the completion of my surgerys, and start of being a new man. Big Col 2.0 I want to do a Mexican theme party, my backyard already has the decor, skulls, mexican food, cactus shots, etc etc So, what is the interest ? Lets do details as usual on PM. Sorry no newbies.
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    It's a special sort of stupid. I'm glad that they didn't die, it would be a tragedy for so many young lives to be cut so short. But the last thing we need is more media attention on the "war on drugs". Like the pigheaded "just say no" quote from the copper. This is such a load of bullshit that's being fed the population. Scaremongering and lies.
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    Yup, taking 'illicit' drugs wasnt the hazard in this instance. Being a complete freaking moron, thats the hazard.
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    With everything else in the whole wide world to worry about, this is what you chose? You don't wonder if perhaps you are actually playing into their plans? (assuming for the sake of argument that there are plans) - whether they be "cultural marxist" degradation-of-enemy-values, divide-&-conquer, or sneaky capitalist sleight-of-hand distractions - and if it's the latter, then isn't you getting all worked up about it (whether pro or con) achieving the same end for them? While you're charging that red cape, you're not charging others. So now lets pretend for a moment that this stuff you're talking about isn't a conspiracy, but rather a natural social evolution. Perhaps the kind which might occur after centuries of oppressing minorities. Is it any wonder that this would create a few extremist groups? You're feeling under threat because you see your society changing towards some values that are not your own, but some of these people have lived their entire lives, every day, knowing that their society doesn't accept them. And now they maybe have a chance to be included (or at least take a step in that direction), and the argument that they're getting is: "aw, but oppressing you is part of my culture - it's traditional". I've known quite a few (too many) trans folk who have been beaten, raped, flat-out tortured, and left for dead, just because other people didn't like who they were. If I'd been through that & then finally glimpsed the light of cultural maturity at the end of the tunnel...only to have my torturers complain that this would oppress their traditional right to oppress me... yeah, I'd be pissed off too. Is our current culture so wonderful as it stands? Couldn't it use some revision? Are binary gender identities & roles really a good thing? Or are they just mostly-arbitrary shit that we allow to affect (& infect) every facet of our society, without considering the side-effects of that division? I liked gtarman's post from this threads' last incarnation where he suggested that, rather than lumping people into categories & letting those prejudices inform our relationships, maybe instead we could just treat people as people, and judge them on who they are and what they do. I don't know if unisex public toilets should be considered a revolutionary step forward in shedding our cultural biases, but I don't think they're a sign of the end times either.
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    Hes american, so no, they cant. Its a very taboo crime here. Its prosecuted more harshly than premeditated multiple homicide in some instances, especially in cases where there was any real world contact with kids, but even people who just download can go to prison longer than a murderer. People are killed just for downloading pics here. Only an imbecile would turn himself in in MSS's country, even if it were to seek 'help'. In my state there is actually an island prison where they are shipped to, the guards main job is to make sure people dont come in and murder the inmates. Another thing about being american, our laws defining 'child' are very screwey. In 5/6ths of america girls can be old enough to legally have sex with and yet any picture of them is prosecuted as child porn and can send you to prison [pornography laws were made at the federal level, so set to the highest age of consent- 18, sex laws are state level, in 2/3 the country the legal age for sex is 16 and in 1/6th of the country its 17]. In some cases the girls could even be fully clothed. The girls you bed legally in australia could be in the same 'child' age range in the US. Torrent was a good point, a mistaken download could very easily happen. When a major blockbuster film came out a friend of mine downloaded a cam recording of the movie from a P2P site, or she thought she did, what she actually got was a movie length dutch bestiality video. In the digital age 800 pics doesnt even get someone counted as a collector, and internet cache counts in prosecutions. Read the news, collectors are busted with hundreds of thousands of images and videos. This isnt 1970. If its true he was given probation he must have been so minor that the prosecutor didnt even see him as a pedo, his prosecution may have just been a technicality for christ sake. And yet his supposed friends here condemn him. Interesting.
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    https://imgur.com/a/DTeK7 No discussion of my shameful proclivities please. Posted for a cheeky peek and nothing more.
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    Diffusa - 4th flower so far this season, sadly can't source any lopho pollen to pollinate
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    Nice pipe Toast, yeah Huan is a lovely bloke with an amazing garden of rare treats. I recently got an aya serving cup that I love thru old mate Flux. Vine sections with chacruna grout, around a Mahogany cup. Just the right size, for a nice strong brew.
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    I know it's a long shot but did you ever catch a bus between Bris and Mt Isa in the late eighties, and there was these two chicks talking to each other the whole way and they just kept saying "Yeah, YEAH, YEAH! yeah-yeah-yeah, YEAH I KNOW! Ahh Yeah... Uh-huh YEAH! LOL YEAH! Yeah that's right, UUuuummmm yeaaaah? Yes! Yeah Absolutely, Oh yeah, YEAH -FUCKN ANNOYING!!!!!! Anyway, the ride sucked balls so much we opened up my secret stash of Tuty-Fruity-Hooty (some 80's weed/LSD/DMT Mix) shared a scoob behind the bus at the next stop, and when we got back on we both were trippin' so hard the bus all of a sudden seemed to be full of a bunch of really trippy freaky looking old people who were just staring at us -Dead Silent! Bloody staring at us the whole way and everything. Then things got really weird, there's bingo going on and drinks and bloody party poppers and shit, Next thing we were at this FULLY-SICK Rave with these Fcukn oldies who were the hardest trippers I've ever partied with, and fcuk could they sink some piss! We just kept going and going all night long.. Well anyway, we woke up the next morning in our jocks passed out on a lawn-bowls green in Bloody CHARLEVILLE, fcuk knows where our suitcases were. and yeah, basically we spent the rest of the day trying to hitch back to where we were supposed to be. Don't s'pose you're THAT Ramon by any chance? Good times man
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    Meeeeeeeerry Chrisssssssssssssstmas peeps!
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    love the spirit of this forum 1. San Pedro inspired mandala; 2 Acacia inspired mandala; 3. 5-MeO-inspired poem; Five-Methoxy-Flux.docx Sorry, hard to choose from the few things that aren't still 'in progress', hope y'all enjoy - cheers,
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    Cold turkey for me. Though I find the definition of quiting not a perfect title to sit under. While I won’t go buy smokes etc, on the odd occasion. So far maybe once a year, I’ve had a smoke with a mate etc. every time I get to the end and go.... fuck that’s shit. Had and a few mates try quiting several times using champix. Heard one screaming in his sleep once. I dunno, I’ve never tried any thing to help - I just did it cause I wanted to. And one of those mates that tried so many times finally did it (future pending) cold turkey - because he wanted to. Which I feel is the true underlying cause for people failing to quit - they simply don’t want to quit. Shit I was like that once. You go out drinking and smoking. You enjoy yourself so why would you want to quit - therefore you won’t. But when you do, you will.
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    Nice one Sharxx... Here's the first 2 tracks from a new project of mine. I highly recommend listening on good speakers or headphones to get the full experience...
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    A special kind of stupid, and so concentrated in one place, the mind boggles. Bit of a worry though, who was the "scoop" meant for and what was its intended use?
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    Peace,,Love and the Happiest of New Years to all. Have fun. Be safe. Be kind.
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    Yeah, Happy New Year !
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    Fucking a fat girl is like riding a step through. It's fun until your mates see you.
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    I dig ladies with big aquiline noses. And nice feet.
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    I never would have picked him as a nut-job. He just looks so well adjusted and trust worthy. You never can tell these days. You have to admit that it would have made for an interesting night at the senior citizens club bingo night though.
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    I'm not sure any Christmas message can ever top this thread. Have a good one everybody.
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    Excellent topic toast. Here's my box where my ethno treats live. My didj which has guided me through some heavy and high times. Focus on the sound. I got it from Laddie Timbery, famous indigenous artist and direct descendant of Queen Emma Timbery. Paintings and carvings are mine. It's been too long since I've just sat and played.
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