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    Hi Everyone, I couldn’t find a “welcome” thread. I saw “degenerate” and thought that sounds as good a place as any to post. I was here for a while about 15 years ago (my ex-husband was right into Ethnobotany). I just rejoined because I’m in need of an online community that thinks outside the square a bit (or a lot maybe). I just feel like the world is a horror show of boring people these days, ugh. So I’m just saying hello and trying to set up a profile pic etc. Cheers, Gypsy x
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    So pretty I had to stop and take some snaps. Is this spacianis (can't member proper spelling) or some other puppy entirely. half ID half just wow look at those sex glands hot
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    When my neighbors kids flip my Zelly seedling grafts up in the air I wave my hands up in the air cause I just don't care. My seedling grafts can take abuse hon, and if you don't believe it. Yo, I'll post it. So, check out those baby seedling grafts before... No growth as they are still wrapped up in that protection film. Not a peep, not a crack, so let me hit you with the facts. Grafted 27 September. Flipped 01 October. This I know, for my posts tell me so. Now, let me hear it if you want to see those seedling grafts after the flip. My seedling grafts only got one thing on their mind and its getting sprung. So You can do side bends or sit-ups. My grafts are down with all of that. Cause my grafts can take it all And my grafts just won’t quit Not even sure if my grafts ever heard that word… quit So, shake that graft. Shake it all day long like Donkey Kong. Cause this grafts got back that just won't stop. From her scion to the stock she's sticky sweet She may even have just one areole at times, but that has never stopped her. No this grafts just too legit to quit. Method: Make Labels Select good actively growing grafting stock Make sure you have some sharp razor blades and some grafting tape. This stuff is going to cost you roughly 1 cent per graft you make and after spending $5 dollars on a roll your going to be able to make 540 grafts give or take. Your going to want to make 1 inch ribbon curls. 1 inch, not 2 as your going to stretch those babies out. Twist don't pull the leaves off of your Pereskiopsis. Then wrap that section with your stretched out parafilm/grafting tape.
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    Day 6: I woke at around 2:45 am today and have been awake since. Today was pretty good though. I got lots done, and was in a great mood. I'm allowing myself a couple of rums tonight. The dose went down like nectar this morning, again 60ml. I was expecting a gradual build up of effects, not sure why, but I think I may actually be experiencing some tolerance now. I had a pinch of snuff this afternoon and the caapi seemed to like me using it's ally tobacco, as I felt very good indeed. I think I have got into the habit of convincing myself I need the "other" things to get through the week when I have actually coped just fine without them. That's a good learning for me and a big step after 20+ years of relying on substances to help me at night to forget my problems and sleep. This is not a silver bullet that "cures" you in any sense. It needs to be coupled with the will and actions to do the work on yourself. But I think it's worth exploring further. And I will. I wont be posting daily, but I'll update this thread from time to time. I'll update tomorrow after the full 7 days is done as I intended, and might have some more insights to add, but I hope this is of some use as it stands. I have tried to be open and honest as much as possible. Happy to talk to anyone via pm that is interested in more detail that I havent posted so far.
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    Anyone else been gone for a while? It's been a fair while for me so I wanted to say gday and see how all the members are that I used to trade and chitin chat with?
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    From the album Variegated Trichocereus Pasacana

    Variegated Trichocereus Pasacana soon to flower, does anyone have any Trichocereus pollen they would like to trade for future seeds? The Pasacana gets over 400mm wide in optimum conditions. Cheers
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    Good luck getting them through AQIS. @MeanGreen They're already out there, I say go for it. Anything that has the potential to reduce the instance of people raping trees has to be a good thing in my book.
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    Soak and clean your seedlings in water Remove the top from your stock Pereskiopsis with one long stroke of your razor blade. Avoid sawing back and forth Cut your seedling in half without sawing it back and forth or applying pressure. You want to draw your blade in one long smooth motion through your seedling. Place that fat boy on top and off center of the stock/scion Cover your seedlings up before they catch cold Gently wrap covering around and down sides of Pereskiopsis. This action will gradually draw your parafilm tight and is all that is needed to prevent your seedling from coming lose. If you try to apply pressure chances are great that you will smash your seedling and ruin your graft. The 1 penny method to grafting that takes a licking and keeps on ticking.
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    Well it took fucking ages, but we have finally caught up to the rest of the world: http://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2017-11-13/hemp-food-products-hit-the-shelves-as-crop-edibles-legalised/9138934 Just had to let everyone on the inside get a nice cosy spot before we allowed the health concerns of the public to be addressed... STRAYA!
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    I was about to re-name my PC to 'MINDBENDER-4000' but now that you mention it, I guess I could refrain from adding to the madness.
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    Bought myself a new ally, a Magnolia grandiflora tree. The flower contains liriodenine, anonaine, dehydroremerine (0.52% total alkaloids) Leaf from the flowering plant contains anonaine, remerine, liriodenine and rutine (0.54 % total alkaloids) It also contains essential oils 0.58 % Anonaine, the principle leaf alkaloid displayed affinity of 0.8 µM, the same order as the reference compounds nomifensine (0.2 µM), but more potent than amineptine and dexamphetamine at DAT. The oxoaporphine liriodenine was virtually devoid of activity as a dopamine reuptake inhibitor. It also has affinity for 5-HT1A and α1 adrenergic receptor affinity. Although not overly potent, studies suggest they are α1A antagonists, as is demonstrated by the vasorelaxant responses. The flowers are edible and said to have an exquisite flavour and are used as a spice and condiment. My flowers were dried and aged on the plant so lost most of that but still interesting flavours. Volatile constituents are mainly monoterpenoids and sesquiterpenoids. Look forward to a tea from the fresh flowers. Interestingly, the crude extract of the seeds contains 10% 4-O-methylhonokiol. It is also found in the bark. This is a potent CB2 receptor ligand which readily crosses the blood brain barrier and attenuates memory impairment. In addition to anonaine, liriodenine etc, the leaves contain sesquiterpene lactones like parthenolide which has intriguing activity but low bioactivity. Please be aware that the toxicity of the leaf material is unestablished while the constituents are more characterised. Well the Magnolia flower tea was interesting tastewise maybe a slight subjective uplift. Something spiritual to it but I wanted more DAT/5-HT1A action. Chewed through a whole flower as tea. Wanted to develop a bit of a relationship with this plant, see if it could be a good functional motivational aid, so I tried 2 tsp dried leaf material on top. Struggling to find info on doses but the same alkaloids at 5-10mg/kg in mice exhibited antidepressant activity. For me, the upper alkaloid dose would be about 80mg alkaloids in human equivalent doses. Interesting resonance, seems somewhat useful for doing things. Soft energetic resonance, seems superior to lotus/lily. Not really stimulatory but functional it seems. 3 tsp of crushed dried leaf: need all the uplift I can get. There's something but it's not pushy stimulant wise, feels clean, a focusing energy but soft. Started another day with leaves 17g dried, ~ 90mg alkaloids. I had to have an early sleep on it, it seems to have some waves of calming sedation for me anyway. Then it picked up into something more 'wanna do stuff'. Followed that up the next day with 17g and I had quite a good day. I tend to find stimulants calming and de-scattering so results may vary. I do like the magnolia leaf at decent doses but I'm going to leave my experiments there, let my ally grow before I find it too useful. Wouldn't say it's going to make a magnolia crack but still interesting. If I find a large M. grandiflora, I might make magnolia leaf extract, the tea is quite unpleasant and it would be nice to have a concentrated extract. Anyone done any trials themselves?
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    I got to the stage where I was having 100% success with Salvia cuttings when I was growing them. I found the old growth will root but not as well as new season growth. I used to take cuttings about 130-150mm long shorter cuttings are fine too, trim almost all the foliage off (except for the top few leaves) if the top leaves are large then I'd trim about 1/2 of them down to reduce transpiration. Small shoots are fine but try to get rid of most of the larger leaves. Then using cheap powdered rooting hormone I'd pot them in a mix of perlite and coir and then put them in 100% humidity under fluorescent lights. They root well in straight perlite but they tend to move around and fall over, so the coir was mostly to bind the perrlite together and keep them stabilised while they root. Mist them heavily after putting them in growing medium and once or twice every day, more if you can. Hardening them off needs to be done fairly slowly or they will wilt before your eyes(almost). All that said one, time my mum took a older woody cutting, left it in a caravan for 2 days in late December and didn't plant it until she got back to Queensland the next week. Then she shoved it into pot in the open air and the fucken thing grew like mad until the roos smashed it.
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    Due to a mix up I now have more BAP than I will ever need First 10 people to chuck their names below will get some. Probably send it out next week sometime but will advise if it's gonna be later. AUS only Go! Edit: 0 left
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    Hey crew here is a podcast if none of you have not listen to it. http://podcasts.joerogan.net/podcasts/paul-stamets
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    I am loving my two bertramianus at the moment. These were grafted to Peres, then planted Peres and all in the ground. They have really taken of and are a picture of health. Touch wood!
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    This graft was done as an experiment back in 2011, to see if multiple cacti rootstocks could be used to support a single scion, and observe any effect it would have on growth rate. In this example, 4 Pereskiopsis plants were used as rootstocks, to support 1 Lophophora off-set. Each Pereskiopsis was approx 30cm in height to begin with. They were positioned around the 4 sides of an empty pot, and held securely in place with vinyl (electrical) tape. The leaves were removed from the top of each Pereskiopsis. The stems were held together using non-adhesive teflon tape. A healthy Loph off-set was selected and removed. The Peres stems were cut. The edges were evenly bevelled. To maximize surface contact area with all 4 stems, a small piece of flesh was removed from the Loph. The Loph was held firmly in position using the same vinyl tape. It was left to heal, undisturbed and out of direct light for 1 week. The hold-down tape was then removed, and the plant(s) were reintroduced into normal growing conditions. The tape holding the stems together was left in place for an additional week, allowing time for them to adjust, and grow into their new shape, without pulling away from the scion. After close inspection, each of the 4 stocks appear to have made a successful union. The graft sat dormant throughout the first week, as it continued to heal and recover from the initial shock. During the following weeks, growth literally exploded. Pics were taken over an approx 2 month period, during which time the Loph had been in almost constant flower. In the last pic there were approx 14 off-sets with more visibly forming.
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    I collected a bag of obtusifolia seed yesterday, started 64 tubes today. A lot will go back for bush regeneration. The bark rippers are getting worse around my local area, so I'll be planting in a few hidden areas and they should spread back downhill and downstream over the next 10 years. I also potted up a few brugs cuttings, did a lot of work tidying up and rearranged cacti in pots for summer.
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    cactus fam are enjoying spring. need to get some nutrients into them though. I'm making a compost tea. scopulicola looks like it is budding - my first ever tricho flowers!
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    The last few days I'd been hearing this tinkly hi-speed tune every time there was a lull in the background city noise - sort of like a manic carillon - which I eventually decided must be the ringtone of a phone left behind by one of the builders who are working on the flat next door. After two days of that jangling I was cursing the thin walls and wondering why the damn thing hadn't run out of battery yet. That should've been my first clue. Then at work today, in a different suburb, there were some rare quiet spells where I could still hear it. So: don't cha hate it when that annoying song you've been hearing turns out to be some bizarre new kind of tinnitus coming from inside your own brain? I can't hear it without imagining some meth'd-up monk shouting "Allegro, allegro!" as he whips the carillonneurs....in the jingle-jangle morning I'll come following you, you bastard.
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    I think maybe because chemical shaman was a loved member here and a lot of the older members would like a plant to remember him by. Ive bought memorial plants that really i wouldnt have cared how much they cost.
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    Hey crew, Just seen that HAMILTON’S PHARMACOPEIA season 2 is coming out on the 28th of this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.viceland.com/en_us/video/hamiltons-pharmacopeia-season-2-trailer/59f0cab3177dd41d0b144b41?=1 https://www.viceland.com/en_us/show/hamiltons-pharmacopeia
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    Thought I'd chuck something up while I's here Gold
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    finally, and with the help of my daughters handwriting skills, getting my shit together...
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    Same deal as last time! Looking for some good karma! Comment here to go into the draw to be that one lucky person to get some spare seed which I have from interbeing. Closes 7pm AWST on Sunday 5/11. Approx 30 in each. Eyeballed it. T Pachanoi 'John' x T Scop T Pachanoi 'Rod' x OPEN T Bridgesii 'Ben' x T Pachanoi 'Fields' T Bridgesii 'Psycho0' x OPEN T Bridgesii 'Ben' x T Bridgesii 'Crazy Spine' T Peruvianus 'Rosei #2' x T Peruvianus 'MG Red Spine' T Peruvianus 'Rosei #2' x T Peruvianus 'John' Posting to AUS only! And go!
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    I don't think you have anything to worry about there. I wouldn't be treating them with anything. Trichos are hardy buggers, sometimes too much parental concern is worse than letting them be.
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    If names/ labels are true and accurate then that's one thing, but false labeling would be pure sacrilege. It's only a matter of time before some bright spark tries to pass off a piece of PC labelled as CSD for instance. Or even worse, a shitty old piece of cereus labelled as Lumberjack LOL Crop, you can have all the mind bender you want, but I must warn you, I've already changed it's name to AssBuster4000 and they're selling like hot cakes. Just how badly do you want one?
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    nomenclature is wildly debated across the board when it comes to plant breeding/collecting for sure aye! Not just katcoose. Giving a plant a name of where /who you got it from adds providence and helps you remember the good time you had withe that person and the arvo you got it. A purist will disagree because they'll say "You're not professional and are doing little to explain it's bloodline.". Personally, i have a rough idea of what it is to start with ie bridgy/scop/pc etc and i am quite content to label my katcoose according to the name of the keeper of the garden that it came from. For ezample, all my 'J' cttings came from Jim at Cactus country. It reminds of the day hanging with him and Interbeing., larking around being eaten by mozzies while i drove around the little tipper with one of his jack russels in the catcher collecting all the cuts that we were taking home. The rest is history. Now from a breeders perspective most anal retentive types will stipulate otherwise but hey i'm happy with my labeling the way it is because im not in it for the money. Your level of where you wanna stand in a marketplace versus backyard pertyness is what will make your decision the way i see it
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    I have to confess that I did thoroughly enjoy the first season, despite the toothpick looking host and his emo voice.
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    I just heard that my presentation from June went up on Vimeo five days ago. https://vimeo.com/album/4766647/video/238247333 The other presentations are also online or going online (with more still coming at a rate of around one a day I am told) https://vimeo.com/album/4766647 A slide show of the highlights of the event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QxXlMvuLrQ&feature=em-share_video_user I have not watched any of these yet. A PDF of the original conference proceedings is at: https://archive.org/details/ethnopharmacolog00efro_0 An actual print version of the conference proceedings is available for prepublication sale at their website ESPD50.com.
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    .As Slocome pointed out, this boats already sailed, but got to at least try. Insequent has hit the nail on the head. The eaisest way to change the future is by raising your kids right. Unfortunatly this is becoming increasingly rare. I don't really care if its because parents think their too busy, or if their just too lazy, the end result is the same. Too many kids now learn their value systems from games like Grand Theft Auto or Hatred. I now work in the youth charity sector, and the industry is booming. We can never get enough staff, so anyone out there that wants to change the world and make it a better place, change your career to mentoring youth.
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    Don't know how well this can be applied to facial recognition, but it's pretty cool nonetheless: http://www.labsix.org/physical-objects-that-fool-neural-nets/ https://arxiv.org/abs/1707.07397
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    @Halcyon Daze As much as I might like to retaliate in theory, I could never do so. While she has been found rummaging in my cars on several occasions, she also lost a brother to suicide. Call me soft all you want, but I give kids like that a pass as they have enough stuff to deal with. On a positive note, most of those grafts were unaffected other than the labels being flipped out of their containers as well. I did find a few where the stock itself was snapped in two on some others from the fall, but considering those grafts posted were less than a week old when the incident happened I think the fact that many are now growing strong is mighty damn nice. Sure a few are stunted in their growth and some may yet fail, but I like what I'm seeing overall. I'm still waiting on that areole graft to take off for instance. Looks like the penny I spent on making each of those grafts was worth it though if you look at the after pictures scion growth.
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    don't you guys know that gender is an artificial construct forced upon us by the patriarchy to oppress non binary people & perpetuate a deeply sinister system of toxic masculinity? i don't feel safe in this thread, you shouldn't be allowed to have this discussion. please stop or i will be forced to get violent to defend myself from this oppression.
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    nice new growth colours on a t. bridgesii (I believe). a bit etiolated from its partly shaded position though.
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    My tips: cut the stems on a sharp angle so the vascular tissue is exposed over a large surface area, and leave a tag or heel of outer tissue hanging. This will encourage strong root formation. This is pretty standard for all swp's. And do everything else Sally said. Oh yeah, take cuttings in early summer for best results. Cuttings taken in cold weather will survive, but need a LOT more tlc, and will take ages to do anything.
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    I don’t actually grow anything other than normal plants. I keep trying to grow poppies but they get to about an inch high and fall over. I’ve enlisted some help - guy up the road who gets more sun than I do (and knows my caper). I really came to this forum because I need to be around non-plastic people!
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    Down with civilization! Down with society! Down with everything! Turn off the switch! (just kidding) I only managed to watch 3 minutes of this asinine sensationalism. Most of the issues brought up in that time were inherent issues of civilization that have been going on for 1000's of years. SJW fight for the world/save the planet arrogant nonsense with lack of any true insight into human societal history. The only thing we are doing differently now from the times of the Romans or Pharaohs is scaling the politics, destruction with technology and population growth. The methodology and sociology hasn't changed at all. The reality is we need society, we can't just all go back to living in caves and foraging for a living like we did many 1000's of years ago. Mostly because there's not enough caves nor stuff to forage for the 7 billion strong plague. One could interpret the system as a lie. But it is a very successful lie built on a premise of growth that has brought peace, health, population and prosperity to more of the world than ever in history. Most of us wouldn't change it if we could, except to take more power/money for own causes. It's human nature. So no... we don't live in a lie, just in a system. Only the deluded, media fed believers and ignorant choose to see it as a mechanism of deception or get irrevocably caught up in it's intricacies, despite all the power games that us greedy humans are playing. For the vast majority of our population nothing there has changed for 1000's of years either. Just the same there has always been the free thinkers who want something different from their lives. I know I don't offer any solutions either. But we all know how we deal with plagues of other species, it would be "inhumane" to deal with ourselves like that. Nature deals with plagues in another way. It let's them consume all available resources until they die, then lets other opportunistic organisms feed on their leftovers. The cycle of life will continue irrespective of whether we survive or not.
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    Hops is exploding out of the earth this year. Shout out to @mushfun
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    Zedo - SJW has complicated pharmacology, chiefly serotonergic activity, but also effects on dopamine & other types of neurotransmitter systems, plus a bunch of enzyme-inducing stuff... short story, it has lots and lots of drug interactions, some of them dangerous. I couldn't tell you off the top of my head if combining with caapi would be one of the risky ones, but personally I wouldn't chance it. At least not without doing some detailed research into both their pharmacologies first. At a glance though, I can tell you that SJW has been shown to downregulate 5HT2A receptors, which are thought to be important to psychedelic activity, so even if it isn't dangerous to combine with vine, it may dull some of the effects. Also, many of the actives in SJW aren't heat-stable, so smoking may not be a good ROA.
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    My understanding is that millions of people join the rat race basically because they want to, plus they can buy a bunch of fancy crap they think will make life better. For those who want to exit it can be very difficult, it can take a lifetime of effort. That's where a trip to a developing country can open the eyes and broaden the mind for many. But you can't enjoy a plane trip to another country without some kind of income. It's just a question of balance. If you're lucky enough to not be living in abject poverty, just be happy with what you've got. Stay out of debt and all the other pitfalls of life, get a dream and work towards it. My dream was a big block of land beside the bush where I could grow fruit trees. I got that now and I can honestly say I'm much more content than when I was being ruled by abusive people. Nothing in life comes easy and the hardest thing I found was buying land without going into debt. It was a shitty life for a while but that's the trade off. Making short term sacrifices in order to benefit in the long run. If you want something enough to actually work for it, you will actually find yourself getting off your ass every day and working for it. A couple pearls to remember are 'Work smarter, not harder'. 'Make the most of opportunity'. Be a 'already did it' person rather than a 'gunna do it' guy and my personal fave, don't do anything to impress others, do the things that bring you happiness regardless of what others might think of it. I believe there is not a problem that you cannot solve with just the power of your brain alone. But I also believe in higher forces. Everything in life has a balance.