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    Many thanks to everyone who attended the Andyamine memorial camp! We laughed, we cried, and we partied to remember our dear friend. Also many thanks to Christian's family for being so supportive, for sharing the pictures and videos, for giving the event their blessing and support, and most of all for having given us such a special person. I hope we can do our bit to make sure his good deeds are remembered (there are rumours this camp thing might become a regular event ;) ). Christian loved the plants (photo provided by his brother). The camping site The Marquee keeping us (sort of) dry Friends sharing thoughts and stories about, and pictures of Christian Christian's close friends posing with tree (a special picture for his mum). Then planting it. (4 out of 6 are horticulturists - we got this ;) ) Everyone joined in The memorial tree (spotted gum) Toby brought from Sydney, with the plaque made by Hillbilly. Immediately after planting, before niggles tidied it up on sunday. Christian was a raver from the very early days of the Melbourne rave scene. So naturally there was techno after dinner. Thanks DJ Orion for the sound gear and your awesome track selection. 2018-04-22 00.22.38.mp4 Tree looks much better now. Thanks niggles. Meanwhile there was a sapo/kambo ceremony going on just out of frame. Sorry, no pics (and luckily no sound either ;) ). The sunday hike up Mt Chincogan Enjoying the enhanced views from the top
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    Hey guys and girls, I recently acquired a big grafted loph which came with some fruits. From these fruits I picked 90~ seed - two lucky people will receive 45~ each! Conditions for entry: Live in Australia Can graft Willing to pay it forward I will ask of the winners that you put up 5-10? successful pere grafts on the forums as a pay it forward (within a reasonable time period) as part of your own giveaway! Sharing is caring! As mentioned by Halcyon Daze, this will allow more manageable numbers. Let's call these the lophs of SAB All you have to do is post below. Entries close 7pm AWST Monday, 28/5 and then I'll use a random picking tool to find the winners GO! (Some photos of the mother plant - came labeled as L williamsii) Thanks @Halcyon Daze and also thanks to @MountainGoat for offering pere for graft on if winners don't have their own.
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    Hi all.... like many of you im sure, I journey to some very beautiful and magic spots throughout the winter and get some great pics every year, so I thought I would share some with the community this year and at the same time make a commitment to brush up on my mycology and become a little more familiar with the folk im seeing during my travels with a little help from you all of course Ive been using the big ol web for identification to this point... but I intend on purchasing a book to take out field with me... I thought id ask for some suggestions for good Australian Id handbooks you guys are fond of before i go picking one up... would be greatly appreciated The season has been off to a slightly slower start than last but I managed to get some nice shots for the first short trek of the season.... all pine today but will be out in the native flora soon enough Im yet to do any deep work with the Amanita but I admire their vibrant nature and deep history... Gymnopolus. I have no idea what these are but they are huge.. haha. Mycena Genus? Armillaria? Not sure Some funky friends Chloropyllum? someone told me these are edible? Galerinas? Any help and advice on a good handbook would be appreciated... Cheers! ~Blessings.
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    I’ve got to get some new gear for my studio....... so it’s time to sell on some plants and cactus... I’ll add pictures and other items in the coming days. 1 caapi cielo (growing well) $20 5 black kava plants $30 each, also one very established one that’s 5-6 years old in 100L pot (freight will be interesting) $250 Bulk fresh chacruna leaves (pm for details) Durian seedlings $25 each Red and yellow dragon fruit cuttings $10 per segment Pere $10 per metre Opuntia pads (Torrance $25, ficus indicus $10, robusta $25, Burbank’s fruiting $50) #Mimosa hostilis seedlings - $15 each Also i still have a couple of “rare” plants available (pm for details)... Also some trich cuts, if there’s something your looking swing me a pm... Cheers some trich cuts, $1 per cm. top to bottom OSP 40cm Crazy Spine 55cm Big Spike 55cm Ecuador pach 40cm (some scarring) SG red spine Peru 35cm 2x fields pach 30cm EDIT: Sale back on, list edited... Edit: Added some new Peru cuts, a really interesting dark blue colour. Each cut is 30cm, $30 each...
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    personally leaving behind your culture is a sad thing. embracing my culture set me free. my olds come to Aus in 1950 as poor farmers escaping war and poverty. They tried to teach us not to forget where we came from but at the time we couldn't comprehend the significance of what they were trying to convey to us. Australia was hard in the 70's for me esp especially ie wog cunt, dago etc I totally understand your argument but to me it's premature. Without my mum and dad teaching about mother earth and the importance of growing our own food , we would be lost in the future. I learn't to till, sow and feed seeds from 5 years old. it's held me in good stead up until know. These days people talk about embracing other cultures like (south American /Mexican/Peruvian especially because of things like aya, mesc and associated plant materials. Now, this isn't a bad thing especially but maybe you should research more about the way of your own elders and their ancients before you run off to the amazon to get a brew up ya. My point is that i learnt a shit tonne of great knowledge from me olds and( i know that this is not possible for many anglo-saxon/brit types of 2nd/3rd gens like many of you but you must think deeply before you forsake what you own forfathers/formothers were trying to preserve to give to your parents to pass onto you. Granted some parents are fucktards and they have tried really hard top ruin kids ...ie butt ciggies in your forehead or try sexing you up and doing bad shit bad still..............................you must rise above such matters and take CONTROL of your future and develop and harness the skills they were trying to pass on to you......try to look beyond the pain and focus on the positive. Anyway, i could wax lyrical for ages about this topic but it makes me cry because of the pain i personally had to fight through to get to this point in my life...............forget about all the drugs peeps abuse to try to dull pain - me included. Please take what i say as a comment not a statement. i love and cherish my culture and have learn't much from my Mediterranean/middle eastern past - i wish the same upon those that come after me blessings and best wishes - i might come back to this if i have energy & power left from paying a mortgage, looking after my wife and elderly mum but seriously - embracing your past is the key to your future. love and light m
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    To answer your question specifically, yes. I had no intention of giving up meat and grog...... my favorite meal is Malaysian Beef Rendang and I was a whisky connoisseur, I just love everything about it. But, after my 2nd deep Iboga session, the plant made me give them both up. Total dissociation from any desire for either. 4 and a half years ago. The fundamental reason is high vibration. The plant wants me to maintain the vibration of the medicine, and meat and grog are too low vibration. Besides better all around good health, (which is what you want from a good medicine). I get way more value from my other medicines, a cleaner system for them to work with. So, be careful with Iboga, you might just get exactly what you need. Not necessarily what you want.
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    Trichocereus Australia 2018 Seed List I have a small amount of Master Growers Packs available, the packs will include one pack of every hybrid produced this season plus the following. Please note, this list is exclusive to the pack and will not be available outside of it. Masters Growers Pack. 223. T. chilensis var. longispinus X T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons’ 224. T. pachanoi ‘Fields’ X T. sp. ‘Flying Saucer’ 225. T. pachanoi ‘Fields’ X T. peruvianus ‘Sausage Plant’ 226. (T. pachanoi ‘Juuls Giant’ x T. scopulicola) X T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #1’ 227. (T. pachanoi ‘Juuls Giant’ x T. scopulicola) X T. pachanoi ‘JS’ 228. (T. pachanoi ‘Juuls Giant’ x T. scopulicola) X T. sp. ‘Tripsis #2’ 229. T. pachanoi ‘Yowie’ X T. peruvianus ‘MG Red Spine’ 230. T. peruvianus ‘John X T. huascha (Red Flower) 231. T. peruvianus ‘MG Red Spine’ X T. peruvianius ‘Rosei #1’ 232. T. peruvianus ‘MG Red Spine’ X T. peruvianus ‘Short Spine’ 233. T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #1’ X T. peruvianus ‘JS’ 234. T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #2’ X T. bridgesii ‘Fields’ 235. T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’ X T. huascha (Red Flower) 236. T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’ X T. pachanoi ‘Fields’ 237. T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’ X T. peruvianus ‘JS’ 238. T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’ X T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #1’ 239. T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons’ X T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’ 240. T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons’ X T. terscheckii ‘Yellow Spine’ 241. T. terscheckii-validus ‘CC’ X T. sp. ‘Flying Saucer’ 242. T. terscheckii-validus ‘CC’ X T. poco (White Flower) 243. T. terscheckii-validus ‘CC’ X T. pachanoi ‘Fields’ 244. T. terscheckii-validus ‘CC’ X T. pachanoi ‘Yowie’ 245. T. terscheckii-validus ‘CC’ X T. peruvianus ‘MG Red Spine’ 246. T. terscheckii-validus ‘CC’ X T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’ 247. T. terscheckii ‘Yellow Spine’ X T. chillness var. longispinus 248. T. terscheckii ‘Yellow Spine’ X T. sp. ‘J3’ 249. T. validus ‘Shed’ X T. peruvianus ‘John’ 250. T. validus ‘Shed’ X T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons Short Spine’ 251. (Trichonopsis ‘Whiora’ x T. pachanoi) X T. andalgalensis hybrid 252. (Trichonopsis ‘Whiora’ x T. pachanoi) X T. chilensis var. longispinus 253. (Trichonopsis ‘Whiora’ x T. pachanoi) X T. peruvianus ‘John’ Valued at $1370, price $1000 All packs are of 30+ seeds, some are available in bulk amounts. 2018 Seed List. 01. T. sp. ‘Big Boy’ (Red Flower) X T. sp. ‘Binnie’ $8 02. T. sp. ‘Big Boy’ (Red Flower) X T. huascha hybrid ‘Hot Red’ $6 03. T. sp. ‘Big Boy’ (Red Flower) X T. huascha (Red Flower) $4 04. T. sp. ‘Big Boy’ (Red Flower) X T. sp. ‘Yellow Flower’ $4 05. T. sp. ‘Binnie’ X T. sp. ‘Yellow Flower’ $6 06. T. bridgesii ‘Essendon’ X T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’ $4 (100- $10) 07. T. bridgesii ‘Fields’ X T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons Short Spine’ $8 (100- $20) 08. T. bridgesii ‘JB’ X T. bridgesii ‘Fields’ $4 (100- $10) 09. T. bridgesii ‘JB’ X T. huascha (Red Flower) $6 (100- $15) 10. T. bridgesii ‘JB’ X Open $3 (100- $7.50) 11. T. bridgesii ‘JB’ X T. peruvianus ‘John’ $4 (100- $10) 12. T. bridgesii ‘KK919’ X Open $3 (100- $7.50) (1000- $30) 13. T bridgesii ‘KK919’ X T. pachanoi ‘Fields’ $4 (100- $10) (1000- $40) 14. T. bridgesii KK919’ X T. peruvianus ‘John’ $4 (100- $10) (1000- $40) 15. (T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’ x T. pachanoi ‘PC’) X T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #1’ $4 16. T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’ X T. chilensis var. longispinus $8 17. T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’ X T. huascha (Red Flower) $6 18. T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’ X Open $2 (100- $5) (1000- $25) 19. T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’ X T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #1’ $4 20. T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’ X T. peruvianus ‘Sharxx Blue’ $8 21. T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’ X T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons’ $8 22. T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’ X T. sp. ‘Tripsis #2’ $4 (100- $10) (1000- $40) 23. T. bridgesii ‘Short Spine X T. sp. ‘J3’ $4 (100- $10) 24. T. bridgesii ‘Short Spine X Open $3 (100- $7.50) (1000 - $30) 25. T. bridgesii ‘Short Spine X T. pachanoi ‘Fields’ $4 (100- $10) 26. T. bridgesii ‘Tig’ X T. peruvianus ‘Sharxx Blue’ $8 27. T. bridgesii ‘Tig’ X T. sp. ‘Tripsis #2’ $4 (100- $10) 28. T. candicans var. longispinus X T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #2’ $6 29. T. chilensis var. longispinus X T. terscheckii ‘Yellow Spine’ $8 (100- $20) 30. T. chilensis var. longispinus X T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons Short Spine’ $8 (100- $20) 31. T. cuzcoensis ‘CC’ X T. bridgesii ‘Fields’ $4 32. T. cuzcoensis ‘CC’ X T. bridgesii ‘JB’ $4 33. T. cuzcoensis ‘CC’ X T. chilensis .var. longispinus $6 34. T. cuzcoensis ‘CC’ X T. Open $3 (100- $7.50) (1000- $30) 35. T. cuzcoensis ‘CC’ X T. T. pachanoi ‘Fields $4 36. T. cuzcoensis ‘CC’ X T. T. peruvianus ‘John’ $4 37. T. cuzcoensis ‘CC’ X T. T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons Short Spine’ $6 (100- $15) 38. T. gladiatus $4 (100- $10) 39. T. gladiatus X T. chilensis var. longispinus $6 40. T. sp. ‘Hebrew’ X Open $4 (100- $10) 41. T. huascha hybrid ‘AT’ X T. huascha (Red Flower) $4 42. T. huascha hybrid ‘AT’ X T. sp. ‘Yellow Flower’ $4 43. T. huascha (Red Flower) X T. huascha hybrid ‘AT’ $4 44. T. huascha (Red Flower) X T. poco (White Flower) $8 45. T. sp. ‘J3’ X Open $3 (100- $7.50) (1000- $30) 46. T. sp. ‘J3’ X T. pachanoi ‘Fields’ $4 (100- $10) 47. T. sp. ‘J3’ X T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’ $4 (100- $10) (1000- $40) 48. T. sp. ‘J3’ X T. scopulicola $4 (100- $10) (1000- $40) 49. T. sp. ‘J3’ X T. sp. ‘Tripsis #2’ $4 (100- $10) 50. T. sp. ‘J10’ X T scopulicola $4 (100- $10) 51. T. knuthianus ‘Dawsons’ X T. bridgesii ‘Fields’ $4 (100- $10) 52. T. knuthianus ‘Dawsons’ X T. chilensis var. longispinus $4 (100- $10) (1000- $40) 53. T. knuthianus ‘Dawsons’ X Open 54. T. knuthianus ‘Dawsons’ X T. peruvianus ‘John’ $4 55. T. knuthianus ‘Dawsons’ X T. terscheckii ‘Yellow Spine’ $4 (100- $10) 56. T. knuthianus hybrid ‘Fields’ X Open $3 (100- $7.50) (1000- $30) 57. T. knuthianus ‘Fields’ X Open $2 (100- $7.50) (1000- $25) 58. T. knuthianus ‘Fields’ X T. pachanoi ‘Fields’ $3 59. T. knuthianus ‘Fields’ X T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons Short Spine’ $6 (100- $15) 60. T. knuthianus ‘Fields’ X T. terscheckii ‘Yellow Spine’ $4 (100- $10) 61. T. macrogonus ‘Fields’ X Open $2 (100- $5) (1000- $25) 62. T. macrogonus ‘Fields’ X T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons Short Spine’ $6 (100- $15) 63. T. sp. ‘Pantera’ X T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’ $6 64. T. sp. ‘Pantera’ X T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #2’ $6 65. T. pachanoi ‘Fields’ X T. bridgesii ‘JB’ $4 (100- $10) 66. T. pachanoi ‘Fields’ X T. bridgesii ‘Short Spine’ $4 (100- $10) 67. T. pachanoi ‘Fields’ X T. cuzcoensis ‘CC’ $4 (100- $10) 68. T. pachanoi ‘Fields’ X T. sp. ‘Hebrew’ $4 (100- $10) 69. T. pachanoi ‘Fields’ X T. huascha (Red Flower)’ $6 (100- $15) 70. T. pachanoi ‘Fields’ X T. sp. ‘J3’ $4 (100- $10) 71. T. pachanoi ‘Fields’ X Open $2 (100- $5) (1000- $25) 72. T. pachanoi ‘Fields’ X T. pachanoi ‘PC’ $3 73. T. pachanoi ‘Fields’ X T. pachanoi ‘Yowie’ $4 74. T. pachanoi ‘Fields’ X T. peruvianus ‘JB’ $6 75. T. pachanoi ‘Fields’ X (T. peruvianus ‘Len’ x Open) $4 76. T. pachanoi ‘Fields’ X T. peruvianus ‘MG Red Spine’ $4 (100- $10) 77. T. pachanoi ‘Fields’ X (T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #1’ x Open) $4 (100- $10) 78. T. pachanoi ‘Fields’ X T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #1’$4 79. T. pachanoi ‘Fields’ X T. peruvianus ‘Sharxx Blue’ $6 (100- $15) 80. T. pachanoi ‘Fields’ X T. peruvianus ‘Short Spine’ $4 (100- $10) 81. T. pachanoi ‘Fields’ X T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’ $4 (100- $10) 82. T. pachanoi ‘Fields’ X (T. sp.’Super Pedro’ x T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0) $4 83. T. pachanoi ‘Fields’ X T. terscheckii ‘Yellow Spine’ $6 84. T. pachanoi ‘Fields’ X T. sp. ‘Tripsis #2’ $4 (100- $10) (1000- $40) 85. T. pachanoi ‘Graham’ X T. peruvianus ‘Short Spine’ $4 (100- $10) 86. T. pachanoi ‘JS’ X T. peruvianus MG Red Spine’ $8 87. (T. pachanoi ‘Juuls Giant x T. scopulicola) X T. bridgesii ‘Short Spine’ $6 88. (T. pachanoi ‘Juuls Giant x T. scopulicola) X T. scopulicola $4 89. (T. pachanoi ‘PC’ x T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’) X T. huascha (Red Flower) $6 90. (T. pachanoi ‘PC’ x T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’) X T. knuthianus ‘Fields’ $4 91. (T. pachanoi ‘PC’ x T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’) X T. pachanoi ‘Fields’ $4 92. (T. pachanoi ‘PC’ x T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’) X T. peruvianus ‘Sausage Plant’ $4 (100- $10) 93. (T. pachanoi x T. peruvianus) X T. peruvianus ‘MG Red Spine’ $6 94. T. pachanoi ‘PC’ X T. bridgesii ‘JB’ $4 95. T. pachanoi ‘PC’ X T. bridgesii ‘Tig’ $4 (100- $10) 96. T. pachanoi ‘PC’ X T. huascha (Red Flower) $6 97. T. pachanoi ‘PC’ X Open $2 (100- $5) (1000- $25) 98. T. pachanoi ‘PC’ X T. pachanoi ‘Fields’ $3 (100- $7.50) 99. T. pachanoi ‘PC’ X T. pachanoi ‘John’ $4 100. T. pachanoi ‘PC’ X T. peruvianus ‘JS’ $4 101. T. pachanoi ‘PC’ X T. peruvianus ‘MG Red Spine’ $4 102. T. pachanoi ‘PC’ X T. scopulicola $4 103. T. pachanoi ‘PC’ X T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons Short Spine’ $6 (100- $15) (1000- $60) 104. T. pachanoi ‘PC’ X T. sp. ‘Tripsis #2’ $4 105. T. pachanoi ‘Rod’ X Open $3 (100- $7.50) (1000- $30) 106. T. pachanoi ‘Rod’ X T. pachanoi ‘Mu’ $8 107. T. pachanoi ‘Rod’ X T. sp. TA03’ $8 108. T. pachanoi ‘Yowie’ X Open $4 109. (T. pachanoi x T. peruvianus) X Open $3 (100- $7.50) (1000- $30) 110. T. peruvianus ‘Dawsons #1’ X T. sp. ‘Binnie’ $8 111. T. peruvianus ‘Dawsons #1’ X T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’ $8 112. T. peruvianus ‘Dawsons #1’ X T. chilensis var. longispinus $8 113. T. peruvianus ‘Dawsons #1’ X Open $4 114. T. peruvianus ‘Dawsons #1’ X T. peruvianus ‘Sharxx Blue’ $8 115. T. peruvianus ‘Dawsons #1’ X T. poco (White Flower) $8 116. T. peruvianus ‘Dawsons #1’ X T. sp. ‘TA03’ $8 (100- $20) 117. T. peruvianus ‘Dawsons #1’ X T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons’ $8 118. T. peruvianus ‘Dawsons #1’ X T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons Short Spine’ $8 (100- $20) 119. T. peruvianus ‘Dawsons #1’ X T. sp. ‘WK’ $6 (100- $15) 120. T. peruvianus ‘Fitzroy’ X Open’ $3 (100- $7.50) (1000- $30) 121. T. peruvianus ‘Fitzroy’ X T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons Short Spine’ $8 122. T. peruvianus ‘John’ X T. bridgesii ‘JB’ $4 123. T. peruvianus ‘John’ X T. bridgesii ‘KK919’ $4 (100- $10) (1000- $40) 124. T. peruvianus ‘John’ X T. bridgesii ‘Short Spine’ $4 (100- $10) 125. T. peruvianus ‘John’ X Open $3 (100- $7.50) (1000- $30) 126. T. peruvianus ‘John’ X T. pachanoi ‘Yowie’ $6 127. T. peruvianus ‘John’ X T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons Short Spine’ $8 (100- $20) (1000- $60) 128. T. peruvianus ‘John’ X T. sp. ‘Tripsis #2’ $4 129. T. peruvianus ‘JS’ X T. bridgesii ‘Short Spine’ $6 (100- $15) 130. (T. peruvianus ‘Len’ x Open) X T. peruvianus ‘Sharxx Blue’ $8 131. T. peruvianus ‘MG Red Spine’ X T. peruvianus ‘Dawsons #1’ $8 132. T. peruvianus ‘MG Red Spine’ X T. peruvianus ‘Sharxx Blue’ $8 133. T. peruvianus ‘MG Red Spine’ X Open $4 (100- $10) 134. T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #1’ X T. sp. ‘J3’ $4 (100- $10) 135. T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #1’ X Open $3 (100- $7.50) (1000- $30) 136. T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #1’ X T. pachanoi ‘Yowie’ $4 (100- $10) 137. T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #1’ X T. peruvianus ‘MG Red Spine’ $4 (100- $10) 138. T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #1’ X T. peruvianus ‘Sharxx Blue’ $8 (100- $20) 139. T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #1’ X T. scopulicola $4 140. T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #1’ X T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons Short Spine’ $8 (100- $20) 141. T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #1’ X Tripsis #2’ $4 142. T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #2’ X T. peruvianus ‘MG Red Spine’ $8 143. T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #2’ X T. peruvianus ‘Sharxx Blue’ $8 (100- $20) 144. T. peruvianus ‘Sausage Plant’ X Open $4 145. T. peruvianus ‘Sausage Plant’ X T. pachanoi ‘Yowie’ $6 146. T. peruvianus ‘Sausage Plant’ X (T. peruvianus ‘Len’ x Open) $6 147. T. peruvianus ‘Sausage Plant’ X T. peruvianus ‘Short Spine’ $6 148. T. peruvianus ‘Sharxx Blue’ X T. bridgesii ‘Short Spine’ $8 (100- $20) 149. T. peruvianus ‘Sharxx Blue’ X T. chilensis var. longispinus $10 150. T. peruvianus ‘Sharxx Blue’ X T. huascha (Red Flower) $10 151. T. peruvianus ‘Sharxx Blue’ X Open $4 (100- $10) 152. T. peruvianus ‘Sharxx Blue’ X T. pachanoi ‘Fields’ $8 153. T. peruvianus ‘Sharxx Blue’ X T. peruvianus ‘Dawsons #1’ $8 (100- $20) 154. T. peruvianus ‘Sharxx Blue’ X T. peruvianus ‘Ivan’ $8 155. T. peruvianus ‘Sharxx Blue’ X T. peruvianus ‘MG Red Spine’ $8 (100- $20) 156. T. peruvianus ‘Sharxx Blue’ X T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons’ $10 (100- $20) 157. T. peruvianus ‘Sharxx Blue’ X T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons Short Spine’ $10 (100- $20) 158. T. peruvianus ‘Sharxx Blue’ X T. terscheckii ‘Yellow Spine’ $10 159. T. peruvianus ‘Short Spine X T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’ $6 (100- $15) 160. T. peruvianus ‘Short Spine X T. bridgesii ‘Short Spine’ $6 (100- $15) 161. T. peruvianus ‘Short Spine X T. peruvianus ‘John’ $6 (100- $15) 162. T. peruvianus ‘Short Spine X T. peruvianus ‘MG Red Spine’ $6 (100- $15) 163. T. peruvianus ‘Short Spine X (T. peruvianus ‘Serra Blue’ x T. bridgesii ‘SS02’) $6 164. T. peruvianus ‘Short Spine X T. peruvianus ‘Sharxx Blue’ $8 (100- $20) 165. T. peruvianus ‘Short Spine X T. sp. ‘Tripsis #1’ $8 (100- $20) 166. T. peruvianus ‘Short Spine X T. sp. ‘Tripsis #2’ $6 (100- $15) 167. T. peruvianus ‘Short Spine X T. scopulicola $6 (100- $15) 168. T. poco (White Flower) X T. sp. ‘Binnie’ $8 (100- $20) 169. T. shickendanzii ‘Pink Flower’ X T. sp. ‘Yellow Flower’ $4 (100- $10) 170. T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’ X T. bridgesii ‘Fields’ $4 (100- $10) 171. T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’ X T. bridgesii ‘Short Spine’ $4 (100- $10) 172. T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’ X T. bridgesii ‘Tig’ $4 173. T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’ X T. sp. ‘J3’ $4 (100- $10) 174. T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’ X Open $3 (100- $7.50) (1000- $30) 175. T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’ X T. pachanoi ‘PC’ $3 (100- $7.50) 176. T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’ X T. pachanoi ‘Yowie’ $4 177. T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’ X T. peruvianus ‘Rosei $1’ $4 (100- $10) (1000- $40) 178. T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’ X T. scopulicola $4 (100- $10) (1000- $40) 179. T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’ X T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons’ $6 180. T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’ X T. sp. ‘Tripsis #2’ $4 181. (T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’ x T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’) X T. pachanoi ‘PC’ $3 (100- $7.50) 182. (T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’ x T. scopulicola) X Open $3 183. (T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’ x T. scopulicola) X T. peruvianus ‘Short Spine’ $4 184. (T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’ x T. scopulicola X T. terscheckii-validus $6 185. T. scopulicola X T. bridgesii ‘JB’ $4 186. T. scopulicola X T. sp. ‘J3’ $4 187. T. scopulicola X T. sp. ‘J10’ $4 188. T. scopulicola X T. pachanoi ‘PC’ $3 (100- $7.50) 189. T. scopulicola X T. peruvianus ‘MG Red Spine’ $4 190. T. scopulicola X T. peruvianus ‘Sharxx Blue’ $6 (100- $15) 191. T. scopulicola X (T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’ x T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’) $4 192. T. sp. ‘TA03’ X T. pachanoi ‘Rod’ $6 (100- $15) 193. T. sp. ‘TA03’ X T. sp. ‘Tripsis #2’ $6 (100- $15) 194. T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons’ X T. poco (White Flower) $8 195. T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons’ X T. terscheckii ‘Yellow Spine’ $4 (100- $10) 196. T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons Short Spine’ X T. macrogonus ‘Fields’ $10 (100- $25) 197. T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons Short Spine’ X T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #1’ $10 198. T. terscheckii ‘SA Short Spine’ X Open $6 199. T. terscheckii ‘SA Short Spine’ X T. sp. Tripsis #2’ $8 200. T. terscheckii ‘SA Short Spine’ X T. scopulicola $6 (100- $15) 201. T. terscheckii-validus ‘CC’ X T. sp. ‘J3’ $8 202. T. terscheckii-validus ‘CC’ X Open $6 203. T. terscheckii-validus ‘CC’ X T. pachanoi ‘PC’ $6 204. T. terscheckii-validus ‘CC’ X T. poco (White Flower) $10 205. T. terscheckii-validus ‘CC’ X T. scopulicola $8 206. T. terscheckii ‘Yellow Spine’ X T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons’ $8 207. T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons X T. terscheckii-validus ‘CC’ $8 208. T. sp. ‘Tripsis #2’ X T. bridgesii ‘JB’ $4 209. T. sp. ‘Tripsis #2’ X T. bridgesii ‘Short Spine’ $4 210. T. sp. ‘Tripsis #2’ X Open $3 (100- $7.50) (1000- $30) 211. T. sp. ‘Tripsis #2’ X T. sp. ‘J3’ $4 212. T. sp. ‘Tripsis #2’ X T. pachanoi ‘Fields’ $4 (100- $10) 213. T. sp. ‘Tripsis #2’ X T. pachanoi ‘Rod’ $4 214. T. sp. ‘Tripsis #2’ X T. peruvianus ‘MG Red Spine’ $6 215. T. sp. ‘Tripsis #2’ X T. peruvianus ‘Sharxx Blue’ $8 216. T. sp. ‘Tripsis #2’ X T. scopulicola $4 (100- $10) 217. T. sp. ‘Tripsis #2’ X T. sp. ‘TA03’ $6 218. (Trichonopsis ‘Whiora’ x T. pachanoi) X T. andalgalensis hybrid $6 219. (Trichonopsis ‘Whiora’ x T. pachanoi) X T. peruvianus ‘John’ $6 220. T. sp. ‘Yellow Flower’ X T. sp. ‘Binnie’ $8 221. Cereus peruvianus monstrose $8 222. Oreocereus celsianus $4 Postage and handeling within Australia is $3.50, worldwide $4.50. To place an order please email me at trichocereus.au@outlook.com
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    This shows that the best times to harvest P. viridis are 6 am and 6 pm. (Sunrise and sunset) I was wondering if we could correlate/compare data such as the activity of insects in a 24 hours period or humidity percentages etc. (bearing in mind that this plant was in the jungle) Original source - https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/221d/facd7adfa3947e46cd101764a3d25e9da678.pdf?_ga=2.40171938.1492583384.1526295629-1998647047.1526295629 Pic was taken from the Herbalistic instagram
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    Had a few messages lately asking about getting into shooting as a sport and to eventually get into hunting animals later on with the mindset "from paddock to plate" (and as a secondary you are helping dispatch introduced/feral species!) All state laws are different but for PTA you need a genuine reason. Here in Western Australia we are only allowed to shoot on private land with permission from the landowner or manager (if a pastoral station). NSW and VIC offer public land hunting in state forests after applying to relevant authorities. Duck can be hunted in season after passing your WIT test (VIC only I think?) Check your state laws. A few tips for new shooters 1) SAFETY. TAKE A FIREARM SAFETY COURSE. Plenty of cowboys around unfortunately. 2) PPE. Good PPE goes a long way! A good pair of ear muffs or ear plugs. I use custom molds but somewhat pricey. Some people I've met wear safety/sport glasses such as Pilla Sport (brand), again, these are quite expensive but a range of lens colours helps with contrasts etc. Dressing appropriately is another to mention, especially when at the range. Hot brass landing on bare skin is not pleasant. 3) For first time shooters, start out on a small caliber such as a .22 / .22LR. Starting on a bigger caliber can cause unwanted flinching. Bad habits are hard to correct. 4) PRACTICE. PRACTICE. PRACTICE. All animals deserve to be dispatched quickly and humanely with correct shot placement of the suitable caliber Plenty more I could have mentioned, but these are the most important in my eyes. Safety and discipline. Discipline and safety. The biggest issue people have is gaining access to properties. You may know someone who is willing to let you on. Joining SSAA and using their ranges is a good way to network with members. They have a farmer assist program although I've never used it. The main thing I tell people is to go door knocking out in the bush. Get dressed nicely and offer assistance to farmers ie fencing, welding. If you have a trade or are good with your hands etc. I do fencing for a few farmers. They are busy people and always have something to do. You'll get a lot of people say no but leave your contact details anyway as you might get a call back. Filling your freezer with real free range organic meat is amazing. Don't let people tell you otherwise! Will try answer questions if people have them
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    I volunteer at an aged care facility and try to weasel myself into as many wills as possible. Gotta work hard for it though Other than that it's all about gardening. I'll take the wife to lookouts and waterfalls as much as possible. and sometimes go for a swim or fishing etc. I've been a lot more active in various clubs in the past, lapidary, orchid clubs, bromeliad club, Just cant find the time for it these days, but do follow my hobbies on the internet, youtube etc. Also Kancho... Gotta get me some wild kancho every day.
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    pics of uyupampensis, first bud(s) ever
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    Why not give a little update eh, I ended up doing a few different things but the real winner was my tomato's 1,000 bush roma plants and ended up with about 5 ton and I managed to get rid of them all at a good price. I feel like im always a bit biased when it comes to my homegrown produce but dam that shit is tasty! Also did several hundred jalapeno plants and other peppers, I have been making some pretty killer hot sauce. And several hundred pumpkins.....dont think ill bother with that one again. Just found a few pics of my tomato's Fuck, it was a bit of hard work now that I think about it. Peace.
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    Seeds and plant material came today Late this afternoon on a short walk I dosed two pinches of dried galphimia glauca. 20 or so minuets later i felt very relaxed, the colours of autumn appeared to be bolder. Greens and oranges stood out. This of course could have been placebo or just me taking the time to notice them. I had a relaxing afternoon so i couldn't notice much of a difference. Talking to some people seemed easier and the conversation seemed to really flow a lot better, just joking around with people who i don't think i would usually feel 100% comfortable with. Letting my guard down was nice. I'm not an anxious person at the best of times but I feel strongly like any anxieties I do have were nicely dulled. I believe even 4 hours after dosing i'm feeling some effects and i'm keen for an early night (I hear this is a common effect) I will honour this plant medicine by planting it's seeds tomorrow morning Peace all
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    oh yeah, it's always about me... nupe, but I think a big ego, protects you from mental illness, hahaha. I just had my first beer in 3 weeks. this thread is about, what else we do, if we don't just hang out at sab (going to work doesn't count sorry). I was absent for a while, and I filled the void with, (youtube) gypsy jazz videos and some psy trance), and increased my skill level on the guitar. I increased my time I spend in the bush, and the focus as often is gold, mineral collecting and fossils. I joined a lapidary club, it was on my bucket list for a long time. what do you do, when you try to get as excited as when sabing?
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    Hahahah, has your life just turned into a constant assessment of potential kancho targets? I've been having a lot of fun with my mental health! Yay for complex PTSD! Thankfully I'm starting to find more and more opportunities to move towards what I feel will help me thrive rather than exist... I just got home from doing sound for the local ukulele festival, which was freaking BRILLIANT fun, largely positive reception except for a couple of artists with shitty pickups and mic technique roasting me from afar for not turning them up to the point of feedback. Ahh well. I'm working on the theory that a lot of mental health problems stem from, or are exacerbated by, a lack of community involvement. This is partially through what I've learned about cultures with low mental illness rates- everybody has a place and belongs, people look after each other, the youth belong to a vast family which is their tribe, so if their parents are shit cunts the blow is absorbed by the love they receive from their peers. I'm also informed by my time living close to the city and how downright afraid everybody is of everybody else. Also had a professional development session for an arts festival I'll be performing at later in the year, another Big Thing for me. It's the first time I've acknowledged myself as an artist and exhibited as such. I asked my supervisor if I can drop down to 4 days a week. Here's hoping. I'm adamant that being less involved in the cooked logic of a huge multi-national corporation will do really bloody good things for me. Also, any reduction in time spent in a warehouse in winter is a GOOD THING, last winter was just painful.
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    Could you explain it a bit more, maybe a diagram or video? My sister just can't get it right
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    my hz x scop is budding up again this yr....hopefully she will accept pollen this go around.... pic from last yr....
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    You have some strange hobbies Halcyon...
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    hi! I want to remember that, you all are bidding for the whole lot! meaning, the last bid is very good, but maybe still as a whole, extremely cheap. the arios I offer are producing a lot of seeds already, and arios and there seeds are still very rare in oz. those ario seeds have a variety of offspring, retusus, agavoides, fissuratus, and maybe intermidiates. the lophs as well are good seed producers. I overlooked one possibility, and that is that, the recipient, might have too much work on his/her hands after receiving the parcel. so I will ask the receiver, IF THEY THINK, THEY MIGHT NOT PUT DOWN THE LEAVES OR IBOGA SEEDS, RIGHT AWAY, TO SAY TO ME, DON'T BOTHER SENDING THEM. in short, I want to make sure, nothing of the above gets wasted. TO GIVE THE WEEKEND SABER'S A CHANCE THIS AUCTION WILL CLOSE ON SUNDAY, 13.05.2018 MIDNIGHT!!! I got no calender, hope it's right... and remember, IT'S FREE POSTAGE.
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    he was a realy awesome bloke, extremely generous, well spoken, and like cs a very beautyfull person on the surface and in the heart. he was very active, creating meetings, and burning cd's for you, and at times he lived a life, we all would be jealous of. when I close my eyes I see him at the camping ground. I loved him from the start, and I know he loved most of us.
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    I reckon this type of shit is actually problematic, in that it's a bit of "Well, now we've proven it, you can use it for this purpose, and when we've proven it for that purpose, then you can use it..." Cannabis helps you sleep? NO FUCKING SHIT! Mankind has known this for ever, but thanks OZ for chucking heaps of cash at research to prove it. Who knows, it may even improve appetite in some patients... Next research question for study = found. https://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/latest-news/cannabis-may-help-insomniacs-sleep/news-story/43a6cebca6823039b3c724e96c706761
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    Ill take it! I will offer: Ghost naga chilli seeds Carolina reaper chilli seeds Cambodian chilli seeds Datura (white) seeds Lophophora seeds ... Thats it for now. Will put some more up if i think of anything.
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    I put myself on daily probiotic turmeric. Been doing that for a while now. Anyone use it as a brain tonic? I whip up a couple of strong (20g) turmeric, ginger, black pepper and occasionally saffron probiotic sludges a day The more probiotic turmeric combos I get into me, the more I see how much I was probably running on likely extreme neuroinflammation. It's a robust shift, some really positive glimpses at something when I mega dose, some days not always feeling wonderful but on the whole small steps that are generally positive, using pretty much all the polyphenol classes and including the turmeric concoctions at a high dose in a good diet. I'm sticking with this, hoping an antidepressant effect becomes apparent.. So far, the most robust improvement I've had is in self-regulation (which was in tatters) buffering to better levels, along with getting sleep (quite a bit of sleep debt built up), more so than mood. Quite profound is the way these probiotic turmeric combos seem to be modulating aberrant reward related stuff. It's very anti-addictive but at the same time I'm stopping so many locked in behavioural loops that nothing at all left seems rewarding anymore. Push through it, hope I can write some new eudaimonic pathways Inflammation and mental health: Research indicates that mood disturbances and psychiatric disorders are closely related to CNS or whole body inflammation [1]. The prevalence of inflammation, measured by one marker only, in the diagnostic groups of psychotic disorders, mood disorders, neurotic disorders and personality disorders was 32%, 21%, 22% and 42%, respectively [2]. ' Inflammation was consistently found to affect basal ganglia and cortical reward and motor circuits to drive reduced motivation and motor activity, as well as anxiety-related brain regions including amygdala, insula and anterior cingulate cortex, which may result from cytokine effects on monoamines and glutamate [3]. Higher levels of inflammation are associated with longitudinal changes in brain function in regions important for cognition [4]. Increasing evidence points toward an involvement of the immune system in MDD pathogenesis. Inflammation can affect monoaminergic and glutamatergic neurotransmission [5]. Negative symptoms of schizophrenia are associated with increased inflammation [6]. Inflammation may at least partly mediate resting state functional connectivity via effects on mesolimbic and mesocortical dopaminergic systems [7]. Inflammatory measures were positively related to striatolimbic resting-state functional connectivity but negatively related to corticostriatal resting-state functional connectivity Chronically elevated levels of inflammatory markers, for example, are associated with clinical depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and many other psychological and behavioral issues and likewise these conditions often have elevated impulsivity. Inflammatory mediators promote a general trade-off towards focusing on immediate versus delayed outcomes. Inflammation is particularly influential on impulsivity - higher active inflammation – as quantified by plasma levels of IL-6, TNF-α, and white blood cell count – predicted more impulsivity. The relationship remained significant when controlling for factors known to covary with both inflammation and impulsivity [8] "Better understanding of the outcomes associated with impulsivity of inflammatory origins may yield low-cost interventions that can ameliorate behavioral problems notoriously resistant to current treatment strategies. For example, anti-inflammatory medications may be helpful as adjunct treatments for behavioral disorders related to impulsivity, such as substance abuse or certain mental illnesses." [1] http://www.dailymail.co.uk/…/Cambridge-psychiatrist-claims-… [2] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29544672 [3] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29173175 [4] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29304217 [5] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29604382 [6] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29499967 [7] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29689344 [8] https://repository.tcu.edu/handle/116099117/20630 More on neuroinflammation Mental illnesses and ASD seem to be strongly related to neuroinflammation, activation of inflammation in animal models leads to behavioural abnormalities. That said, it is suggested to be at best one cause of depression [1]. Schizophrenia and autism spectrum disorders share core symptoms and overlap in many ways pathologically, mainly by extensive microglial activation and similar behavioural attributes, this microglial activation also extends to brain injuries. The neuroprotective effect of curcumin is mainly mediated by blockade of microglial cell activation [2]. Psychological stress activates inflammation and that this activation would be found to predict the later development of pathology. Social isolation/feeling lonely is associated with systemic inflammation. There is evidence that a range of psychosocial stressors lead to elevated microglial activity [3]. Neuroticism has also been associated with higher levels of inflammatory markers while conscientiousness has been associated with lower inflammatory markers [4]. Chronic neuroinflammation and the loss of neurotrophic factors promotes 'locked in' behavioural inflexibility and promotes the pathogenesis of disorders such as addictions and feeds antisocial personality traits [5]. A multitude of studies support the notion that inflammatory processes form an integral part of the mechanisms precipitating addictions [6]. It appears elevated neuroinflammation is important throughout the cortico-striato-thalamo-cortical circuit of obsessive compulsive disorder, too [7] See Resident evil: Inflammation and depression [1] http://www.psychiatrictimes.com/special-reports/introduction-inflammation-connection [2] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18214347 [3] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26847047 [4] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4544833/ [5] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28810156 [6] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29054292 [7] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28636705 Microglial activation - a pathological player? Activated pro-inflammatory microglia trigger anxiety- and depressive-like behaviours, mainly by increasing the expression of pro-inflammatory mediators and neurotoxins in stress-sensitive brain regions. Injury, stress, toxic exposures and social stress can induce microglial over-activation [1] It is proposed M1 and M2 microglia are related to relapse and remission, respectively in psychiatric disorders and diseases [2]. While activated M1 microglia may exacerbate injury by producing neurotoxic substances when overactivated for prolonged times, activated M2 microglia (the anti-inflammatory and tissue-reparative phenotype) protect neighboring cells by removing cell debris and releasing trophic factors for brain repair. Curcumin promoted microglial M2 polarisation and inhibited M1 polarisation. Long-term depression is a progressive disease and elevated microglial activation and inflammation play a role, it is suggested targeting the inflammatory process is needed to prevent neuroprogression [3]. Our gut microbiota is critical for modulation of the HPA axis and thus the stress response and brain processes such as myelination, neurogenesis and microglial activation and can effectively modulate behaviour and influence psychological processes such as mood and cognition. The gut microbiota is essential for the maintenance of microglia in a healthy functional state, which is necessary for the prevention of neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders [4]. Microglia have more recently emerged as key players in regulating neuronal network excitability [5] and reward. Activated microglia within reward circuitry result in disruption of dopaminergic signaling and reward behaviour. Activation of microglia by addictive drugs or other causes results in a proinflammatory dominance of the innate immune system, which is then critically synergise on the neurocircuit of reward and dependence [6]. Repeated drug-induced microglial activation produces progressive increases in microglial reactivity, further potentiating the neurobiological consequences of chronic drug use [7] Even acute inflammation impairs 'theory of mind' (ToM) explaining social-cognitive deficits in people that exhibit low-grade inflammation [8]. Inflammation, Self-Regulation, and Health: An Immunologic Model of Self-Regulatory Failure Exposure to stress, infection, and disease in early life increases proinflammatory cytokine activity, which decreases an individual’s self-regulatory ability. Poor self-regulation and poor health behaviours, which lead to greater exposure to stress and disease. As these dynamics continue over childhood and adolescence, compounded by social stressors, more stable differences in brain structure and function can develop that ultimately produce persistent impairments in self-regulation in adulthood. Dysregulated or enhanced neuroinflammation is argued to facilitate the etiology of mental disorders. Immune system activity — especially components of the immune system involved in inflammation — appear to impair numerous facets of self-regulation: inflammatory activity can impair both cognitive and emotional self-regulation. Markers of systemic inflammation have been associated with brain alterations that negatively impact executive function in humans: higher levels of proinflammatory cytokines at baseline predict lower executive function. Acute inflammatory challenges alter DLPFC response when individuals engage in tasks that require self-control, reduces resting glucose metabolism in the ACC in humans, which is a brain region critically important in self-regulation and reduces functional connectivity between the medial PFC (mPFC) and brain regions involved in mood and emotion. Inflammatory activity impairs sensitivity to reward. Inflammatory activity may impair self-regulation by reducing motivation and may either help or hinder self-regulation by decreasing sensitivity to reward. Inflammation may modulate mesolimbic and mesocortical dopaminergic systems. "Prolonged or severe stress exposure disrupts homeostatic or ‘healthy’ communication between the CNS and peripheral immune system, shifting immune signaling toward a proinflammatory state. Part of this response includes elevated and prolonged proinflammatory signaling in the CNS that is argued to be linked with stress-related psychiatric disorders." There is mounting evidence that social stress activates microglial cells in the central nervous system. Microglial activation is positively correlated with psychiatric disorders. Pro-inflammatory cytokines including IL-1β and TNF-α, can reduce the availability of serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline by increasing the expression and function of reuptake transporters, reducing synthesis or decreasing monoamine precursors and also act on the glutamate pathway and together with astrocytes stimulate the increased release of this neurotransmitter and decreased brain-derived neurotrophic factor, which ultimately leads to excitotoxicity [9] Elevated pro-inflammatory cytokine levels caused by microglia activation, often induced by social stress, contributes to the development and persistent anxiety-like behaviour [10] [1] https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fnbeh.2017.00207/full [2] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4276905/ [3] https://www.karger.com/Article/Abstract/470805. [4] https://www.wjgnet.com/1007-9327/full/v23/i30/5486.htm [5] https://www.hindawi.com/journals/np/2013/429815/ [6] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22707932 [7] https://www.colorado.edu/lab/bachtell/research/neuroinflammation-and-addiction [8] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29742460 [9] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5660717/ [10] https://www.nature.com/articles/npp2016102 Why turmeric? Turmeric, a source of curcuminoids, including the essential oil containing ar-turmerone [1] is a neuroprotective and neuropharmacological drug. It may be used in neurodegenerative disorders [2] including MS [3], depression etc. Curcumin may be used as an effective and safe modality for treatment in patients with depression, with a better tolerability profile and safety than SSRIs [4]. Patients receiving curcumin showed increased levels of BDNF relative to baseline, whereas patients receiving placebo showed declines relative to baseline but results did not show more distal effects on cognition or clinical symptoms for patients with schizophrenia [5] Curcumin may increase the concentration of monoamines available to interact with receptors, alleviating depression Curcumin strongly inhibits inflammatory cytokines like nuclear factor-kappa B, NLRP3 inflammasome, and interleukin-1B. this may help explain its antidepressant activity. There's suggestion that curcumin may be useful for treating human motivational symptoms The study findings that epigenetically, cooking with/using whole turmeric is superior to using turmeric extract preparations seem to match my experiences - those 'bioavailability enhanced commercial products' or curcumin extracts (even with piperine) just don't personally compare to solid dose of whole turmeric etc IMO. Something about it fermenting in the gut, activity of the volatiles, or high volume of dispersion/absorption of the curcuminoids through using the actual powder, I'm not sure? Particularly fermented with quality probiotics. Even a curcumin free water turmeric extract has effects on mood . At least 235 compounds, primarily phenolic compounds and terpenoids, have been identified from C. longa. What's interesting about using whole turmeric is curcumin-free turmeric components such as those in a possess numerous biological activities, including neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and antidiabetic activities. Volatiles like aromatic-turmerone exerts beneficial effects on the brain - inhibiting microglial activation, preventing brain damage caused by neuroinflammation and increasing neural stem cell proliferation . Bisacurone has been identified as another of these components, also with anti-inflammatory effects. [1] a) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28849618 b ) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25928248 [2] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22742420 [3] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29079885 [4] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23832433 [5] https://doi.org/10.1016/j.schres.2017.09.046 The effect of curcumin on serotonin appeared to be dose-dependent, at high doses curcumin also increased dopamine and to a lesser extent noradrenaline. Additionally, the effect of curcumin on the serotonergic system was possibly related to its interaction with 5-HT1A/1B and 5-HT2C receptors. In studies, regarding behavioural changes; the effect of curcumin was more pronounced than fluoxetine. Curcumin raised brain GSH and reduced brain MDA, TNF-α and IL-6 contents Importantly, curcumin normalises the levels of dopamine in the frontal cortex of rats and exerts biochemical and morphological effects of the on the PFC and hippocampus. Curcumin enhances the level of neurotrophic factors such as brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) There have been signs of antidepressant properties through an interaction of curcumin with dopamine receptors and an increase in brain dopamine levels. Supplementation of curcuminoids to standard antidepressants showed a significant reduction of anxiety and depression in patients with major depressive disorder Moreover, curcumin extracts significantly improved depressive symptoms and demonstrated anxiolytic effects in patients with atypical depression. There was a significant improvement of sustained attention, working memory tasks, and mood after curcumin treatment. Curcumin showed a significant reduction in SGA‑induced body weight gain on the rats. It exerts hypoglycemic, antioxidant, antitumor, and anticarcinogenic activities. It also prevents tardive dyskinesia Why probiotic? Influence of gut microbiota on neuropsychiatric disorders Got a broad spectrum of probiotics gong on. Along with things like L. plantarum which significantly reduced anxiety-related behaviour and altered GABAergic and serotonergic signaling in the brain, it also ameliorated cognition deficits but also restored ACh and the histopathological features to control group in an AD model, I'm using a lot of L. rhamnosus rich food which has anxiolytic and mood effects: Lactobacillus rhamnosus, can dramatically alter GABA activity in the brains of mice. It reduces stress-induced elevation in stress hormones. Enriching food with Bifidobacterium longum which decreases anxiety and may improve mood among anxious animal models. Lactobacillus casei which cultures appeared to improve mood among those only with a low/depressive mood at baseline. Bifidobacterium animalis which scavenged free radicals and decreased MAO activity. "The development of the forebrain, esp. the neocortex, in social mammals and ultimately primates and humans depends on correct and timely signals from microbial symbionts—which is disturbed, when the microbiota is absent or disturbed. Likewise when the microbiome is disturbed, there is evidence of increased hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal (HPA) axis activity in response to acute stress. The immune pathway within the brain–gut–microbiome axis may be a plausible mediator of the effects of this axis on social behaviour" Recent data provide evidence that related bacterial species can interact specifically with a variety of different neuronal populations. For example some bacteria affects the functioning of CNS neurons in the hippocampus and amygdala, and alter PFC funtioning. They can alter vagal tone, HPA axis activity, neuroinflammation/microglial activation, alter serotonergic transmission, levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor, NMDA receptor subunit expression, GABAergic signalling and receptor expression etc [ref] There are also links to a role for oxytocin. Altering the microbiome has been shown to do things like: -improve mood, but only in those who have poorer mood at baseline and alter anxiety related measures -reduce cortisol output in response to an acute stressor -alter brain activity when processing information related to emotional facial expressions -improvement in sustained attention in healthy older adults The first clinical trial of probiotics in bipolar disorder found probiotics lowered the rate of rehospitalisation, building on previous research that has found promise for these in depression, anxiety, cognition, and autism Supplemental probiotics to combat brain-related dysfunction offers a promising approach [1]. Evidence suggests [2] that chronic administration of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria strains can have effects on areas of the brain related to emotion, mood, memory, and somatosensory processing - probiotic ingestion attenuates emotional reactions and decreases activity of certain brain regions when measuring brain responses to emotional stimuli Along with improved depression, anxiety, anger, and anxiety in adults [3], probiotic intake for 4-6 weeks altered neural activity in brain regions that control central processing of emotion and sensation in healthy women but no change in gut microbial composition was detected [4]. In a more recent study, a slight change was detected in the microbiome and [5]: Probiotics improved self-reported behavioural measures of positive affect and cognitive reactivity Probiotic administration influenced the behavioral scores for depression and anxiety questionnaires, significantly increasing positive affect and blunting vulnerability to depression in terms of hopelessness and risk aversion Probiotics improved memory performance and altered brain activation patterns Probiotic administration for 4 weeks was associated with changes in brain activation patterns in response to emotional memory and emotional decision-making tasks In major depression, probiotic (Lactobacillus helveticus and Bifidobacterium longum) resulted in an improvement in BDI score compared with placebo whereas no significant effect of prebiotic supplementation (galactooligosaccharide) was seen [6] “The Social Network” – How the Gut Microbiome Governs Our Social Behaviour [1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29701810 [2] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29698377 [3] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20974015 [4] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23474283 [5] https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/19490976.2018.1460015 [6] https://doi.org/10.1016/j.clnu.2018.04.010 There seem to be changes in the microbiota that are associated with substance use [1] across an array of SUDs and eating disorders [2] Ethanol drastically changes the microbiome and increase in gut permeability and induces a pro-inflammatory responses. Microbiome alterations were shown to be correlated with alcohol use disorder-related symptoms, i.e. craving, depression and anxiety and manipulations in the gut microbiota may affect cocaine-related behaviors (Animals with reduced gut bacteria showed an enhanced sensitivity to cocaine reward and enhanced sensitivity to the locomotor-sensitising effects of repeated cocaine administration [3]) and methamphetamine [4]. There is a strong negative influence of alcohol dependence on gut microbiota [5] and "Intestinal flora between cocaine users and non-cocaine users and have found that cocaine users have a higher mean relative abundance of Bacteroidetes and a lower abundance of Firmicutes than non-users; are more likely to smoke; have a lower mean percentage of body fat; and consume more alcohol than non-users." Phytonutrients impact the microbiome “eat the rainbow” AND eat prebiotic and probiotic foods" so to do omega-3's: Some of the health-related benefits of omega-3 may be due, in part, to increases in butyrate-producing bacteria. You can shift the microbiome with probiotics. Some of the other non-LAB are also now available as supplements. Probiotic intake induced an increase in Proteobacteria and in the Clostridiales spp. Patients taking probiotics had an increased numbers of butyrate-producing bacteria, especially Faecalibacterium and Clostridiales spp. Probiotic intervention modulated the fecal concentrations of butyrate in a manner dependent on the initial levels of short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) [things like live B. bifidum cells affected the relative abundance of dominant taxa in the fecal microbiota and modulated fecal butyrate levels] [1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5472629/ [2] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28482009 [3] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27752130 [4] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5575146/ [5] https://microbiomejournal.biomedcentral.com/.../s40168... Black pepper - more than a spice and bioavailability enhancer... "During the time of Hippocrates the pepper was used as both a spice for food and as a medicine. The Asian world has long considered black pepper to be an important spice for detoxifying and as an anti-aging compound. It is widely used in different traditional systems of medicine like Ayurvedic and Unani System of medicines" Black pepper is itself used as an analgesic, antiinflammatory, anticonvulsant, antioxidant, antidepressant and cognitive-enhancing agent. It contains 5-10% pungent acid-amides, with piperine as its main compound and several others, such as the N-isobutylamide guineensine which is a nanomolar inhibitor of cellular uptake of the endocannabinoid anandamide. Recent studies on the pharmacological actions of piperine have demonstrated its antioxidant activity, antiinflammatory [1] and cognitive-enhancing effect following long-term oral administration. It performed as well as memantine in an Alzheimer's model [2]. It reduces cholinesterase levels and amyloidal plaque formation [3]. It is a potent anti-inflammatory [4]. The antidepressant-like effects might depend on the augmentation of the neurotransmitter synthesis or the reduction of the neurotransmitter reuptake, along with inducing BDNF promoter, increasing brain-derived neurotrophic factor expression in the hippocampus and promoting neurite outgrowth [5,6]. It predominately seems to be mediated via the serotonergic system by enhancing 5-HT content [7] It exerts anxiolytic effects by GABAergic and nitrergic systems [8] It exerts anticonvulsant effects [9] due to antioxidant actions, as well as TNF-α reduction, along with effects on inhibitory amino acids and on the GABAergic system [10] and analgesic properties dependent on the opioid system [11] Piperine pre-treatment time-dependently improves the bioavailability of poylphenols, including flavonoids/green tea catechins and curcumin, through the reversible and selective inhibition of UGTs and SULTs. It also increases the bioavailability of things like ashwagandha, rosmarinic acid and a variety of drugs [12]. Enzymatic inhibition by piperine resulted in increased bioavailability of many drugs and nutrients e.g. amoxicillin, ampicillin, acefotaxime, carbamazepine, ciprofloxacin, norfloxacin, metronidazole, oxytetracyclin, nimesulide, pentobarbitone, phenytoin, resveratrol, beta-carotene, curcumin, gallic acid, tiferron, nevirapine, and sparteine by different types of mechanisms. Curcuminoids and piperine could inhibit drug metabolism but is "unlikely to result in a clinically significant interaction involving CYP3A, CYP2C9 or the paracetamol conjugation enzymes." [1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28185326 [2] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28939403 [3] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26023568 [4] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28185326 [5] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29063362 [6] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17701559 [7] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21477634 [8] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25149996 [9] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28352353 [10] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23313550 [11] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24388894 [12] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3458266/ Ginger: This itself functions as a bioavailability enhancer. Ginger has also a broad anti-inflammatory properties and may be useful in auto-immune conditions including MS. Ginger and its constituents, such as 6-gingerol, 6-shogaol, 6-paradol, zingerone, and dehydrozingerone, are effective for ameliorating the neurological symptoms of neurodegenerative conditions. Ginger and neurodegenerative disorders:
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    Can spare a few people some free seed [and/or smallish quantities of research material (in exchange for an opinion in a thread)]. I'll say the first three people? Can probably do more if someone's really keen, just keeping some seed for plant meets etc. Post here then shoot me a PM. "Best time to sow is late autumn and winter in good quality seed raising mix, cover lightly as seeds need light to germinate. Place in a warm sunny position. Don't plant out until late spring/early summer, keep moist on transplant. Don't overfeed - likes impoverished soil" High-quality evidence was found to exist for the use of Galphimia glauca (galphimia) for anxiety disorders [1] Dose: Dried herb 0.6–1 g per day standardized to 0.175–0.348 mg of galphimine B Clinical trials showing equivalence to synthetic anxiolytics No adverse reactions found in studies Generalized anxiety, GAD While emerging data is encouraging, further placebo-controlled studies are needed. Galphimines have been identified as active compounds in galphimia, with the nor-secotriterpenes galphimine A and galphimine B, being shown to have the strongest anxiolytic activity. Galphimine B has been considered the primary active constituent for galphimia’s anxiolytic and sedative effect, and is the constituent standardized for clinical trials. Galphimine B has been shown to interact with serotonergic transmission in the dorsal hippocampus in rats. This occurs by increasing the frequency of neuronal discharge in CA1 cells, resulting in activation of 5HT(1A) receptors. One study in mice demonstrated that galphimines cross the blood–brain barrier, with galphimine A found to have an effect on the central nervous system. 2.5.3 Evidence of Efficacy Preclinical A number of galphimine constituents, including galphimine B, were evaluated for their anxiolytic effects in mice using the EPM. Mice were intraperitoneally administered 15 mg/kg of a galaphimine derivative 1 hour before testing. An anxiolytic-like effect in the mice was found for both galphimine A and galphimine B, with a significant increase in the time spent in and number of entries into the open arm in the EPM. A second study on mice used a methanolic extract (standardized for galphimine B, 8.3 mg/g) at different doses (125, 250, 500, 1000 and 2000 mg/kg), which were orally administered at three different times (24, 18 and 1 hour before the test). Significant anxiolytic-like effects were found in the light–dark paradigm test and the EPM, but not the forced swimming test. Clinical Two clinical trials have found galphimia to be an effective anxiolytic. The first was a 4-week, positive-controlled double-blind RCT, with a cohort of 152 patients with a DSM-IV diagnosis of GAD and HAMA scores ≥19 . The two groups received either galphimia aqueous extract (310 mg standardized to 0.348 mg of galphimine B), or the benzodiazepine lorazepam (1 mg). Each treatment was administered in capsule form (identical in appearance) twice daily. Both groups demonstrated a significant reduction in anxiety symptoms. There were no significant side effects reported in the galphimia group, which contrasted with the lorazepam group, in which over 21 % of people reported excessive sedation. https://neupsykey.com/herbal-anxiolytics-with-sedative-actions/ "0.175 mg of galphimine-B and administered for 15 weeks to patients with generalized anxiety disorder, showed greater anxiolytic effectiveness than that obtained with lorazepam, with high percentages of therapeutic tolerability and safety." [2, 3] Galphimia glauca has been used for many years in Mexican traditional medicine for treating mental diseases, particularly nervous hyperexcitability disorders. This plant contains galphimines which have been shown to possess the ability of modifying the frequency of discharge of dopaminergic neurons in the Ventral tegmental area [4]. Galphimine-B appears to be an allosteric modulator of 5HT1A receptors [5] It was capable of blocking positive and cognitive symptoms associated with psychosis induced by ketamine [6] Anti-inflammatory activity and chemical profile of Galphimia glauca. [1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29575228 [2] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22828921 [3] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17562493 [4] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12567277 [5] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21742023 [6] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29710504
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    Elf / sprite phenomena during large electrical storms , like a giant alien jellyfish wormhole , they have been seen at up to 48km x 48km with the upper ring being up to 400km in diameter Just dont fall in ! "Sprites are sometimes inaccurately called upper-atmospheric lightning. However, sprites are cold plasma phenomena that lack the hot channel temperatures of tropospheric lightning, so they are more akin to fluorescent tube discharges than to lightning discharges." https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sprite_(lightning)#
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    Mighty fine offer Gimli. I really appreciate what you do for the community... I'm not going to enter, i've got enough seeds going. But i'll add the pere to the offering if the winner doesn't have any already....
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    Thanks for the link! I am super keen to get into areole grafting! Here are some baby texana after a month. These were grafted at exactly 10 days post sowing. Looks like they all took! I just need some free time to do more. p.s. please excuse the 6-year-old smartphone quality. Also i just watched the vid...my "parafilm" is much tougher, in tape form, and not opaque like that. Do you have an ebay link or something to the stuff you're using? Cheers!
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    From the album Trichocereus Freaks

    Yet another reason everyone should graft. The freaks come out to play and here we have yet another Trichocereus seedling that has decided to crest.
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    Thankyou withdrawl clinic/planthelper, I have contacted Torsten now. I will be very grateful to receive these plants and am happy the funds are going to a good cause. I also did not meet Christian but read many posts. While I do not post often and have not met many of the members on this forum, this community means a lot. When I started out years ago I received Trichocereus seeds from the corroboree which have grown into plants taller than I am. This forum has an amazing community and I hope in time I can give back to the resource of knowledge, plants and community people like AndyAmine helped create. Cheers
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    What is memory.. if not our present creation of support for our "now" moment.. A timeline needs its alignment of "past"moments as well as "future" moments to function as such. We create our "past" along with the "now" moment and we create our "future" as well. Whatever we succeed in anchoring as personal reality, that is our incarnational construct of consciousness. The "creation" of reality experience is a transmission of frequencies and the "choice" of reality experience is a reception of frequencies - the time construct realization is based on intermission/vibrating amplitudes; one-s and zero-s/ and the perception of energy exchange, yin-yang.. If a fish or a plant does not have memory as we perceive the memory phenomenon, that only means this particular incarnational construct of consciousness is experiencing time differently, creating or choosing differently their moments of reality as the fish or the plant we perceive.. What we perceive as cruel, by eating another living organism.. might be perceived as a great gift of compassion on the side of the eaten chicken for example, if we allow that construct of consciousness to become our reality and the experience of bliss going along with it.. Same goes for plants.. or jihadists believing in their heaven. Consciousness is whatever you decide it to be.. A gift of personal choice freedom ! Plants communicate consciousness by variety of different frequencies, which humans perceive and integrate in their reality.. beauty for example.. or fragility. If human consciousness is in altered state,it may go in non-verbal commumications far and beyond what was expected possible with a plant interaction. Human reality is holographic in nature/ see Michael Talbot / and it is changing along with perception, so it is different for everybody and coexisting too. Consensus reality for a group of people is only a part of the whole reality spectrum present. Multidimensional means co-existing. To be perceived as a consensus reality though, elements of it must exist recognised by all participants. Most of you know the moment when you want to explain a plant-related experience with great enthusiasm to someone and suddenly there are no words as if the mind goes blank ?! The consensus reality is impossible in these moments because we don't know a way to relate our reality to that other person's perception. Perception changes along when consciousness changes.. The transmission of that other person's consciousness in the moment of impossibility had been creating a reality, which we've received and accepted as non-consentual for our intended consensus reality. Shamans are well versed in relating consensus reality to such people, having the training in various methods of doing so. Not only shamans can expand other people's consciousness though..gurus,masters of various sorts etc. have their methods as well.. After a session with a shaman for example , the consciousness of the client had been guided to a consensus reality of creating in a slightly different incarnational construct of energy exchange dynamics . Healing is just a natural result of incarnating in a different timeline and the resulting different harmonic resonance in the body of the client. Consciousness is the innate reason for the human body's state of wellbeing!
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    only 2 posts and this member might and up with an incredible collection already!
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    https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Petitions/House_of_Representatives_Petitions/Petitions_General/Petitions_List?id=EN0596 Petition on Parliament house website. It's worth a lot more than one on change.org for example. Worth signing and sharing
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    LOL Wait till you knock some trays over
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    wow! This is a huge plant package from an awesome grower so you can bid with confidence. I've promoted this in the facebook group too.
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    From the album cacti

    First post, Finally made a SAB account :)
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    Mite help a bit https://www.google.com/url?q=https://www.nrmnorth.org.au/client-assets/documents/small-farm-living/Soil%20Pasture%20Health/Pasture/Glove%20-box%20guide%20to%20grass%20and%20legumes.pdf&sa=U&ved=0ahUKEwj4mpWAzPfaAhUCyrwKHebzA5M4WhAWCBMwBA&usg=AOvVaw26ioWTBeGpBoEtlDGATOLf Too preoccupied to shorten https://www.google.com/url?q=https://www.nrmsouth.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/CommonGrassesofTasmaniaLaneetal2015.pdf&sa=U&ved=0ahUKEwil8ajgz_faAhUFULwKHVR5AVA4MhAWCBgwBQ&usg=AOvVaw0-yJumzSVkvd4WN9HGPxBQ Both are little Pdfs
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    Well here she is in all her glory. Bruce's mum. :D She is only 1.8m max in height, and as you can see fron her stature she IS very different to Eileen. No spine shapeshifting, Fully mature spines still big and thick. Hope this pic clears things up a bit. It is a very nice hybrid indeed. Now he is known as "Bruce"
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    not sure I understand what you're referring to. the search function for this software has always been rather crap so I mostly use google to search the forums. The good news is that the next upgrade will apparently introduce a whole new search engine.
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    Well it's more than ten years on since the last post. I'd love to see a pic of Bruce now
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    after three shouts of going, going, gone?