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    aww wow this feels soooooo good to be able to post this !
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    Birds are wonderful..... It was Xmas morning , coincidentally , early , I'd just finished my morning Qigong routine on the back verandah , sitting having a cup of tea , when our local Magpie family fly's in , baby and two adults . One of the adults , looking straight at me comes walking up on to the verandah , on to my practice rug and drops a big black juicy beetle , still looking at me , it then backs away. I pick it up and pretend to eat it ( I didnt want to offend it ) then it heads off . We got them a bird bath , they love it.
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    I don't have experience in this style of battle but if you can sift through the shit(and there is heaps) you might tease something out of use over at reddit in r/Kratom if you haven't looked over. Strength to you bro, rid yourself of the liquid handcuffs.
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    Cheers mate, had just been reading through a bunch of stuff over there before checking back here on the thread. There is a wealth of info on reddit that was useful. I will report back here once I have a bit more to contribute for the benefit of others who might be interested in following a similar path. Cheers again bro <thumbs up>
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    Baby steps, which two years ago would've been considered ridiculous, are still fuckn baby steps by a bunch of babies.... fuckn! https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/medical-marijuana-legal-in-australia-what-it-means-for-you/news-story/b61f0238f84be843855c20605bc17ed1 According to Katoomba-based GP Teresa Towpik, the benefits could extend beyond ill patients. Speaking to news.com.au, Dr Towpik said the drug could be grown locally, which could have massive rewards for farmers, distributors and even pickers. “Why are we importing it, when we could grow our own ethically sourced drug here?” she said.
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    Hi folks, There is a solar eclipse festival being hosted in the Elqui valley in Chile from the 30th of June to the 5th of July 2019. The eclipse is on the 2nd of July, mid way through the festival. The Elqui valley is on the edge of the Atacama desert, the driest place on earth which equals clear skies. It is home to a number of space observatories so eclipse chasing will be at fever pitch! Im heading over. Hope see some of you guys and girls there! https://andeseclipses.org/
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    I disagree that at our core we are perception. Perception is a filter that we use to fit incoming data into our personal model of the universe. I think what we perceive bears very little resemblance to the true nature of reality. Our range of hearing is limited to a very narrow band. Our vision is able to detect wavelengths between violet and red. We perceive sound as being separate from vision only because of the organs in our bodies which detect a narrow range of wavelengths. In actuality, both sound and vision are all part of a spectrum of wavelengths. Memory also is affected by our personality filters. We can both witness the same event and have different memories of it, as it passed through our filters and was shaped by them. Does this mean we actually changed reality by storing a memory? As far as our personal cosmos is concerned, I guess the answer is yes. To answer your question of how do we set ourselves free from programming? I think the first step is having awareness that we are operating within a program. Once you recognise a pattern of behaviours, you are able to exercise choice. Without the awareness that a program is running, you are under it's control.
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    I'll grab that please andros88 I'll off a small grafting pack. 1 x 15cm PC pach tip cut unrooted 10 x pere's 5 tips and 5 mids unrooted 6 x 15cm - 20cm Cereus pups unrooted An assortment of tricho seeds. 10 x Dawsons monsters OP 20 x R2 x R1 15 x CC Hybrid "HaHa" 20 x ?(massive spach) x Pink Joy 30 x psycho0 x John 20 x psyhcho0 OP 30 x R1 x BB scop 15 x scop hillside x fields pach 15 x helon x monarto scop Can only upload one photo atm sorry, ill try to down grade the size and upload some more later.
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    This is an interesting development with potentially profound implications for the medical comunity. Published in Nature. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-019-0978-9
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    Just a special reminder that tickets for Garden States are now available and moving fast. If you are keen to secure a discounted ticket to this plant lover, cultivation and educational symposium we strongly suggest purchasing your tickets ASAP. We recommend keeping in mind that almost every past EGA event has sold out before the event date. So think about getting in now as once the full day's program is announced and the ticket price rises. Additionally, concession tickets are available as well as discounted tickets for mothers/solo parents and first nations people. We hope you can join us this Mother’s Day to celebrate the mother plants. Ticket link - https://www.trybooking.com/book/event?embed&eid=469960
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    Damn! Ethnoob's Lonely Planet is full on!
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    Perception is a semantically loaded word to begin with so it makes the debate difficult to begin with. But if "Perception is a filter that we use to fit incoming data into our personal model of the universe" then we are in fact perception 'at out core' because we can't get outside of it. Indeed the idea of having a core is a concept of perception, what Kant called the 'unity of apperception', which is the unity of our experience which is an a priori requirement for any knowledge of objects and about which self we can have no deeper knowledge that it is thing which perceives. Now Kant did not deny the existence of external objects and things, which he called noumena, but argued that human beings can only have knowledge of phenomena, which arise through the (unity of ap)perception (again it's slightly the wrong word) which has senses which are affected by impressions and an understanding which modifies them (gives them form) into appearances. Thus we only know the world as appearance (phenomena) and never the world as absolute (noumena). The 'true nature of reality' is not knowable for human beings, only human worlds are knowable. There may be some entity that can directly intuit noumena (things-in-themselves) but we are not one of them. Kant put will into the field of ethics, as a modality of human knowledge that relates to action in the world of appearances. I just thought i'd chime in cause you guys seem more or less on the same track. As for programming, there are certain human modalities (like time, space, causality) we are locked into as a requirement for perception of objects, and I don't think we can un-program them. But if the human world is a world of appearance, and particularly when we go beyond objects into the world of pure ideas (like theistic or anti-theistic concepts, the immortality or not of soul) then we have a necessity to be indoctrinated in a sense, by opinions. In the Althussurian sense, we don't live free of ideology but here we do have the will to choose, but historically humans have a tendency to remain embedded in the system they are raised in, for better or worse, and ever now and then there is a moment of radical change when social minorities or undercurrents overturn the system, often precipitated by some environmental change (sound familiar). In any case, i enjoyed the story of the personality test and like the idea of dual conscious-unconscious scoring system.
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    Weirdest was hearing an audible voice one random day as I was in bed about five years ago, saying, "I am the sixth entity" in this odd, metallic sounding voice. I was straight, it has never happened again, and I've never gone on to develop schizophrenia or anything haha. I do feel totally insane at times, but that was a different one-off for sure. Weird! I like to daydream it was an extraterrestrial seeking contact who withdrew when I nearly pooed my pants. Luckily not one of the anal probe variety :D
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    I'm down for the 17th of March You in Amz?
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    Garden States - A Forum for Cultivating Ethnobotanical Plants, Knowledge and Community Get your Tickets now The Ethnobotany community will come together to honour the 'Mother Plants' this Mother's day @ Garden States 2019 Join us for a full day of ethnobotanical knowledge sharing and discussion on psychedelic plants and culture. The symposium will be an indoor community gathering comprised of keynote lectures, panel discussions, workshops and a market space all celebrating the sacred garden and value of the botanic world. Please let any like-minded friends know about the symposium and encourage them to join us on May 12 for a day of critical thinking about psychedelic plants and related compounds. Two international presenters Charly Bedrossian and David Nickles will join a host of botanically minded local talent for a full day of programming over two spaces. In keeping with the mother plants two Australian female elders, Aunty Fran Bodkin and Monica Gagliano will be presenting on the day. Scientist and D'harawal Elder Aunty Fran Bodkin will present a lecture on plant associations between medicinal native species from a holistic perspective incorporating both Western and Indigenous science. Fran is the author of the legendary 'Encyclopedia Botanica: The essential reference guide to native and exotic plants in Australia', which contains over 11,000 entries on Australian native plants. Scientist and author Monica Gagliano, PhD will speak on plant communication, sentience and the new field of bioacoustics. Monica is the author of the recent book 'Thus Spoke the Plant' and has travelled the globe speaking about the value of the botanic world with such luminaries of the botany scene as Michael Pollan. The Cannabis College (Amsterdam) head gardener Charly Bedrossian will be sharing his knowledge on the cannabis industry and cannabis law, the importance of education, and cultivation techniques gained from years of experience in the field. We will also be joined by one of the most outspoken representatives of the psychedelic underground, David Nickles (USA) of the DMT-Nexus, who will be giving both a keynote address on cutting edge ethnopharmacological research endeavours and hosting a discussion group on seed sharing and Psychedelic Sustainability. EGA events have a history of selling out fast, and tickets are strictly limited, so get your early bird Garden States tickets while you can. We also have a specially priced Mother's Day ticket so bring along your mum, or gift her a ticket, what could go wrong…! We hope to see you for this very special botanical symposium. This is just a slice of the day’s events for the full program Click Here For the Facebook event page Click Here Doors Open 10am On Sunday 12 May 2019 LOCATION Springvale City Hall (Mel Ref 80 A11) 397 - 405 Springvale Rd, Springvale VIC 3171, Springvale, Vic 3171 Get your Tickets now See the full Program Here
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    This may just be the worst cactus I've ever seen offered on the bay... https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Trichocereus-pachanoi-rare/323722355360?hash=item4b5f5b22a0:g:HR8AAOSwSjpcfhJC&amp;frcectupt=true
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    Looking good I'd suggest putting them all up on pallets to keep the grass from growing up through the pots. That couch grass is an absolute bastard to get out of cacti pots. Place some black plastic under the pallets. You can get pallets for free on gumtree and you can also get black plastic for free from bunnings. They are the big square pieces of thick black plastic that are placed in between layers of pavers. There's usually a bunch laying around. Just tell them you need them for your paving job.
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    Taken! My offer: 1. 7x B caapi ourinhos cuttings 2. 1x Psychotria nexus leaf for propagation 3. 1x Psychotria carthagensis leaf for propagation 4. 1g syrian rue seeds 5. 2g dwarf bean seeds 6. 20x cherry belle radish seeds 7. 20x chilli pepper cayenne seeds 8. 25x drosera burmanii seeds 9. 25x drosera capensis seeds 10. 25x drosera capensis seeds (alba)
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    Something bumprd into my big loph multi head last night and broke a bunch of heads off. Im offering a few hear for trade and i have some others on ebay if anyone is interested They dont have any roots tho but would be good for grafting, more than happy to do a bulk swap Looking for tirchocereus cuts or anything that sparks an intrest like b. Caapie, mimosa ect if you think you got something cool and interesting let me know what you got Thanks for your time
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    If you want the drug variety hang around the arse end of Parkway avenue which you'll instantly know you're in the right place when you get to it. There used to be 5 permanent dealers and always a bunch of upstarts there just in the last stretch of the street that could get you anything you wanted and it's such a shithole of an area that I doubt any of them have left since I was there last. Just make sure you're not alone or there at night and follow your money otherwise you're likely to get your head caved in or minimally have your money stolen. Honestly though you'd have to be a fool to go there and would be better off growing them yourself. In fact the best thing you could do is move away from the terrace entirely. I got robbed every 3 months when I lived there and your neighbours are always going to be trying to scab milk, bread, flour, sugar, coffee, etc. because they all spend their money on drugs instead of basic supplies like that. Goddamn it's such a shithole that one of the greatest memories of my life was moving away from there so I strongly suggest you start saving your shekels now to do the same. And no, Lakeside and the other upper class areas aren't any better, they just don't scab as much stuff but their paranoia will leave you with absolutely no privacy whatsoever. The whole place is a giant shithole and you too will look fondly back on the memory of leaving as much as I did when the time comes.
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    Fricii Coromandel Cacti x Scop from @Padonkluft across the pond
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    Here's some puppy love and since I potted up the cuts I took on the weekend today those too plus a group shot since it's been a while
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    [Link] Of course, in addition to larger confirmatory trials, a few questions remain. Such as is saffron as effective as methylphenidate, or is saffron as ineffective as methylphenidate? Still, interesting.