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    Report the post/thread is the best way. Mods get notified, they've got lives and shit going on. That way it's put directly to their attention, they don't read everything. Plain and simple hit that button... (the report flag top right corner) The mod of the given forum section gets the notification. As far as I know it links them directly to the post, so it makes their lives a lot easier as well. If you've been around long enough you'll expect a few each round of newbie influx, and you'll understand how much work the mods have done here and the shit they've put up with Nothing stopping anyone reminding folk of the rules. That said from experience some are more "sensitive" than others or think it's a personal attack... Lol.. Their problem. As for a cold canvas messaging asking for contra, it's the Internet and some will always try. The way FB, Insta and Wikr as examples are being utilised by some pups and normalized it shouldn't be a great surprise. I'm less than polite on that front to be sure.. Lol. You just don't know what the actual intent is on a phishing exercise from a random.....
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    FB and it’s lack of ability (or desire) to catch people is not helpful. I help mod a group there and if it’s not some naive but desperate person asking for psychedelics it’s some random claiming to sell them. Even independently of that, I don’t think FB brings out the best in people. As for the influx, psychedelics are a big, big thing. Like the ‘next big thing’, bigger than cannabis stocks, complete with breathless articles in Forbes about making money from pharmaceutical psychedelics There was an article in the Motley Fool about making 1000% ROI, I shit you not. It’s not quite at the level of peak crypto hype, but you can see it coming. And that’s just the corporate money side. Lots of folks have heard about shrooms being good for depression etc. That, and I reckon a lot of people are as bored as shit and just want to experience something that feels like it means something. Combine that with a life of pretend instant (or is it Insta) gratification, and people can get pretty impatient. Like @waterboy 2.0 says, be firm, tell people how it is around here and smash that mf’ing report button if you have to.
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    Thanks to @Humboldt's generous giveaway in June I am now returning the love :p Up for grabs are 5 packs of possibly 50+ seeds (tiny) for 5 lucky individuals. PM your postal details AND comment here - I've had some PM dramas. Cheers
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    Still a bit too wet I think but some out there still.
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    Midnight, moonlight, magic mushrooms, mmmm UFO landing lonley soldier Photo from Facebook explaining why I only saw about 20 pretty gold tops and a few cyans happy hunting
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    Share your recipes for Rapé here! I'll start us off. Visionary blend 40% fresh mapacho leaf, oven dried (green) 20% sun dried mapacho leaf (browned by the sun) 10% salvia divinorum leaf 10% caapi leaf 15% caapi leaf ash 15% olive leaf ash 4% patchouli ash (from incense) 4% salvia recognita leaf 2% poppy flower Combined in a mortal and pestle, sieved, then left in the sun in a transparent air tight container to satisfy the 'sun activation' elements of traditional recipes. Added two sprigs of fresh mint and half a cinnamon quill to the container to infuse aromatics before sealing it. Really loving this blend so far. The high ash content makes it relatively smooth on the nose, there's enough nicotine content to get a warm feeling from minute amounts and the salvia/caapi admixture is surprisingly active. Getting slight visuals off just two small inhalations, and quite a noticeable change to mindset.
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    Absolutely BOOMING! LOL
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    you didn't mention me obviously & i don't know who you are but i was looking for a place to say hi after not logging on for probably well over a year.. Hi everyone, hope you're all excellent & i too would love to know how all those people are going
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    Hello lovely people! I have for giveaway one Acacia Courtii plant grown from seed. It is about 4 months old, over 30cm tall & very healthy. I scored the seeds from Flux during his giveaway last year. Free pick up from Western Sydney region or I kindly ask for $12 for express post (Aus only). First in first served! Happy growing
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    Hi Tetrahedal, A big warm welcome to the SAB community. That's a very generous offer and we all appreciate it but unfortunately the Free Trade Thread operates on the rules listed on Page 1. Please have a read and feel free to join back in. I know its always tricky when you're new and only starting out. So if you like, I'd be more than happy to send you a care package with the seeds listed below for your enjoyment. Just send me a PM. Ok, I'll jump on that please. In exchange I offer a mega seed pack containing: 1. Toothache Plant - Acmella oleracea 2. Sensitive Plant - Mimosa pudica 3. Lion's Ear - Leonotis leonurus 4. Lion's Tail - Leonotis nepetifolia 5. Hawaiian Baby Woodrose "Alligator Creek' Strain - Argyreia nervosa 6. Tasmanian Poppy - Papaver S 7. Wormwood - Artemisia absinthium 8. East Indian Lemongrass - Cymbopogon citratus 9. Jimsonweed - Datura stramonium 10. Sun Opener - Heimia salicifolia Plus a ‘sacred item’ from the Forbidden Closet of Mystery. Love & Light ♾
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    Come on...don't leave me hanging. I'll also add a sacred Acacia seed pack containing: 11. Acacia floribunda - Weeping Acacia 12. Acacia victoriae - Gundabluie 13. Acacia colei - Cole's Wattle 14. Acacia concurrens - Black Wattle 15. Acacia maidenii - Maiden's wattle Love & Light ∞
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    Subs? You mean sub-cubensis? otherwise that's the holy trinity right there!
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    Even though my main spot was flooded I still got some awesome picks today. Heaps of cubes + a few subs and pans. Plenty of em were only just starting to fruit so I left them alone, going back soon though
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    I cut whenever they need a trim, but usually only in growing season between September and May. If I was cutting for tea material I'd choose sections around the diameter of my little finger or bigger. Anything smaller is just a hassle to deal with, but the smaller stuff is pretty good for propagation.
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    The Melbourne calendar has lots of opportunities for meet ups between now & June. The psychedelic society is doing stuff for Bicycle Day on April 19 and are running a mushroom day at Belgrave on May 23. EGA has Garden States at Springvale on May 9.
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    12 LIDS LEFT MASON LEAKPROOF JAR LIDS These Leakproof Jar Lids will fit all regular mouth Ball Mason Jars and most other regular mouth jars**. Genuine Ball Leakproof Lids 13mm Self Healing Injection Port (fitted with High Temperature RTV Silicone) 0.22µm 13mm FAE Filter (fitted with High Temperature RTV Silicone) Pressure Cooker Safe Freezer Safe Dishwasher Safe Reusable Perfect for LC or NPA BPA Free << Not suitable for Canning or Microwave use >> 3x $25 (inc. Standard Postage) 6x $40 (inc. Standard Postage) 12x $65 (inc. Standard Postage) Express Postage w/ tracker - add $5 Jars can be provided and shipped as well for an extra cost. Please message for a quote w/shipping. All lids are MTO (made to order), please allow 24hrs from confirmation of order for postage Thankyou for your patience and understanding PayPal and PayID accepted to ---> [email protected] ** Being a Ball branded product it will always fit better on a Ball Mason Regular Mouth Jar. Other cheaper jars will still fit if they are regular mouth jars but may not be as secure and provide an air tight/leakproof seal. FOR USE WITH EDIBLE AND GOURMET MUSHROOMS ONLY!
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    Is the facebook group taking up the mods time/distracting from this forum? I recognise it takes alot of work to keep a forum like this going, but it'd be a shame to see it wither away, (or worse) or be pulled offline altogether. There's so much good information here I'd hate to see that happen. Plus, the forum offers a level of pseudoanonymity that just isn't available on facebook.
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    Hey dude haha, fair call, I think I’m over that phase tbh. The apparent exponential weirdenening of the things in the world in general calls for a more holistic & less douchey approach.. being a jaded cnut can only achieve so much.. which really, is actually very little at all ;) Good to see you here dude.. Lots of you making me remember the real reasons I missed this place & all you plant nerds. It’s relatively quiet these days what with the corporate machine luring so many away.. But I’ll take the good old ma & pa nursery with their generations of real experience & their quality over quantity approach over Bunnings any day, so to speak
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    Go away pls this thread is a safe space for COVID partiers only. No class warfare pls. Sick of political discussions today. U can join if u speak positively about staying home to prevent the spread of the pandemic. Good spirits itt only pls! This is a happy thread
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    Gelatine makes an amazing clearing agent. Dissolve a teaspoon of gelatin in boiled water and add to your fermenter at the end of secondary/tertiary fermentation before racking/decanting. It will settle on the bottom and grab all the proteins that cause chill haze. And it's a lot cheaper than polyclar obviously.
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    I find the SAB fb group is full of dickheads and is turning me into a nasty person tbh i think it is facebook in general .One guy was trying to sell me a tek for his CBD extraction and years ago i gave away about prints to lot's of people i still get asked a lot to this day .The major problem is they think shamanism is only about drugs
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    Well, nothin' like the temptation of a growing contest to entice me back after a few years! I'm in, sounds fun. I may have some giant sunflower seeds somewhere (rattles and clanks about in the dark recesses of the cupboard...)
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    I'm in... This year's pumpkins collapsed with the cray weather. Be lucky to get the secondary to big Queensland blue size.. Lol Pumpkin, marrow, zucchini, sunflower whateva Was gunna attempt a big kohlrabi for laughs