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    a jolly welcome to you! I got 5 or 6 iboga fruits to give away, and will split them into two lots. they are just starting to get yellow. I do get frosts at my place, but hope the seeds would still be ok. I don't know if those seeds get damaged by frost, but guess, it's unlikely, because my plants even survived ground frosts. as well a large amount of heimia salicifolia seeds {(please read planthelpers thread named heimia x- talls using only water) or similar name}, and very likely rifat clone seeds!! the rifat seed pods I will not dissect, but chances are, you will find seeds. the iboga seeds, I will only give to people with the right setup and experience, and the promise that you have studied torstens manuals. (: you have to convince me, either by replying to this thread, or privat message that you are the right person for this job. I will pay postage. ph/wc bashers need not apply. have a good one.
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    Hi all, I have some mixed Loph seed that I got from Etheobotanica last year which I am not going to get around to sowing. I have approx. 100 seeds so will give away 3 packs of 33.3 seeds So post down below why you want them and I will pick the best 3 next Sunday 5th July
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    Facebook sux. Noobs everyehere, claiming to be experts. So much wrong information and people only wanna believe what they want to. Pure chaos, and no in-depth discussions about anything. The SAB page on FB is OK but not as good as the real thing.
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    This is how you film a music video I'm in your dungeon baby - and it's cold
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    Came across these guys today, even though they have been around for a few years. I think they're great.
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    I second that salvia snuff Is surprisingly active, in every way. when still legal, pulverizing sally by hand and maybe mortar and pestil (cant remember) would once send me breaking thru although the material being pulverized, was halve a body lengh away from my nose... some authors wrote, "it's amazing how those Indians found out about the properties of this plant", that's bs copied from other bs authors, just moving through a salvia thicket, one would notice what this plant can do. or as another example what dried up fallen mitragyna leaves will do for you if you run the lawn mover over them. makes me think one recipe could utilize this plant, as snuff...
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    Trichos will start to do this when older, but it is not common for the popular aust clones in my experience until quite advanced (with a few exceptions), they tend to get progressively broader by pupping low off of outside branches, forming a densely packed mass like halycon says. I grew a bunch of seeds from around chavin, Peru, these show mid-column pupping as a trait at an early age, it was surprising. In your case, however, I suspect the plant is seeking light, the lower areoles are too shaded and crowded to produce the hormones for pupping (my guess). If you grow dense bushes at the base of trichos, they will pup higher up, same with any plant really. Shade has big impact on overall plant form, often positive. I have some plants with very interesting shapes because of this, where they pupped 6ft off the ground (PC). When the bushes are removed, the plant starts pupping from the bottom again. In very dense trichos, the lower branches can shade the interior of the plant, so the main columns in the centre, with time will pup higher up. Nice healthy plants. Edit: I have some plants, a Roseii 2 so-called by its owner, that often aborts flower buds and turns them into branches right at the top. it's a consistent trait. I have to cut the buggers off as it's not a stable situation to have branches that high.
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    Please dislike this on YouTube dear friends. Note the cops info, the narrative's tone, and whatsherface's comments and questions. Fucking disgraceful: This cop is out there policing someone's private property... of pine forests. I wish cops would come at my beck and call to patrol my property for intruders. Especially dangerous foragers of NON TOXIC mushrooms. This piece does nothing to reduce harm whatsoever, and serves to highlight the fucking ridiculous nature of our drug laws and how they play out in real terms in a cop's day to day duties. Saved some lives that day, not to mention solved some violent crimes too. I think they admit that this sort of policing takes them away from their core duties... Hazardous effects on the body - cops words. This man is not a scientist, nor is he morally superior to anyone else. I appreciate he has seen someone fucked up on mushrooms; not that pretty, particularly if they have no idea what they are doing (because of chronic lack of information) and if they are mentally ill, but shut the fuck up. You do not know what you are talking about. Do law enforcement, and leave the botanical science and research to those whose job it is to do so. I couldn't care less if you would prefer to go to DVs instead of picking someone up to look after them while they are tripping balls. Get a different job bruz. And ABC.. fark mate. Just don't. Gets my heart racing too much.
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    I know it's 4 years since the last post but started brewing water kefir recently and was hoping to find some more info on adding things from your garden, more interested in crazy flavours then effects. it's nice with a second ferement with some juice and ginger etc but feel the potential flavour notes that could be hit with some herbs would be crazy.
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    *beard stroking intensifies * What "false flag narrative"? dare I ask..
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    Hey Micro, sorry, bit confused now... It was a Rosei#2 label according to your auction thread Is this the same one as your pic above? Anyway, it's an absolute fave and I've not cut it yet as I want to breed with it. I really hope for some blooms this year, I wanna cross it with my 'Halcyon Beast' if possible, I reckon they'd make a good pair. (Sorry to divert the thread)
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    I make a no till type organic soil mix. It would be too rich for cactis but never needs added fertilisers and actually gets better with age so you get multiple grows from it. 1/3 Peat Moss (certified organic comes in aprox 30kg block for $30 from Agricultural supply stores) 1/3 perlite (available from same place, 100 litre bag for $30) 1/3 either quality organic compost or worm castings or combination of both To make a cubic foot add 1.5 cups of powdered organic fertilizer (available from bunnings) 1 cup of kelp meal (available from agricultural supply shops) 4 cups of rock dust ( available from bunnings but heaps cheaper at Agricultural supply stores or anyplace selling landscaping rocks and top soils) Mix up, keep damp. In 3 to 4 weeks it has finished cooking and will supercharge growing your veges or other nutrient loving plants. If you google the effects of the kelp and rockdust their inclusion is obvious. This mix is far better than anything you can buy. When the plants are finished, rip out the root ball, if you can't shake the soil off it, dryfor a couple of days them chop it up. Add 1/3 total root ball size of perlite, 1/4 to 1/3 cup of powered organic fertilizer, 1/4 cup of kelp meal and 1 part quality organic compost or worm castings ( or combination of both) to 4 parts old soil/root ball. You can keep using this mix for years by repeating this process.
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    Cheers, I just linked him those three videos. I'll keep you updated
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    Tonight it seems, there's more than a bit of discord about.
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    Thank you! Love accepted:) I found some plants already, so don't need cuttings anymore. Cheers though, should have remembered I had this request out there!
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    I got confronted by the owner of this property last year. He said it was private land he owned and I honestly thought he was full of shit. I made a deal with him that we'd move on to another forest if he didn't call the cops... He honored it.
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    Hey Toby, pm me your postal and I can send you you some cutting material from my other half's plant. Not trade needed as it is about time I shared the love
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    When planning a new system, first thing you should do is work out who the stakeholders of that system are. Just SAB members? Another community? Invites outside of SAB? List the stakeholders. Next, differentiate the different types of user of the system. (admin, mod, user etc.) List the users. Then, discern what functions the users need. Just make a brief note of the functions, even mentally is fine. Then - write use cases. For example - "As a user I want to be able to use encrypted text chat so I can share secrets with other users." "As a user I want to be able to use encrypted video chat so I can share video casts of my plants with other users safely" It's important to exhaust all of the necessary functions in this step. My question to you is basically the answers to the above. The method outlined above is a reduced version of a systems planning stage you might use in the IT industry. If you can let me know the use cases I can help you find a suitable solution
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    Hi fellow botanical and nature-loving folks, we have good news! WE ARE NEARING OUR FUNDRAISER GOAL. There’s still time to contribute, and every donation - no matter how small or large - has an impact. Generous philanthropic supporters are matching every thousand dollars raised by the community. They’re willing to go beyond our campaign target, so with your help, we can make the most of this opportunity to support our work and Australia’s ethnobotanical and psychedelic culture. If you’re able, please donate or share this campaign. We have lots of great perks on offer, and we send a big thanks to all those who have already made generous donations. Support The Campaign Now
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    I did read what you said. I feel like encryption is a null point considering the forum we are chatting on now isn't even https. I'm an Applied IT undergrad, happy to help. Didn't mean to annoy you by making a discord channel, I'm just solutions orientated. Seems there's an encryption plugin for discord you could check out -> https://chefkochblog.wordpress.com/2018/05/26/discordcrypt-unofficial-end-to-end-encryption-for-discord-has-arrived/ https://gitlab.com/leogx9r/DiscordCrypt/raw/master/src/discordCrypt.plugin.js
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    I'm not sure this place really needs a lot of moderation anymore, its mostly a fairly small group of people and many people only checking in weekly or monthly, some annually. I miss the cactus freaks a bit, many seem to have wandered off. Even back a few years ago when I joined there was a lot more going on... in some ways we are gifted to have such an intimate little group all focused on our plants and their uses. I'm pleased to check in here and read a lot, even if I don't comment so much. Besides, no one wants to see my ugly mug.
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    Wasn't taking the piss out of you DJ. I think your idea is a good one. Apparently everyone is on fb these days. Im not too keen on fb.
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