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    So I get asked by my work colleagues if I am coming to the work Christmas party. I explained I won't be attending because I don't like any of them and the thought of spending a Saturday night with them filled me with cold dread. We all laughed. They laughed because they thought I was joking. I laughed because I was telling the truth.
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    er, no. Edit: that circle of white dots is lens flare from the flash i think
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    I run forest fungi. Making petris takes time and effort, and maintaining a culture bank can be tricky. I give students 50% off, and usually give multiple petris. I also only sell cultures that I have tested. Overseas some of these cultures are $400+. I regularly trade cultures. I have a bank of 20 plus cultures, but only grow a few species for myself and chefs. If someone wants a rarely used culture, I have to make a batch of petris, inoculate them, incubate them, and then choose the best ones to post. All my cultures I send are fresh, not frozen. I used to do it for free, as do others here (watertrade got me started), but I can't afford to be a charity, so I charge enough to make it worth my while. I also don't place restrictions on what you do with my cultures...others have bought my cultures, then started selling them with restrictions on what you can do with them, and renaming them as fictitious species...
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    Top Bar Kenyan Hive.
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    In my realm of expereinces, T. spachianus is self fertile and every other trich I've encountered that has flowered has proven to be self infertile.
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    First successful graft! It was originally 10mm tall when grafted. Now pushing 30ish mm in height T.Pach Fields
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    Cats are totally tuned into something we will never truly understand. you give em heaps of love -or you think you know the score, then they teach you a funny lesson. for example you buy them some great expensive treat like food or a toy(yes, yes it's ok to spend dosh on a cat fuckya .....it might even be cathartic for ya) and then you get home and give em the french-made, organic, ethically sourced, full moon harvested, nutritionally balanced and authorized by greenpeace treat and they fucking ignore you and then attack your ankles before you accuse me of a canine ignorant ranting, please be aware that i've owned dogs many times over the last thrice decades(german shepards are the best!) and fully realise n appreciate their therapeutic value. applied correctly to the wound, canines feed a need that satisfies humanity and furthermore, advance our inter species relationship beyond what any weird feline could do but cats do what dogs can't.....and vice versa. Felines will freak you out but it goes back to when you first came into contact with said creature. whether you went to a breeder, bought it at a pet shop( poor little pussies ), harassed some sheila at the cosmic tent of mind control n spiritual readings ( at the latest festival you attended)...........then pinched her cat to somehow get back at her for telling you that you need to get back your mojo by re-evaluating your shakra or whether it was given to by the crazy cat lady next door(my fave), you need to understand that they cannot be understood. haha, left the tangent building there for a sec - apologies You have been blessed by the fact your cat feels so comfy with you mate, that it's having out of cat experiences and doesn't need to hide under the couch to experience them when around you n ya crew. Some cats need space to express their inner thoughts - yours does it in your company. Possibly she's cleansing the evil behind you or the dark that manifests itself without your knowledge , either way, if it's hanging with ya, all is good. Cat's should freak you out, it's their job and quite normal @Glaukus
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    Diplopterys cabrerana ... for your careful consideration sabbages .. Jump in at will here too if you like ...and finga'z x'd x]
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    TPC x Juuls. Should I let them go or remove? I am of the firm opinion that the best thing to do in this situation is to chop the main trunk about an inch or two above the pups. It will pup again ( maybe twice) and the whole thing will clump up very nicely. It will be strong and robust, and all the pups will be beefy not skinny. Trust me on this it's how I've done it for ages. Obviously time to give plenty of water and ferts too. Plant the tip again and repeat the process every 2 years on the tip. It absolutely won't go skinny if you give it plenty of sun, water and ferts. It will actually continue to get fatter. I stumbled across this method DEALING with some skinny etiolated columns and trying to fatten them up again. I know it may seem a little counter-intuitive at first. Also it's time to chop an inch off the bottom of this tip-cut, and use that small piece to do a bunch of aerole grafts. This method works BEAUTIFULLY for me, so I encourage you to give it a crack The main benefit of this method is that everything gets really fat, clumps up much better, AND you end up steadily multiplying your favourite clones into many pots. This plant of yours is the ideal candidate for the method. I strongly urge you to give it a go, and thus gain a new technique for your repertoire.
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    On its 4th flowering this season, wish I had another diffusa to pollinate it
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    Pollination is fascinating, like for example, How does the tricho know the difference between its own pollen and pollen from another tricho? After abit of pondering, I started connecting some dots which may or may not be related. So for fertilization to occur in animals, sperm needs to fuse with egg, but it’s not as simple as just putting a sperm and an egg together, the sperm must undergo a process termed “capacitation” whereby the biological fluids within the female reproductive tract trigger the sperm to change its motility, which allows for fertilization to occur. There is a lot of research being taken place, trying to work out how to trigger this “capacitation” in different animals, because it allows for successful IVF to occur. So to bring this back to pollen and ovules, for plant fertilization to occur, the pollen cant swim to the ovule, because it doesn’t have a tail and isn’t in solution. Instead the pollen germinates on the stigma, then grows as a single cell down the stigma towards the ovule. So the question becomes, why doesn’t the pollen of a tricho germinate on itself? but can germinate on a flower of a different tricho?; and how can we trick the pollen to start germinating on itself. Perhaps there is a similar process for plant pollen, alike to capacitation in animals, which allows for fertilization to occur. And perhaps EGs lime concrete dusting tek could be triggering this process, Ive tried it a few times without success but it would be interesting to know more about. Its possible to germinate pollen invitro, which is often used to test for pollen viability. But knowing the pollen is viable and knowing the pollen will fertilize are to different things, because (1) viable pollen can be taken from a tricho and used to make a cross with a different tricho, but if left along wont self-fertilize and (2) you can take viable pollen from one species and cross pollinate it with another species and generally no hybrids species will result, unless you’re very lucky. Pollination is super complex and not well understood, great to think about tho, I feel like breakthroughs in pollination between different plant species is like putting evolution on steroids, stepping things up to the next level. Which gets me thinking about why have some plants evolved self fertility while others have maintained the need to hybridise, and why and at what point do plants genomes decide enough with hybridisation i want to be self fertile and maintain my current form rather then expand genetic complexity continuously?
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    There is some procedures online on how to inoculate Pinus species with mycorrhizal Lactarius deliciosus slurry. Here's one link>>>https://www.semanticscholar.org/paper/Production-of-Pinus-halepensis-seedlings-inoculated-Díaz-Carrillo/2c6252310cefe5bfef6330c1d72f027f041e8516 Look into Blewits, or Lepista nuda. It grows among leaf litter, similar to the ingredients you have on hand and is a superior edible to the ones you're asking about. Also Stropharia rugosannulata.
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    I’ve got a huge pach monstrose up for grabs. Growing on own roots, but only has about 2 months worth of roots. $120 plus $25 for postage. First in. Payment needs to be done in 3 days or I’ll offer it to the next in line. cheers, mg p.s this plant was on eBay a month back but was never paid for, so order was cancelled...
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    psychotria and salvia come to mind. IMO anything that is a root, flower or fruit/seed is not very likely a good choice to grow inside due to space/light issues. leaf harvests that tolerate shade seem the best option. cactus can work if you have a bright enough spot.
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    in the specific case of the species you mention, the explanation by "Crop" would also not be realsitic because Acacia "C" is a very vulerable speceis to both fungal and bug attack. especially from rieshi mushroom, Ganoderma multipileum. so harvesting some of the root and lettin git grow is not a viable option as you are just killing the tree. the more sustainable way is to use trunk bark which is equal in strength and has much much more mass. there is an article written about this issue ;) also in the native habitat where it grows the ethical aspect can be dealt with easily based on the country's insane weather. typhoons blow them down all the time. road crews knock em down too when they do road work or power line work, there is a lot of material for those willing to do the work, which many are not as its really tiring. in Hawaii they get money from teh governemnt to kill the trees and harvest that way, so it doesnt seem unethical at all for this species as both sources are done so almost totally "ethically". the few people goign around stripping bark of parts fo the tree and doing it to many trees are unwillingly killing eachone they do that too and thus is pretty unethical albeit probably out of ignorance. take the whole tree and once and have a stash for a while. generally speaking many root species of trees from moist areas i would not consider sustainable as they more often than not kill the tree. annual plants, weeds, dry climates etc may be a different case.
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    Checking tomorrow to see how far away seed is but estimate Dec 8 weekend Cut off for seeds is noon AWST 15/12/18 Happy weekend
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    Haha. damn thats cheeky. yeah, there is a bit going on like that, people use DNA and BLAST searches incorrectly, and selling species based on incorrect assumptions to increase their profile.
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    I got some niggles, but only enough for you. Drop round and get it
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    Nice work digging up some germination info!! 4-5 days and a month are at different ends of the spectrum... I Will have to test a couple of different methods I think... Will be sure to let you guys know if I have any luck! Cheers, Mango
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    in a nutshell, by vibration and frequency.
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    Acid??? It's Acid, isn't it... ...