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    Harvested this cluster of Grey Oyster today, weighed in at 550g (1.2lbs) Think I've finally got my grow chamber conditions dialed in
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    SAB has always supported EGA in some way. This year we will do so again, but a little different to usual as we will be supporting both EGA AND our members. If you do not have an EGA ticket yet and are struggling to scrape up the funds, then here is your chance. SAB will pay 10% of your ticket cost if you are in the first FIVE to put your name down in this thread. How does this help EGA? EGA is a non profit event and in fact usually runs at a loss. That means all the money is spent providing the ticket holders with an awesome experience. To plan for this properly EGA has a lot of costs well before the event. So by getting some extra funds now EGA can book more speakers and provide better services. We all win. Check out the EGA thread for why you don't want to miss this event. The speaker program is now available and it is awesome. Conditions: 1) Maximum 1 per member. 2) You must be ready to purchase your ticket in the next 2 weeks, ie you must have 90% of the cost of the relevant ticket ready by then. 3) The discount is not available to tickets already purchased. 4) If there are already five names, but less than 10, then you can put your name down anyway. Just in case someone falls through - I will then pick next in line. 5) Discount only applies to entry ticket, not to accommodation etc.
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    Today several plants are shining First pic: chavin de huantar grafted source ss Second: chavin on one roots source aplantis Third: peruvianus seed grown, 5 years old with beautiful red spines Fourth: pach ecuador new pup Enjoy
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    I began to turn my head gradually and slowly. I thought, I must be moving about the same speed as the hour hand on a clock. After what seemed like hours had passed I finally glimpsed the menacing rattler at my feet. It was a moth and an ant doing battle on my pipe. Fighting all night long. I remember thinking how I didn’t know if I could simply stand another night. And here this moth and ant were fighting for their life the entire night without a moments break. It was at that moment that I gained a profound respect for both that moth and the ant. I watched for many more hours as the two continued to do battle until finally the ant dragged the moth off and out of my eyesight. I watched as a butterfly landed on one of the trees that had fallen. The butterfly opened and closed its wings a few times and then one of the times the wings should have opened the butterfly revealed itself to be an eye on the tree. Only the tree was no longer a tree, but a wolf. I was very thankful for the hardships and the fears I had to face as without them I am almost certain I would never have made it to this point. Dusk was upon me and I saw flies coming out of who knows where. The flies landed on my prayer ties… all 606 of them. My prayer ties and prayer flags were soon completely covered with flies. I could not stand flies if the truth be told and I secretly cringed inside. I did not move to kill or swat them though as I was told this is not allowed on a vision quest. Instead, I tried to embrace what they were…. By the time darkness had completely fallen I was myself completely covered in flies. Then the flies turned turned into little blue lights that floated about in the night. Millions of little blue lights were everywhere lighting up the night sky. Skipping ahead. This is how I actually looked after that ordeal. Shoes were put on to come down from the hill. Suffice it to say my soft bottomed feet would not have done well if I had to walk down that hill without them and suffice it to say my feet were already in severe pain from having to stand for 4 days.
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    Trade offers gone I was robbed last night and lost a significant proportion of my collection The worse part is there is only a small handful of people who have my address and how can i trust anyone now. FUCK
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    Now probably isn't the time, but anyway! Since you mentioned it, not being attached to things doesn't mean you can't have things you like or love around, it just means accepting things come and go.
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    Looks like Springs about to arrive Today i saw 2 blue tongues getting some sun Spotted my first tricho buds for the season starting to fluff up And my first ever cappi buds have appeared
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    Trichocereus deserticola for cactus of the night ,.. all because of this funky tip fluff square , yeah i know about fulvilanus n stuffs before anyone fires but my fulvilanus are totally different and are the actual fulvilanus ... this deserticola was named so by whoever it was in Spain or France that I bought it off a a few years back and so it's a deserticola to me for recognition purposes.. could have a chilensis vibe ... I guess time will reveal ...
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    Looks very tasty Bedofspines, like some kind of apricot candy Gave my favorite cactus of the week a haircut
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    Yep today I decided to pretty seriously chainsaw prune an olive tree. I pick up the mini me from school and he asks straight away about the tree when we get home and then we chat things of olive legends and lore. I had stacked up a heap of limbs for some future use as tool handles and such shit. The boy looks them over carefully and says to me 'hey dad, you know this one would make a good bat of peace' I could only laugh... At times the dove carrying the olive branch just doesn't cut it. You know what, I am gonna spin that boy up a baseball bat on a lathe and name it the Bat of Peace.... Lol
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    Did some sunday garden work to create more space for the plants. Was moving some stones and build a wall. Any advices are welcome.I am not a professionel at building stonewalls. Pics: Before and after. Tomorrow terscheckii and pacj ecuador is going in the ground. I am so greatful.
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    Yeah it's fucken offensive @Horus , to think we could have someone like that in our midst. I always thought our circle was one the most generous trustworthy sharing group of people I've ever been associated with. It's a blow to all us. A real kick in the guts. When I first met Horus he gifted me a substantial bunch of cactus cuts and his generosity blew me away. So knowing Horus didn't need cactus, I tried to pay it forward and give some of my excess away, that's how I met @Change from a give away I did here one time. Now almost every time I see him he gives me something. He's spread rare cactus cuts to people all over the country, many times at a cost to himself. Who steals from someone like this ? If he doesn't think it's viable to have them at home then that just won't do. Let's all chip in & get a patch going for him somewhere safe. I'll start a few grafts in the next few days and an old mate with a rural property might be able to find a safe spot for them until Change can can find a secure location for them.
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    What is yalls favorite cactus in your collection? What is a cactus that you would like to add to your collection? Tough decision but I really like the TPQC x TPM my buddy gave me. It's uniqueness is something else. As far as one I'd like to get would be Blue Sharxx or CSD. But so many others I hope to grow someday.
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    It will be most sad if the lesson people take away from this is to not have people over to their houses!
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    The Lakota have a very basic rite that is generally done as a a teen for ones first time. It is called the vision quest. You simply stand for 4 days and 4 nights without food, water, or sleep. I know other cultures have similar ordeals, but this is the one I know first hand. Having done my first vision quest in the early 90's. One typically offers a ceremonial pipe to a spiritual leader/wicasa waken, yuwipi/etc. and asks them to put you up on a vision quest. If this is accepted you then typically have one year to prepare for your vision quest. It is during this time that you prepare by going to many inipi (sweat lodge) ceremonies. You also make 606 prayer ties for the 6 directions and 6 prayer flags. The colors being black, red, yellow, white, blue, and green. These prayer ties are pieces of 1" cloth that have a pinch of tobacco placed in them. They are then placed in a string or line of red yarn. Those prayer ties will encircle you on your vision quest and are the prayers that will be read by the spirits while you are on your vision quest. You are not to step outside of that square created by those prayer ties and 4 trees planted at the 4 directions. The exception being if you need to defecate or urinate. This typically does not occur very often as one is not eating nor is one moving. The altar is generally a bed of sage or cedar upon which you have two small Y shaped sticks generally made of choke cherry and a single stick going between them to support your personal pipe which you typically are not allowed to smoke until you come down in 4 days. You can however pick up your pipe and pray with it whenever you feel the need. I remember going into the sweat lodge ceremony my first time for a vision quest. I did not have the full year that is typical to prepare with this particular spiritual leader. My cousin had married him and introduced me to him. He made an exception for me. I remember going into that sweat lodge ceremony to purify before being placed up on the hill for my vision quest. The rocks were brought in glowing red. The inipi was sealed shut and the water hissed as it hit the the rocks which I was told symbolized the rocks giving their life/spirit/breath to purify us. The temperature quickly became scalding hot and when I thought I could not take anymore an eagle wing fan started to blow the hot air around and at this point it felt as if the skin was being ripped from my body. I was told that if one prays hard enough there is no pain. 4 rounds later, I emerged from this lodge and the steam could be seen rolling off my body. I had learned to kiss the ground as one placed ones mouth to the earth one could draw in a very thin cool layer of air beneath the heat. I had learned the duck and cover as some of the rocks exploded from the water getting between the cracks in the surface and as it expanded small shards of rock exploded and landed on ones back. I proudly carried the scars from that ceremony for many years. Back to the ceremony... I was escorted to the top of a hill deep in the forests and my prayer ties were put up around me. My prayer staff was put up. My altar was put up. I was left encircled by a visual representation of my prayers in the six colors representing the 6 directions and the spirits that would hopefully take those offerings of tobacco and read those prayers and offer me a vision. As I was left alone night fell and trees groaned. There was a storm and it was too dark to tell anything, but I could tell trees were falling. I was worried for my life, but I was told so long as one did not leave ones altar that no harm could come to you. So, I stayed and I prayed. I think if it were not for that fear I might not have made it that first night. The second night came and I could hear a rattling. I dared not move. I knew a rattle snake was at my feet, but I was too scared to move or too scared to even attempt to look. Not that I could see anything it was too dark. So, I stood there another night too scared to give up. I don't think I had the strength to stand their on my own. I really don't. But the fear I had gave me the strength not to move. And as daylight came I could still here the sound of that rattle snake. I had made it another day.
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    hey man, i lay horse poo 6-10 inches each year on everything followed by woodchips comprised of whole chipped trees, heaps of green in the mix ... 6 to 10 inches again check this out... say goodbye to shitty veges my friend
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    A few snaps of my cactus collection.
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    Hybrid seed of Datura metel (mom purple outer skirt/yellow inner skirt) x Datura wrightii (dad light lavender). Datura wrightii seed collected from Mojave desert. Seed is in the process of maturing. I didn't quite no where to post this as i will accept SASE otherwise known as Self Addressed Stamped Envelope, Donation, or trade for seeds once mature. Seed takes 60 days to mature once crossed. Items of interest for trade are Trichocereus pachanoi pollen, seed, etc. If you have nothing to trade and no money please just send SASE and I will get seed out to you. I know some people can't afford plants/seeds, etc. so this is a good way to get them if you honestly can't spare a dollar or have nothing to trade. Please do not tell me if you are sending cash or haggle with me over cost. It is what you think the cross is worth and what you can afford. I will not turn anyone down save if I think I will not have enough seed to fill the order. I only take orders after pods have secured themselves and are past the point of dropping prematurely as often happens with such crosses the way I make them. I pollinate long before the anthers ripen and long before the flower opens or comes out of the calyx on its own. I then try to pollinate again as pistil matures. Hit me up with an instant message if you are interested.
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    I went through a phase of microdosing datura strammonium seeds a couple of years ago. I'd suffered some grievous injustices and I came to the conclusion that I was under siege by dark forces, sent either deliberately or inadvertently by someone who I once thought was a friend. I now regard them as my sworn mortal enemy. It's funny, I never imagined myself as someone who would believe this kind of thing, or have a nemesis, but that's for me to deal with. So I pledged to at least understand what I was up against, so I could defend myself. I cut protective runes into my arms and legs on my shield-side with a magickal knife and started a daily dose of 1-2 seeds to help see any subtle malevolent influence in my daily routine. I was not prepared for the cumulative effects, they definitely build up after a few days, and I found myself doing odd things. Thinking patterns are drastically altered, which was my intention, but it's a slippery slope that ends somewhere I didn't care to go. So I stopped the doses. I know it sounds odd, but this type of business goes hand in hand with tropanes, it's serious stuff. Just now, I'm sitting outside typing this and a crow came to talk to me. He wasn't happy that I tried to take his photo so he put some distance between us. Datura.
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    Discussion is mostly cultivation of mushrooms, so basically cubes, pan cyans, and talks about wild psilocybes, but most are knowledgeable about a great many non actives, and it usually comes up once a week or so. https://discord.gg/Qh2V2rK Its called fungus amongus There is also a sister server called tripteam https://discord.gg/PUvEpH6 Despite the name its serious discussions almost entirely about cubensis and nothing else as most of the users there are just starting out, fungus amongus has more educated or serious members, they do however share about 50% of their users, but no more than that because tripteam is quite tolerant of innovation, improvisation, creativity and in general deviating from the teks. In other words its a less serious otherwise identical server. Both are active all the time with at least 2-3 users actively talking somewhere, and tripteams gallery is full of grow pics entirely by the members, nobody really chats on voice chat in either. Also users are from all corners of the world so, theres generally no sleep periods. In perticular theres a good handful of australian members (including myself) who came over from shaman australis forums, if anyone wants to ask about locating resources in australia. So far ive found nearly everyone in either server who is growing from grain is willing to give anyone else a free print now and again to help them get started, though trades are more common (for prints or anything except money) everyone is really helpful. since the start of the year both servers have only been getting more members. Theres no signup requirements and no nsfw stuff outside the nsfw channels, actually everyone is pretty well mannered, i dont think the mods have ever had to kick anyone.
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    I thought I'd start this off with something simple and see if it could grow from here. I know some of you guys and gals have somewhat of an artistic bent. Lets see those pictures. Who has the best picture or artistic idea when it comes to dressing up their plants. Any fairy gardens in here? Anything crazier than that? Share those pictures.
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    As you can see, the left side and I have only myself to blame for that as I know the easy fix for that one. As it is though, I am happy enough with this one. I threw in some extra eye candy just because. I tried to present enough pictures so that it could be replicated by the members here.
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    Here are some other photos. I have two plants. Echi white flower x pach and Echi red flower x pach Thanks the creation and building of the garden is in the beginning.still lot of ideas.
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    Not too artsy but here's one I did a while back. You could slap sunglasses on any cactus and it will look awesome lol. Gotta try it on a furry loph... We should take cough syrup and start a thread called "Cacti close-ups with a wide angle lens wearing hats"
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    So can we have a end prohibition postal vote?
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    A little more impressions of the garden and the work I am doing.
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    cactis of the morning good luck with that storm hope you're all prepped well with having removed loose potential wind weapons/rocks clearance + supplies and water and bunked down safe if riding it out... , hope you're plants make it too -
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    After a couple of weeks I came back to our garden, and this fellow just jumped into my heart and said “good mohning mate I missed you.“ He decided to get a face for a while. We send good vibes and love to all around the world. Thanks for sharing all about your plants and passion.
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    Good point about the smartphones @AndyAmine. , in reality you don't really own these devices, you are paying to borrow them from google or apple. Android has a system where apps are sandboxed and in theory shouldn't have system access beyond their own space but in reality it doesn't always work like that. You could add window$ 10 to the same category too these days, the EULA you have to agree to use it basically waives all your rights to privacy and grants permission for remote access to everything on the system including keystrokes. I won't do any banking on a smartphone as there are just too many opportunities for them to be compromised. I prefer to use linux and create my own sandbox for anything sensitive. I use firejail to start firefox and that provides an extra layer of protection. Firejail basically creates it's own runspace where it generates a dummy copy of the required system files in your home directory and restricts system access to just that dummy copy/runspace. Anything that tries to "escape" the sandbox and access the real system is tricked into using the duplicate copy and can't really do much to the real system. You can also a fsandbox for almost any other app with firejail too, so you can do own PGP encryption in sandboxed environment too Starting firefox through firejail using the DNS option to use an anon. DNS server is also an easy way to negate local metadata collection if you aren't using a VPN. You have to use a non logging search engine like DDG though. It won't stop your IP being logged on the sites you connect to though. @Zedo I'd be interested to read any details about signal leaking data you could dig up. I did a fairly comprehensive network audit on signal for 2 weeks using NMAP, wireshark, netstat & a few other tools & didn't find anything to indicate it was "phoning home".
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    This happened last night haha
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    ^ seriously - put on some eyewear when using that whipper snipper Thunder. Lawn mowers too. I've had so many instances where they have saved me from serious damage. And eyes are fragile and very hard to fix. whipper snipper cord:
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    If you have any pics of the plants that were stolen, maybe sharing them here might help us keep an eye out. If the thief is reading this and feels remorse, you can pm me or any of the moderators to arrange the return of these plants no questions asked. if not these are all quite distinctive plants and our circles are quite small. What you have done wont be forgotten.
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    http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-08-31/nicole-bicknell-inquest3a-coronor-hands-down-findings-over-dea/8859856 If this 18 year old had've punched 18 cones in a row, she would've spewed and paled/ghosted/whited out. Not died. Pretty much same deal with edibles, but she would've tripped balls along with it for ages, which, don't get me wrong, is very dangerous for youngsters. Schools should teach students that excessive alcohol consumption can be deadly, a WA coroner has recommended following the case of a Perth teenager who drank herself to death at her 18th birthday party. I agree, but we live in a society which views education as a means to supply corporate masters with worker drones of the flavor they like/request/demand. The likelihood of this type of education really gaining traction and being applied in the classroom in my opinion is minimal, on a national scale at least, largely due to the fact that our trollopticians are in the pocket of big grog in Oz.. Probs will end up an 'Indigenous program' pushed onto some poor unsuspecting mob for their own good. Or some bullshit. Aint nobody got time for talking smack about grog in Straya mate.
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    Young seedling SS02xSS01 (mom) x Red Grandiflorus (dad). I'm just hoping I can get some flowers on this one to pollinate one of her sisters or perhaps some young Pachanoi stud.
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    I'd like to contribute a few things for the raffle. At the moment, things I have to donate are, .... ..1 tie dye t-shirt ( size medium) ( pastel rainbow colours) ..a few cactus rubbers (no, not those kind of rubbers,,,,, The eraser kind) ..a cactus tea towel. ..some psychadelic pendants ..a cappi and hemp key ring ..ethno related magnets um, I will find a few other things between now and the dead line. All items are brand new. Looking foward to EGA....Tick.
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    Whoop! Week long trip sounds grand. You legend. That line-up looks amazing, and I'm also looking forward to finally meeting some of you folks from other states & NNSW who I've been chatting with online over the last bloody 15 years! Long overdue.
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    Seedlings 8 month old and in boxes. Different varieties from zellys seeds 2016. TPM x Scop is growing nicely on own roots. They will be planted in the ground in spring 2018. New seeds from zelly are waiting for germination. I will begin sowing them in september. Then the sun and the temps are just perfect for germination and in winter I will grow them under LED. First pic: TPM X SCOP Last pic: SCOP X SCOP
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    I have a bunch of seedlings I need to get pictures. I bought a master grow pack from Australia and I've been buying from from misplant. As well as other sources, thousands of seed. Those big spiders are all over the property as are smaller ones that patrol the cactus pots keeping bugs away
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    Surf and offshore fishing are my favorite past time. Jack crevalle on top water(shark bait). The shark was a 7'7" sandbar shark and successfully released. My local beach is definitely one of the top bull redfish spots in Texas. This year I've caught a lot over 44" up to 47 1/4", majority of them 45". I release all of them.
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    I kind of bought too much Caustic Soda from a chemical supplier in bulk as it was the only place around that had close to 100% and I don't need it all. Use it for soap or for essential oil extracts, maybe you have a real bad drain.... idk There's ~20kg available. $15/kg + what ever postage is, or pickup Northern-Western Suburbs of Melbourne or the whole 20kg for $100 (but you'd have to pick up)
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