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The Corroboree
From the album:

wild mushrooms

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did not get print to this one. why? I cant recall.

it had a reddish stain almost immediately after it was cut.

was full of maggots

see next pic.

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Macrolepiota clelandii has white spores & some people eat them, but be warned some people have terrible reactions to them, they have to be cooked well. Chlorophyllum molybdites has green spores & will make you very sick. Stipe looks too thick to be Macrolepiota, that looks similar to the False Death Cap, badass, dont eat. Is there a volva at the base, sort of looks like there is but its covered in dirt, but the thing is a false deathcap dont stain & the Macrolepiota stains faint red/maroon.

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it had very unpleasant smell to it. even if it was edible

the smell would, put me way off.

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