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Bark off after mountain bike crash due to avoiding maniac driving car.


I just happened to be going 80km/h because I was flying down the fastest hill around when all of a sudden a car pulled out in front of me leaving no room, bounced off the car then skimmed off the road twice before luckly skimming onto grass. Most of my left foot toe nails were bent up or ripped off. Nil pain felt.

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Gee wiz that looks like it hurts. I only ever came off my bike at low speeds in loose gravel so never had anything that unlucky. As above, take care out there

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I've been racing & riding MTBikes for over 20 years & this would be my 2nd decent crash, but the first onto a hard surface like bitumen, but I was speeding because the speed limit is 60 & if you just roll down this hill & don't touch the brakes you easily hit 80. 110km/h if you go down on a road bike.

Thank you for the comments.

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oh man you were lucky! i used to DH speedboard and went skew on a corner hitting a metal rail once. woulda hit it at 35-40km on the slide and i walked away unscaved much like you... twas my first and last crash and the deck is now used for beer runs only lol! BE CAREFULL friend!

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you should invest in a horn for your bike, i just taped a 5 dollar airhorn on. they're a lifesaver! the only problem is i usually have to choose between horn and brakes, and if i am in enough danger to consider using the horn, the brake is usually the better option...

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