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The Corroboree
Happy Cathy

Happy Cathy

Here she is again, pic was taken not all that long before the current one - boomin! he's been feeding her a mix of 3ml humi bust + 1ml cannabis grow in 1L R/O water and its doing quite nicely.


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Isn't she! in person the colors are a lot more impressive, last time I went round to my mates place some of the lower leaves were such a deep dark red they were almost black!

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not only is she a beautiful, high on life specimen,

you took a very nice pic of her as well!


the photo is in good focus,

so I remind all of us, check the picture you upload, if it's in focus and light and/or shade was kind to your photographic attempts. all cameras these days are super cameras!

thank you all. :wub:

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