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The Corroboree

Name this cactus



Has to have Skellum in the name

From the album:

Pictures of amazing plants

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PENETRATOR PACHANOI     (if it is a pach)

or maybe

BALLSDEEP BRIDGESII     (if it is a bridge)

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^ shit...      I missed that part,  now I look like a right drongo.     Hmmmm...
Trichocereus Sp. SkellEXUAL-ASSAULT
Nope...    Still look like a drongo. Phuck this, I'ma rub one out, then crash dafuq out. Night gangers.

My ethnic brothers,   you two overseas mongrels have yourselves a lovely fucking day,   catch you grubbers tomorrow.
                                                             ..... Over & out.

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On 2/25/2018 at 7:34 PM, Crop said:

Skellum's Drippy Dick or maybe Skellum's Trippy Dick, STD for short.

^ Nice man I'm feelin' it.

Skellum's Pleasure Pole (SPP)
Skellum's Sodomy Rod (SSR)

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On 2/27/2018 at 7:59 AM, ☽Ţ ҉ĥϋηϠ₡яღ☯ॐ€ðяئॐ♡Pϟiℓℴϟℴ said:

Trichocereus Skellietor "the meaty drip boy .. lap it up bitchaaaz" :3 *throws coin in to well*

For you my dear;
Skellum's Transexual Tribute

Or maybe,
Skellum's Vegan Hotdog

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Back on Track

I say..


Skellum Mendez The Pecker !!




Cheers mole

Edited by mole
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